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A History Of The Parishes of Minchinhampton and Avening A History Of The Parishes Of Minchinhampton And Avening By Arthur Twisden Playne, B.A. Forsan et hoec olim meminisse juvabit. Virgil A. 1, 203. John Bellows, Eastgate, Gloucester 1915

A Second Walk Through Wales A Second Walk Through Wales by the Reverend Richard Warner, of Bath, in August and September 1798.

A View of the Present State of Derbyshire by James Pilkington A View Of The Present State Of Derbyshire; With An Account Of Its Most Remarkable Antiquities; Illustrated By An Accurate Map And Plates. In Two Volumes. Vol. II. By James Pilkington. Derby: Printed and sold by J. Drewry; Sold also by J. Johnson, No. 72, St. Paul's Church-Yard; And J. Deighton, Holborn, London, M,DCC,LXXXIX [1789].

Ancient Remains near Buxton Ancient Remains near Buxton. Being reprints of papers by the Rev. J. C. Cox, LL.D., F.S.A. ; John Ward, F.S.A. ; and W. H. Salt, regarding the Archæological explorations of Micah Salt (age 51). Collated And Extended by WM. TURNER, F. S. S. (Author of "The Ceramics of Swansea anil Nantgarw," etc.)

Archaeologia Cambrensis Archaeologia Cambrensis is a Welsh archaeological and historical scholarly journal published annually by the Cambrian Archaeological Association.

Archaeological Handbook of Gloucestershireby G B Witts (age 36), C.E. being an Explanatory Description of the Archaeological Map of Gloucestershire by the Same Author, On which are shown 113 Ancient Camps, 26 Roman Villas, 40 Long Barrows, 126 Round Barrows, and a large number of British and Roman Roads. 1883.

Archaeological Journal The Archaeological Journal is the annual peer-reviewed publication of the Royal Archaeological Institute. Published since 1844.

Avebury A Temple of British Druids, With Some Others, Described by William Stukeley by William Stukeley (age 36), M.D. Rector of All-Saints in Stamford.

Blacks Guide to Derbyshire Black's Guide to Buxton and the Peak Country of Derbyshire Edited By A. R Hope Moncrieff. Ninth Edition. London Adam And Charles Black. 1898.

Cambrian Intinerary Cambrian Itinerary of Welsh Tourists by Thomas Evans 1801.

Collections Towards the History and Antiquities of the County of Herefordshireby John Duncumb, A.M. Terra antiqua, potens armis atque ubere glebe. Virgil Æneid. [Ancient, mighty in arms and fertile soil].

Derbyshire Archaeological Journal The Derbyshire Archaeological Society was founded in 1878 to encourage interest in the County's archaeology and natural history. The Society was initially called the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society but the natural history side was dropped in 1961. The Society first published its Journal in 1879 and it has been published every year since.

Diary of a Dean by John Merewether Jul 1849. Diary Of A Dean. Being An Account Of The Examination Of Silbury Hill, And Of Various Barrows And Other Earthworks On The Downs Of North Wilts, Opened And Investigated In The Months Of July And August 1849. With Illustrations. By The Late John Merewether (age 52), D.D. F.S.A. Dean Of Hereford.

Druidical Temples in the County of Wilts The Druidical Temples Of The County Of Wilts. By The Rev. E. Duke (age 66), M.A. F.A.S. F.L.S. And Member Of The Archeological Institute Of Great Britain And Ireland. "Veterum volvens monumenta virorum." — Virgil. London: John Russell Smith, 4, Old Compton Street, Soho Square; Salisbury: W. B. Brodie and Co. MDCCCXLVI.

Grave Mounds and their Contents by Llewellynn Jewitt A Manual Of Archeology, As Exemplified In The Burials Of The Celtic, The Romano-British, And The Anglo-Saxon Periods. By Llewellynn Jewitt (age 53), F.S.A. With Nearly Five Hundred Illustrations. London: Groombridge And Sons, 5, Paternoster Row. 1870.

