Europe, Low Countries, Flanders, Ghent [Map]

Ghent is in Flanders.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 880. This year went the army from Cirencester [Map] into East-Anglia, where they settled, and divided the land. The same year went the army over sea, that before sat at Fulham [Map], to Ghent [Map] in Frankland, and sat there a year.

On 25 May 1008 Matilda Billung Countess Flanders (age 68) died at Ghent [Map].

Around 1290 Jacob van Artevelde was born in Ghent [Map].

On 29 Aug 1298 Eleanor Plantagenet (age 29) died at Ghent [Map]. She was buried at Westminster Abbey [Map].

On 04 Dec 1340 Bishop Henry Burghesh (age 48) died at Ghent [Map]. He was buried in the St Catherine Chantry at Lincoln Cathedral [Map].

In 1414 Catherine Valois Countess Vertus (age 23) died at Ghent [Map].

On 18 Aug 1477 Maximilian Habsburg I Holy Roman Emperor (age 18) and Mary Valois Duchess Burgundy (age 20) were married at Ghent [Map]. She the daughter of Charles "Bold" Valois Duke Burgundy and Isabella Bourbon. He the son of Frederick "Peaceful or Fat" Habsburg III Holy Roman Emperor (age 61) and Eleanor Aviz Holy Roman Empress. They were second cousins. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

On 24 Feb 1500 Charles V Holy Roman Emperor was born to Philip "Handsome Fair" King Castile (age 21) and Joanna "The Mad" Trastámara Queen Castile (age 21) at Ghent [Map]. Coefficient of inbreeding 2.88%.

Around 1512 Adrian Poynings was born illegitimately to Edward Poynings (age 53) at Ghent [Map].

On 20 Jan 1526 Isabella of Austria Queen Consort Denmark and Norway (age 24) died at Ghent [Map].

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Oct 1641. At near eleven o'clock, I repaired to his Majesty's (age 40) agent. Sir Henry De Vic (age 42), who very courteously received me, and accommodated me with a coach and six horses, which carried me from Brussels [Map] to Ghent [Map], where it was to meet my Lord of Arundel (age 56), Earl Marshal of England, who had requested me when I was at Antwerp [Map] to send it for him, if I went not thither myself.

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Oct 1641. Thus taking leave of Brussels [Map] and a sad Court, yet full of gallant persons, (for in this small city, the acquaintance being universal, ladies and gentlemen, I perceived, had great diversions and frequent meetings,) I hasted towards Ghent [Map]. On the way, 1 met with divers little waggons, prettily contrived and full of peddling merchandises, dravm by mastiff-dogs, harnessed completely like so many coachhorses; in some four, in others six, as in Brussels [Map] itself I had observed. In Antwerp [Map] I saw, as I remember, four dogs draw five lusty children in a chariot: the master commands them whither he pleases, crying his wares about the streets. After passing through Ouse, by six in the evening, I arrived at Ghent [Map]. This is a city of so great a circumference, that it is reported to be seven leagues round; but there is not half of it now built, much of it remaining in fields and desolate pastures even within the walls, which have strong gates towards the west, and two fair churches.

In Mar 1686 George Fitzroy 1st Duke Northumberland (age 20) and Catherine Wheatley were married. Soon after the marriage Northumberland and his brother, Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Grafton (age 22), allegedly attempted to privately convey her abroad to an English convent in Ghent [Map], Belgium. He the illegitmate son of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland and Barbara Villiers 1st Duchess of Cleveland (age 45).

On 18 Jan 1702 Petrus Johannes van Reysschoot was born at Ghent [Map].

Europe, Low Countries, Flanders, Ghent, Prinsenhof Palace [Map]

On 06 Mar 1340 John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster was born to King Edward III of England (age 27) and Philippa of Hainault Queen Consort England (age 25) at the Prinsenhof Palace [Map] in Ghent aka Gaunt. Coefficient of inbreeding 3.00%.

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Oct 1641. Here I beheld the Palace [Map] wherein John of Gaunt and Charles V were born; whose statue stands in the market-place, upon a high pillar, with his sword drawn, to which (as I was told) the magistrates and burghers were wont to repair upon a certain day every year with ropes about their necks, in token of submission and penance for an old rebellion of theirs; but now the hemp is changed into a blue ribbon. Here is planted the basilisco, or great gun, so much talked of. The Lys and the Scheldt meeting in this vast city, divide it into twenty-six islands, which are united by many bridges, somewhat resembling Venice. This night I supped with the Abbot of Andoyne, a pleasant and courteous priest.