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Segmental Pediment is in Pediment.

Around 1578. Church of the Holy Trinity, Bosbury [Map]. Monument to Richard Harford died 1578.

Large recessed wall Elizabethan Period monument commemorating Richard Harford died 1578, his wife Martha and Anthony Harford, attributed improbably to John Guldo of Hereford, caryatid-type figures possibly Adam and Eve flank central semi-circular headed arched recess with segmental pediment. Two recumbent effigies, male and female in civil costume on sarcophagus supported by two grotesque animals, the whole enriched with foliage and flock motifs and rather more primitive in style than John Harford memorial on opposite wall.

After 29 Apr 1714. St Michael's Church, Stowe Nine Churches [Map]. Monument to Thomas Turner (deceased). Sculpted by Thomas Stayner (age 49). Baldachin. Drapery. Baroque. The figure on the left is Faith who holds a model of a circular church. The figure on the right is Thomas Turner (deceased). Segmental Pediment. Moulded Cornice.

Thomas Turner: In 1645 he was born to Thomas Turner Dean of Canterbury (age 54) and Margaret Windebank. On 29 Apr 1714 Thomas Turner (age 69) died.