History of Somerset by John Colinson The History And Antiquities of the County of Somerset, Collected From Authentick Records, and an Actual Survey Made By The Late Mr. Edmund Rack. Adorned with a Map of the Count. And Engravings of Roman and other Reliques, Town-Seals, Baths, Churches, and Gentlemen's Seats. By the Reverend John Collinson, F. A. S. Vicar of Long-Ashton, Curate of Filton alias Whitchurch, in the County of Somerset; and Vicar of Clanfield, in the County of Oxford.

History of the Island of Mona A History Of The Island Of Mona, Or Anglesey; Including An Account Of Its Natural Productions, Druidical Antiquities, Lives Of Eminent Men, The Customs Of The Court Of The Antient Welsh Princes, &C. Being The Prize Essay To Which Was Adjudged The First Premium At The Royal Beaumaris Eisteddfod, Held In The Month Of August, 1832. By Angharad Llwyd, Ruthin: Printed And Sold By R. Jones, Clwyd-Street. And May Be Had Of Messrs. Longman And Co. Paternoster Row, London, And Of The Booksellers In Chester And In The Principality. 1833.

History of the Orkney Islands by George Barry History of the Orkney Islands. Including A View Of The Manners And Customs Of Their Ancient And Modern Inhabitants; Their Monuments Of Antiquity; Their Natural History, Or Mineral, Botanical, And Animal Productions: Thes Present State of their Agriculture; Manufactures; Fisheries; And Commerce ; And The Means Of Their Improvement: With Map Of The Islands, And Vnws Of Remarkable Scenery. Bv The Late Rev. Dr. Barry, Minister Of Shapinshay In Orkney. The Second Edition, With Corrections And Additions By The Rev. James Headrick. London: Printed For Longman, Hurst, Rees, And Orme, Paternoster-Row. 1808.

Journal of the British Archaeological Association The British Archaeological Association was founded in 1843 for the study of archaeology, art, and architecture, and to promote the preservation of historic monuments and antiquities. The Journal of the British Archaeological Association, containing original papers within the Association's areas of interest, is published annually.

Letter to Dr Mead by Francis Wise A letter to Dr Mead concerning some antiquities in Berkshire, particularly shewing that the White Horse, which gives name to the Vale, is a monument of the West-Saxons, made in memory of a great victory obtained over the Danes A.D. 871 by Francis Wise B.D. Fell, of Trin. Coll Oxon.OXFORD, Printed for Thmas Wood at the University Printing-House, MDCCXXXVIII [1738].

Long Barrows of the Cotswolds The Long Barrows of the Cotswolds. A Description of Long Barrows, Stone Circles and other Megalithic Remains in the area covered by Sheet 8 of the Quarter-inch Ordnance Survey comprising the Cotswolds and the Welsh Marches By O. G. S. Crawford (age 38), B.A., F.S.A. Archæology Officer, Ordnance Survey. Published by John Bellows, Gloucester, 1925.

Mona Antiqua Restauranta An archæological discourse on the antiquities, natural and historical, of the isle of Anglesey, the ancient seat of the British druids. In two essays. With an appendix, containing a comparative table of primitive words, and the derivatives of them in several of the tongues of Europe; with remarks upon them. Together with some letters, and three catalogues. By Henry Rowlands, Vicar of LLanidan, in the Isle of Anglesey. The Second Edition, Corrected and Improved. Printed for J. Knox, near Southampton-Street in the Strand. MDCCLXVI.

Munimenta Antiqua Munimenta antiqua: or, Observations on antient castles. Including remarks on the whole progress of architecture, ecclesiastical. as well as military, in Great Britain; and on the corresponding changes, in manners, laws, and customs. Tending both to illustrate modern history; and to elucidate many interesting passages in various antient classic authors by King, Edward, 1735-1807.

