Sister is in Parents And Siblings.

1388 Battle of Otterburn

1470 Welles' Rebellion and Battle of Losecoat Field aka Empingham

1641 Battle of La Marfée

In 1057 Guy of Bar Sur Aube II Count Soissons died. His sister Adelaide of Bar Sur Aube Countess Soissons succeeded Countess Soissons.

On 13 Sep 1106 Pierre Montdidier Count Dammartin died. His sister Adela Montdidier succeeded II Countess Dammartin.

In 1159 William Blois I Count Boulogne (age 22) died. His sister Marie Blois I Countess Boulogne (age 23) succeeded I Countess Boulogne.

On 06 Jun 1217 Henry I King Castile (age 13) Was killed by a tile falling of a roof. He was buried at Abbey of Santa Maria la Real de Huelgas. His sister Berengaria Ivrea I Queen Castile (age 38) succeeded I Queen Castile.

On 05 Dec 1244 Joan I Countess Flanders (age 45) died. Her sister Margaret II Countess Flanders (age 42) succeeded II Countess Flanders.

In 1269 Thomas Forz 5th Earl Albemarle aka Aumale died. His sister Aveline Forz 6th Countess Albemarle and Lancaster succeeded 6th Countess Albemarle aka Aumale1C 1127.

In 1317 John Marshal 2nd Baron Marshal (age 25) died. In 1317 His sister Hawise Marshal 3rd Baroness Marshal (age 17) succeeded 3rd Baroness Marshal.

On 26 Sep 1345 William Hainault II Count Hainault (age 38) died. His sister Margaret Hainault Holy Roman Empress (age 33) succeeded II Countess Hainault. Louis Wittelsbach IV Holy Roman Emperor (age 63) by marriage Count Hainault.

On 31 May 1349 Thomas Wake 2nd Baron Wake of Liddell (age 52) died. He was buried at Haltemprice Priory [Map]. His sister Margaret Wake Countess Kent (age 52) succeeded 3rd Baroness Wake of Liddell.

On 26 Dec 1352 John Plantagenet 3rd Earl Kent (age 22) died. He was buried at Greyfriars Church, Winchester [Map]. Earl Kent extinct. His sister Joan "Fair Maid of Kent" Princess Wales (age 24) succeeded 5th Baroness Wake of Liddell. Some source suggest she also succeeded as 4th Countess of Kent but this is inconsistent with 1. her husband being created Earl of Kent as a new creation, and 2. her son not succeeding to the original Earldom?

On 10 Apr 1362 Maud Plantagenet Duchess Lower Bavaria (age 23) died. Her sister Blanche Plantagenet Duchess Lancaster (age 17) succeeded 6th Countess of Leicester. John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster (age 22) by marriage Earl of Leicester adding a fourth Earldom to the ones he already held: Earl Richmond, Earl Lancaster and Earl Derby.

On 16 Mar 1373 Robert Holland 2nd Baron Holand (age 62) died. His sister Maud Holland 3rd Baroness Holand, Baroness Lovel (age 63) succeeded 3rd Baroness Holand.

In 1375 Alice Boteler (age 35) died at Wem, Shropshire. Her sister Elizabeth Boteler Baroness Ferrers Wem (age 30) abeyance terminated 4th Baroness Wem and Oversley. Robert Ferrers Baron Wem and Oversley (age 34) by marriage Baron Wem and Oversley. Some sources suggest her husband was created Baron Ferrers of Wem and Oversley in this own right. Since his son Robert Ferrers (age 2) didn't succeed to a title when his father died it appears Robert Ferrers was summoned to Parliament in right of his wife ie jure uxoris, rather than being created a Baron in his won right.

In 1377 Thomas Mar 10th Earl Mar (age 47) died. His sister Margaret Mar Countess Douglas 11th Countess Mar succeeded 11th Countess Mar.

On 27 Jul 1382 John Saye 4th Baron Say (age 9) died. His sister Elizabeth Saye 5th Baroness Say (age 15) succeeded 5th Baroness Say.

Battle of Otterburn

On either 05 Aug 1388 or 19 Aug 1388 a Scottish army commanded by John Swinton defeated an English army commanded by Henry "Hotspur" Percy (age 24) during the Battle of Otterburn at Otterburn [Map]. Henry "Hotspur" Percy (age 24) and his brother Ralph Percy (age 29) were captured as was Matthew Redman (age 60). The English suffered 1000 killed, 2000 captured. The Scottish 100 killed, 200 captured.

On the Scottish side James Douglas 2nd Earl Douglas (age 30) was killed. His sister Isabel Douglas Countess Mar (age 28) succeeded Countess Mar.

John Dunbar 1st Earl of Moray (age 46) fought.

