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Battle of Bosworth

On 22 Aug 1485 King Richard III of England (age 32) was killed during the Battle of Bosworth. His second cousin once removed Henry Tudor  (age 28) succeeded VII King England. Earl Richmond 8C 1461 forfeit.

Those supporting Henry Tudor included:

John Blount 3rd Baron Mountjoy (age 35).

John Cheney 1st Baron Cheyne (age 43).

Richard Guildford (age 35).

Walter Hungerford (age 21).

Thomas Stanley 1st Earl of Derby (age 50).

John Wingfield.

Edward Woodville Lord Scales (age 29).

Edward Courtenay 1st Earl Devon (age 26).

Rhys ap Thomas Deheubarth (age 36).

Jasper Tudor 1st Duke Bedford (age 53).

William Beaumont 2nd Viscount Beaumont (age 47).

Giles Daubeney 1st Baron Daubeney (age 34).

William Stanley (age 50).

Roger Kynaston of Myddle and Hordley (age 52).

Henry Marney 1st Baron Marney (age 38).

William Brandon (age 29) was killed.

James Harrington (age 55) was killed.

John Howard 1st Duke of Norfolk (age 60) was killed and attainted. He was buried firstly at Thetford Priory [Map] and therafter at Church of St Michael the Archangel Framlingham [Map]. Duke Norfolk 3C 1483, Baron Mowbray 1C 1129, Baron Segrave 1C 1283 forfeit.

John Sacheverell (age 85) was killed.

Philibert Chandee 1st Earl Bath

William Norreys (age 44), Gilbert Talbot (age 33), John de Vere 13th Earl of Oxford (age 42) and John Savage (age 41) commanded,.

Robert Poyntz (age 35) was knighted.

Those who fought for Richard III included:

John Bourchier 6th Baron Ferrers of Groby (age 47).

John Conyers Sheriff of Yorkshire (age 74).

Thomas Dacre 2nd Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 17).

William Berkeley 1st Marquess Berkeley (age 59).

Richard Fitzhugh 6th Baron Fitzhugh (age 28).

John Scrope 5th Baron Scrope of Bolton (age 48).

Thomas Scrope 6th Baron Scrope Masham (age 26).

Henry Grey 4th or 7th Baron Grey of Codnor (age 50).

Edmund Grey 1st Earl Kent (age 68).

Ralph Neville 3rd Earl of Westmoreland (age 29).

John de la Pole 1st Earl Lincoln (age 23).

Humphrey Stafford (age 59).

George Talbot 4th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 17).

Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk (age 42) was wounded, captured and imprisoned in the Tower of London [Map] for three years. He was attainted; Earl Surrey 3C 1483 forfeit.NOTEXT

Francis Lovell 1st Viscount Lovell (age 29) fought and escaped.

John Zouche 7th Baron Zouche Harringworth (age 26) was captured.

John Babington (age 62), William Alington (age 65), Robert Mortimer (age 43), Robert Brackenbury, Richard Ratclyffe (age 55) and Richard Bagot (age 73) were killed

Walter Devereux Baron Ferrers of Chartley (age 53) was killed.

William Catesby (age 35) was executed at Leicester, Leicestershire [Map] after the battle.

George Stanley 9th Baron Strange Knockin 5th Baron Mohun Dunster (age 25) held as a hostage by Richard III before the Battle of Bosworth.

Henry Percy 4th Earl of Northumberland (age 36) betrayed King Richard III of England (age 32) by not committing his forces at the Battle of Bosworth.

John Iwardby (age 35) was killed.

On 07 Apr 1498 Charles VIII King France (age 27) died after he hit his head on a door lintel at Château d'Amboise, Amboise. His second cousin once removed Louis XII King France (age 35) succeeded XII King France: Capet Valois.

On 04 Aug 1558 Archibald Douglas 8th Earl Angus 5th Earl Morton (age 3) died at Smeaton, East Linton, Haddington, Haddingtonshire. His second cousin once removed William Douglas 9th Earl Angus (age 25) succeeded 9th Earl Angus. Egidia Graham Countess of Angus (age 22) by marriage Countess Angus.

On 21 Nov 1639 Henry Grey 8th Earl Kent (age 56) died without issue. His second cousin once removed Anthony Grey 1453- 1490-9th Earl Kent (age 82) succeeded 9th Earl Kent 8C 1465. His nephew Charles Longueville 12th Baron Grey of Ruthyn (age 27) succeeded 12th Baron Grey of Ruthyn 1324.

On 26 May 1677 John Carey 2nd Earl Dover (age 69) died without male issue. Earl Dover and Viscount Rochford 2C 1619 extinct. His second cousin once removed Colonel Robert Carey 6th Baron Hunsdon (age 25) succeeded 6th Baron Hunsdon 1C 1559.

In Jun 1701 Charles Hamilton 5th Earl Abercorn (age 41) died in Strabane without issue. His second cousin once removed James Hamilton 6th Earl Abercorn (age 40) succeeded 6th Earl Abercorn.

On 14 Sep 1749 Field Marshal Richard Temple 1st Viscount Cobham (age 73) died without surviving issue. His sister Hester Temple 1st Countess Temple (age 59) succeeded 2nd Viscountess Cobham by special remainder. Baron Cobham 6C 1714 extinct. His second cousin once removed William Temple 5th Baronet (age 55) succeeded 5th Baronet Temple of Stowe.

On 17 Dec 1758 Charles Butler 3rd Duke Ormond (age 87) died without issue at his lodgings at Whitehall Palace [Map]. He was buried at St Margaret's Church, Westminster [Map]. Duke Ormonde, Marquess Ormonde 1C 1642, Earl Arran 2C 1693 extinct. His second cousin once removed John Butler 15th Earl Ormonde de jure 16th Earl Ormonde, 8th Earl Ossory although he never used these titles.


On 11 Jun 1907 Everard Aloysius Gonzaga Arundell 13th Baron Arundel (age 72) died. His second cousin once removed Edgar Clifford Arundell 14th Baron Arundel (age 47) succeeded 14th Baron Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire. Ellen Elizabeth Thatcher Baroness Arundel Wardour by marriage Baroness Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire.

On 04 Nov 1988 Henry Pelham-Clinton-Hope 9th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (age 81) died. His second cousin once removed Edward Pelham-Clinton 10th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (age 68) succeeded 10th Duke Newcastle under Lyme, 17th Earl Lincoln 8C 1572; he died seven and a half weeks later on Christmas day.