Third Cousin Once Removed

Third Cousin Once Removed is in Third Cousin Succession Heading.

In 1139 Waleran "Pagan" Luxemburg Duke Lower Lorraine (age 54) died. His son Henry Luxemburg II Duke Limburg (age 28) succeeded II Duke Limburg. His third cousin once removed Godfrey Reginar VII Duke Lower Lorraine (age 32) succeeded VII Duke Lower Lorraine.

On 10 Sep 1558 David Lindsay 9th Earl Crawford (age 55) died. He had disinherited his own sons. His third cousin once removed David Lindsay 10th Earl Crawford (age 31) succeeded 10th Earl Crawford.

On 25 Dec 1794 Harry Powlett 6th Duke Bolton (age 74) died without male issue. Duke Bolton extinct. His third cousin once removed George Paulett 12th Marquess Winchester (age 72) succeeded 12th Marquess Winchester, 12th Earl Wiltshire, 12th Baron St John. Martha Ingoldsby Marchioness Winchester by marriage Marchioness Winchester.

On 24 May 1802 James Lowther 1st Earl Lonsdale (age 65) died. His third cousin once removed William Lowther 1st Earl Lonsdale (age 44) succeeded 2nd Viscount Lowther, 2nd Baron Lowther. Augusta Fane Countess Lonsdale (age 40) by marriage Viscountess Lowther.

On 22 Oct 1923 Algernon St Maur 15th Duke of Somerset (age 77) died at Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire. He was buried at Brimble Hill Clump, Bradley House. His third cousin once removed Edward Hamilton Seymour 16th Duke of Somerset (age 63) succeeded 16th Duke Somerset, 14th Baronet Seymour of Berry Pomeroy. Rowena Wall Duchess Somerset (age 62) by marriage Duchess Somerset.

On 14 Feb 1937 Arthur Trollope 13th Baronet (age 70) died. His third cousin once removed Frederick Farrand Trollope 14th Baronet (age 61) succeeded 14th Baronet Trollope of Casewick in Lincolnshire.

On 25 Jul 1965 Sidney Patrick Shelley 8th Baronet (age 85) died. His third cousin once removed William Philip Sidney 1st Viscount de l'Isle (age 56) succeeded 9th Baronet Shelley of Castle Goring in Sussex.

On 12 Oct 1972 Cecil Eustace Irby 8th Baron Boston (age 75) died unmarried. His third cousin once removed Gerald Howard-Boteler Irby 9th Baron Boston (age 75) succeeded 9th Baron Boston, 10th Baronet Irby of Whaplode and Boston.

On 29 Jan 1976 Gyles Isham 12th Baronet (age 72) died without issue. His third cousin once removed Ian Vere Gyles Isham 13th Baronet (age 52) succeeded 13th Baronet Isham of Lamport in Northamptonshire.

In 1981 Reginald George de Vere Capell 9th Earl of Essex (age 75) died. His third cousin once removed Robert Edward de Vere Capell 10th Earl of Essex (age 60) succeeded 10th Earl Essex.

On 05 Sep 2022 Merlin Hanbury-Tracy 7th Baron Sudeley (age 83) died. His third cousin once removed Nicholas Hanbury-Tracy 8th Baron Sudeley (age 63) succeeded 8th Baron Sudeley of Toddington in Gloucestershire.