Nenia Britanica Nenia Britannica: or, a Sepulchral history of Great Britain; from the earliest period to its general conversion to Christianity. By the Rev. James Douglas, 1793.

Nænia Cornubiæ by William Borlase Nænia Cornubiæ, A Descriptive Essay, Illustrative Of The Sepulchres And Funereal Customs Of The Early Inhabitants Of The County Of Cornwall. "Sunt * * Quorum Non Est Recordatio, Qui Perierunt Quasi Non Extitissent, Et Fuerunt Quasi Non Fuissent, Liberique Ipsorum Post Ipsos." Ecclus, Cap. Li.

Reliquiæ Diluvianæ by William Buckland or Observations on the organic remains contained in caves, fissures, and diluvial gravel, and on other geological phenomena, attesting the action of an universal deluge by William Buckland published in 1824.

Report Of Diggings In Silbury Hill by Flinders Petrie Aug 1922. Report Of Diggings In Silbury Hill by Prof. W. M. Flinders Petrie (age 69), F.R.S. From the 14th to the 30th of August, 1922, I made some examination of Silbury Hill, with the kind co-operation of Mr. A. D. Passmore.

Rude Stone Monuments in all Countries Rude Stone Monuments In All Countries; Their Age And Uses. By James Fergusson, D.C.L., F.R.S., V.P.R.A.S., F.R.I.B.A., &C. 1872.

Stonehenge A Temple Restored To The British Druids By William Stukeley Stonehenge A Temple Restored To The British Druids By (age 52). Rector Of All Saints In Stamford. To His Grace Peregrine Duke Of Ancaster And Kesteven (age 25), Hereditary Lord Great Chamberlain Of England, &C. &C. London: Printed For W. Innys And R. Manby, At The West End Of St. Paul's. MDCCXL.NOTEXT

Ten Years' Digging Ten Years' Diggings In Celtic & Saxon Grave Hills, In The Counties Of Derby, Stafford, And York, From 1848 To 1868. With Notices Of Some Former Discoveries Hitherto Unpublished, And Remarks On The Crania And Pottery From The Mounds. Thomas Bateman (age 39), Local Secretary For Derbyshire Of The Society Of Antiquaries; Fellow Of The Ethnnological Society, Etc. London: George Allen 4; Sons, 44 4; 45, Rathbone Place, W. Published 1861.

The Natural History of Oxfordshire by Robert Plot The Natural History of Oxfordshire. Being an Essay towards the Natural History of England. By Robert Plot, LL.D. Late Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum and Professor of Chemistry in the University of Oxford. 1705.

The Reliquary The Reliquary, Quarterly Archæological Journal And Review. A Depository For Precious Relics - Legendary, Biographical, And Historical, Illustratlve Of The Habits, Customs, And Pursuits, Of Our Forefathers. Edited By Llewellynn Jewitt, F.S.A. Local Secretary Of The Society Of Antiquaries Of London, Hon. And Actual Member Of The Russian Imperial Archæological Commission, And Statistical Committee, Pskov, Vice-President Of The Derbyshire Archæologlcal And Natural History Society, Member Of The Royal Archæologlcal Institute Of Great Britain And Ireland, Associate Of The British Archæological Association, Hon. Member Of The Essex Archæological Society, And Of The Manx Society, Cor. Mem. Of The Royal Historical Society, Etc., Etc., Etc.

Tour Through North Wales Cambria Depicta, aka Tour Through North Wales illustrated with Picturesque Views by a Native Artist [Edward Pugh] 1816.

Transactions of the Woolhope Club The Club's Transactions have been published for the years 1852 to date.

Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire, and the Sepuchral Usages of its Inhabitants, from the Most Remote Ages to the Reformation. By (age 26). Member of the British Archæological Association; Assisted by Stephen Glover, Author of the 'History of Derbyshire', etc.

Wessex from the Air Wessex From The Air by O. G. S. Crawford (age 41), F.S.A. And Alexander Keiller (age 38) F.S.A., F.G.S. 1928.