On 13 Nov 1396 John Devereux 2nd Baron Devereux (age 18) died. His sister Joan Devereux 3rd Baroness Devereux Baroness Burnell (age 17) succeeded 3rd Baroness Devereux.

On 07 Oct 1414 Richard Despencer 4th Baron Burghesh (age 17) died. His sister Isabel Despencer Countess Warwick and Worcester (age 14) succeeded 5th Baroness Burghesh.

Around 1427 Fulk Fitzwarin 7th Baron Fitzwarin (age 23) died. His sister Elizabeth Fitzwarin 8th Baroness Fitzwarin (age 24) succeeded 8th Baroness Fitzwarin.

On 23 Sep 1461 Charles "Viana" IV King Navarre (age 40) died. His sister Blanche Trastámara II Queen Navarre (age 37) succeeded II Queen Navarre.

Welles' Rebellion and Battle of Losecoat Field aka Empingham

Before 10 Feb 1474 Margaret Deincourt Baroness Cromwell (age 68) died. Her sister Alice Deincourt 6th Baroness Deincourt, Baroness Lovel and Sudeley (age 69) abeyance terminated 6th Baroness Deincourt.

In 1475 Margaret Talbot died. Her sister Elizabeth Talbot Viscountess Lisle abeyance terminated 3rd Baroness Lisle.

On 07 Jan 1483 Francis I King Navarre (age 15) died. On 07 Jan 1483 His sister Catherine Grailly I Queen Navarre (age 15) succeeded I Queen Navarre, Countess Foix.

On 26 Jun 1542 Robert Tailboys 3rd Baron Tailboys 11th Baron Kyme (age 14) died. His sister Elizabeth Tailboys Countess Warwick (age 20) succeeded 4th Baroness Tailboys of Kyme, def jure 12th Baroness Kyme.

Around 04 Jan 1626 Joane Ogle Countess Shrewsbury and Waterford (age 60) died. Her sister Catherine Ogle 8th Baroness Ogle (age 56) abeyance terminated 8th Baroness Ogle.

On 30 Sep 1628 Fulk Greville 13th Baron Latimer 5th Baron Willoughby 1st Baron Brooke (age 73) was killed at his house in London by servant Ralph Haywood who believed that he had been cheated in his master's will; Haywood then turned the knife on himself. He was buried at St Mary's Church, Warwick [Map]. His sister Margaret Greville 14th Baroness Latimer 6th Baroness Willoughby of Broke (age 67) de jure 14th Baroness Latimer of Corby, 6th Baroness Willoughby Broke. Richard Verney 14th Baron Latimer 6th Baron Willoughby (age 65) by marriage Baron Latimer of Corby, Baron Willoughby Broke. His first cousin once removed Robert Greville 2nd Baron Brooke (age 21) succeeded 2nd Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court in Warwickshire.

Battle of La Marfée

On 06 Jul 1641 Louis Bourbon Condé Count Soissons (age 37) was killed at the Battle of La Marfée. His sister Marie Bourbon Condé Countess Soissons (age 35) succeeded Countess Soissons 1367.

On 10 Aug 1660 Esmé Stewart 2nd Duke Richmond 5th Duke Lennox (age 11) died of smallpox at Paris [Map]. He was buried in on 04 Sep 1660 in the Richmond Vault, Westminster Abbey. His first cousin Charles Stewart 6th Duke Lennox 3rd Duke Richmond (age 21) succeeded 6th Duke Lennox, 3rd Duke Richmond. 4th Earl March. Elizabeth Rogers Duchess Richmond by marriage Duchess Richmond. His sister Mary Stewart Countess Arran (age 9) succeeded 5th Baroness Clifton of Leighton Bromswold in Huntingdonshire.

On 11 Mar 1661 Mary Scott 3rd Countess Buccleuch (age 13) died. Her sister Anne Scott Duchess Monmouth and Buccleuch (age 10) succeeded 4th Countess Buccleuch.

On or before 18 Dec 1689 Peter Eure (age 34) died. He was buried on 18 Dec 1689. His sister Mary Eure (age 38) de jure 16th Baroness Scrope of Bolton.

In 1694 William Crichton 3rd Earl of Dumfries died. His sister Penelope Crichton 4th Countess of Dumfries succeeded 4th Countess Dumfries.

In 1714 Elizabeth Stanley died. In 1714 Her sister Henrietta Stanley Countess Anglesey (age 27) abeyance terminated 4th Baroness Strange Knockin.

On 16 Oct 1717 Charles Hay 13th Earl Erroll died. His sister Mary Hay 14th Countess Erroll succeeded 14th Countess Erroll.

