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1474 Death of King Henry IV of Castile

1558 Death of Mary I

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In or after 1134 William Fitzwilliam 3rd Baron of Halton died. His brother-in-law Eustace Fitzjohn 4th Baron Halton (age 46) succeeded 4th Baron Halton.

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On 07 Aug 1893 Augusta Mary Elizabeth Browne 1st Baroness Bolsover (age 58) died. Her step-son William Cavendish-Bentinck 6th Duke Portland (age 35) succeeded 2nd Baron Bolsover of Bolsover in Derbyshire.

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Half Sister

In 1190 Sibylla Anjou Queen Jerusalem (age 30) died. Her half sister Isabella Anjou Queen Jerusalem (age 18) succeeded Queen Jerusalem.

In 1203 Arthur Plantagenet 3rd Duke Brittany (age 16) was murdered at Rouen, France [Map]. His half sister Alix Thouars Duchess of Brittany (age 1) succeeded 5th Countess Richmond. Her half-sister Eleanor "Fair Maid of Britanny" 4th Countess of Richmond (age 19), who was imprisoned from 1202 to her death, also used the title Countess of Richmond.

On 26 Jun 1242 Thomas Beaumont 6th Earl Warwick (age 34) died. His half sister Margaret Beaumont 7th Countess Warwick succeeded 7th Countess Warwick.

On 03 Nov 1345 Peter Capet I Count Dreux (age 47) died. His half sister Joan Capet I Countess Dreux (age 36) succeeded I Countess Dreux.

On 27 Jun 1376 Joan Montagu Countess Suffolk (age 27) died. Her half sister Audrey Montagu 2nd Baroness Montagu succeeded 2nd Baroness Montagu.

On 11 Dec 1474 Henry IV King Castile (age 49) died. His half sister Isabella Queen Castile (age 23) succeeded Queen Castile.

On 17 Nov 1558 Queen Mary I of England and Ireland (age 42) died at St James's Palace [Map]. Her half sister Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 25) succeeded I Queen England. William Brooke 10th Baron Cobham (age 31) was deputed with informing Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain (age 31).

Thomas Wendy (age 58) attended the Queen as physician; the third monarch's death he attended.

In 1841 Maria North Marchioness Bute died. Her half sister Susan North 10th Baroness North (age 44) abeyance terminated 10th Baroness North.

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x Great Succession

3 x Great Grandson

On 10 Oct 1369 David IV Strathbogie 12th Earl Atholl (age 42) died at Strathbogie. His 3 x great grandson Edward Burgh succeeded 4th Baron Strabolgi