Second Cousin Twice Removed

Second Cousin Twice Removed is in Second Cousin Succession Heading.

On 25 Nov 1692 Edward Clinton 5th Earl Lincoln died. His second cousin twice removed Francis Clinton 6th Earl Lincoln succeeded 6th Earl Lincoln.

On 05 Oct 1711 Paulet St John 3rd Earl Bolingbroke (age 76) died unmarried. Earl Bolingbroke extinct. His second cousin twice removed Paulet St John 8th Baron St John succeeded 8th Baron St John of Bletso.

On 05 May 1748 John Hermengil Tichborne 5th Baronet (age 69) died unmarried. His second cousin twice removed Henry Tichborne 6th Baronet (age 38) succeeded 6th Baronet Tichborne of Tichborne in Hampshire.

On 29 Jun 1779 John Every 7th Baronet (age 69) died. His second cousin twice removed Edward Every 8th Baronet (age 25) succeeded 8th Baronet Every of Egginton in Derbyshire.

On 05 Dec 1791 George Walpole 3rd Earl Orford (age 61) died. His uncle Horace Walpole 4th Earl Orford (age 74) succeeded 4th Earl Orford, 17th Baron Clinton. His second cousin twice removed Robert Trefusis 17th Baron Clinton (age 27) succeeded 17th Baron Clinton.

On 23 Dec 1810 William Douglas 4th Duke Queensberry (age 86) died. His second cousin twice removed Francis Charteris 8th Earl of Wemyss Douglas 4th Earl March (age 38) succeeded 4th Earl March. He, Francis, assumed the additional surname Douglas. Earl Ruglen extinct.

On 26 Jan 1890 Very Reverend John Wolseley 8th Baronet (age 86) died without issue. His second cousin twice removed Capel Charles Wolsleley 9th Baronet (age 19) succeeded 9th Baronet Wolseley of Mount Wolseley in County Carlow.

On 25 Mar 1947 Henry Hugh Hoare 6th Baronet (age 81) died. His second cousin twice removed Peter William Hoare 7th Baronet (age 48) succeeded 7th Baronet Hoare of Barn Elms in Surrey. Laura Ray Esplen Lady Hoare by marriage Lady Hoare of Barn Elms in Surrey. He and his wife Alda Weston died on the same day within six hours of each other; it isn't clear who died first.

On 04 Nov 1949 Henry Gerald St John-Mildmay 9th Baronet (age 23) died. His second cousin twice removed Reverend Aubrey Neville St John-Mildmay 10th Baronet (age 84) succeeded 10th Baronet St John-Mildmay of Farley in Southampton.