On 11 Dec 1718 Charles XII King of Sweden (age 36) was killed whilst in the trenches around Fredriksten which his army was besieging. He was struck in the head by a projectile and killed. The shot struck the left side of his skull and exited from the right. It isn't clear who fired the shot. His sister Ulrika Eleonora Palatinate Zweibrücken Queen Consort Sweden (age 30) succeeded Queen Sweden. She effectively usurped her nephew Charles Frederick Duke of Holstein Gottorp (age 18) whose parents were both dead.

In 1733 Pedro Manuel Nuño Colón 8th Duke Veragua died. His sister Catalina Ventura Colón Duchess Berwick 9th Duchess Veragua (age 42) succeeded 9th Duchess Veragua.

In 1739 Lucy Wharton Lady Morice died. Her sister Jane Wharton 7th Baroness Wharton (age 33) abeyance terminated 7th Baroness Wharton.

On 14 Sep 1749 Field Marshal Richard Temple 1st Viscount Cobham (age 73) died without surviving issue. His sister Hester Temple 1st Countess Temple (age 59) succeeded 2nd Viscountess Cobham by special remainder. Baron Cobham extinct. His second cousin once removed William Temple 5th Baronet (age 55) succeeded 5th Baronet Temple of Stowe.

In 1773 John Leslie 11th Earl Rothes (age 28) died without issue. His sister Jane Elizabeth Leslie 12th Countess of Rothes (age 22) succeeded 12th Countess Rothes.

On 02 Oct 1789 Francis Hastings 10th Earl Huntingdon (age 60) died unmarried at the home of his nephew Francis Rawdon-Hastings 1st Marquess Hastings (age 34). His fifth cousin once removed Theophilus Henry Hastings 11th Earl Huntingdon (age 60) de jure 11th Earl Huntingdon although he wasn't aware of the fact. His sister Elizabeth Hastings Countess Moira (age 58) succeeded 16th Baroness Botreaux, 15th Baroness Hungerford, 13th Baroness Moleyns and 13th Baroness Hastings

On 04 Feb 1794 Charles Trevor Roper 18th Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 49) died. His sister Gertrude Trevor Roper 19th Baroness Dacre of Gilsland (age 43) succeeded 19th Baroness Dacre Gilsland. Thomas Brand Baron Dacre (age 44) by marriage Baron Dacre Gilsland albeit for seventeen days only since he died on 21 Feb 1794.

On 09 Mar 1821 Wilbrahim Tollemache 6th Earl Dysart (age 81) died. His sister Louisa Tollemache 7th Countess Dysart (age 75) succeeded 7th Countess Dysart. Baronet Talmash of Helmingham in Suffolk extinct. Her grandson William Manners aka Tollemache 1st Baronet (age 54) assumed the name Tollemache.

In 1865 Spencer Boyd 13th of Penkill died unmarried. His sister Alice Boyd 14th of Penkill (age 40) succeeded 14th Lord Penkill.

On 13 May 1879 Maria Otway (age 70) died. Her sister Henrietta Otway 4th Baroness Braye (age 70) abeyance terminated 4th Baroness Braye; she died six months later. Reverend Edgell Wyatt-Edgell Baron Braye (age 78) by marriage Baron Braye.

On 31 Jul 1914 Robert Curzon 15th Baron Zouche (age 63) died. His sister Darea Curzon 16th Baroness Zouche (age 54) succeeded 16th Baroness Zouche Harringworth.

On 03 Nov 1916 Auberon Herbert 9th Baron Lucas (age 40) was killed in action. He was unmarried. His sister Nan Ino Cooper 10th Baroness Lucas (age 36) succeeded 10th Baroness Lucas of Crudwell.

On 17 May 1937 Emily Thicknesse-Touchet died. Her sister Mary Thicknesse-Touchet 22nd Baroness Audley (age 78) abeyance terminated 22nd Baroness Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire.

On 03 Jul 1963 Thomas Percy Tuchet-Jesson (age 49) died without issue. His sister Rosina Tuchet-Jesson 24th Baroness Audley (age 52) succeeded 24th Baroness Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire.

On 22 Jul 1969 John Kemeys-Tynte 9th Baron Wharton (age 61) died. His sister Elisabeth Kemeys-Tynte 10th Baroness Wharton (age 63) succeeded 10th Baroness Wharton.

On 17 May 2012 June Wendy Pelham (age 87) died. Her sister Diana Mary Pelham 15th Baroness Conyers 9th Fauconberg (age 91) abeyance terminated 16th Baroness Conyers, 9th Baroness Fauconberg

On 23 Nov 2014 Anne Elizabeth Fitzalan Baroness Cowdrey (age 76) died. Her sister Mary Katharine Fitzalan 15th Lady Herries (age 74) succeeded 15th Lord Herries of Terregles.

On 07 Apr 2017 Mary Katharine Fitzalan 15th Lady Herries (age 76) died. Her sister Theresa Jane Fitzalan Marchioness Lothian (age 71) succeeded 16th Lord Herries of Terregles.