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Trickings is in Legal Terms.

Trickings. Tricking is a method for indicating the tinctures (colours) used in an armorial by means of text abbreviations written directly on the illustration.

Baron's Letter to the Pope

Vesta Monumenta. 1729. Copy of the Baron's Letter of 1301, including trickings of the Barons' seals. The letter, addressed to Pope Boniface VIII, asserted Edward I's right to rule over Scotland. Engravings by George Vertue (age 45) after John Bradshaw's [Possibly Judge John Bradshaw] 1629 copy of the herald Augustine Vincent's 1624 copy.

Augustine Vincent: Around 1584 he was born to William Vincent and Elizabeth Mabbott. On 30 Jun 1614 Augustine Vincent (age 30) and Elizabeth Primont were married. On 22 Feb 1616 Augustine Vincent (age 32) was appointed Rouge Rose Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary. He was invested on 22 Mar 1616. On 29 May 1621 Augustine Vincent (age 37) was appointed Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary. On 11 Jan 1626 Augustine Vincent (age 42) died. He was buried at St Benet's Church, Paul's Wharf.