Biography of King Harald III of Denmark 1040-1080

Around 1040 King Harald III of Denmark was born illegitimately to King Sweyn II of Denmark (age 21).

Sveyn II's Raid on England

Flowers of History. 1069. Between the time of the two festivals of the blessed Virgin Mary, in the autumn, the two sons of [his father] Sweyn (age 50) [King Harald III of Denmark (age 29) and [his brother] King Canute "The Holy" IV of Denmark (age 27)] came with three hundred ships from Denmark into England, in order to subdue it in a hostile manner, and to take king William prisoner (age 41), or else expel him from England. But when their arrival was noised abroad, the counts, and barons, and nobles of the land went forth to meet them, being oppressed by the intolerable arrogance of the Normans; and they made a treaty with them, and so joined the army of the Danes, in order to overthrow king William (age 41). But William (age 41), that most prudent king, when he saw the danger that threatened him, humbled himself to them, and checked the insolence of the Normans; and having in this way recalled many of the English nobles to their allegiance, and having sagaciously made a treaty with them all, he took the city of York [Map] by storm, which was a great rendezvous of the Danes, and made himself master of every thing in it, and slew many thousand men there.

John of Worcester. 08 Sep 1069. Before the Nativity of St. Mary [8th September] Harold (age 29) and [his brother] Canute (age 27), sons of Sweyn (age 50), king of Denmark, and their uncle, earl Asbiorn, with earl Thurkill, arriving from Denmark with two hundred and forty ships, landed at the mouth of the river Humber, where they were met by Edgar (age 18) the etheling, earl Waltheof, Marlesweyn, and many others, with a fleet they had assembled. Aldred, archbishop of York, was so distressed at their arrival, that he fell dangerously sick, and departed this life, as he besought of God, on Friday the third of the ides [the 11th] of September, in the tenth year after he became archbishop, and was buried in the church of St. Peter on the eighth day afterwards, namely, on Saturday the thirteenth of the calends of October [19th September]. The Normans, who garrisoned the forts, set fire to the adjacent houses, fearing that they might be of service to the Danes in filling up the trenches; and the flames spreading, destroyed the whole city, together with the monastery of St. Peter. But they were speedily punished for this by an infliction of the divine vengeance; for on Monday the Danish fleet arrived before the city was entirely consumed, and the forts being stormed the same day, and more than three thousand of the Normans killed (the lives of William Malet and his wife and two children, with very few others, being spared), the ships drew off laden with plunder.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1076. This year died [his father] Sweyne, King of Denmark (age 57); and Harold (age 36) his son took to the kingdom. And the king (age 48) gave the abbacy of Westminster to Abbot Vitalis, who had been Abbot of Bernay.

On 28 Apr 1076 [his father] King Sweyn II of Denmark (age 57) died. His son King Harald III of Denmark (age 36) succeeded III King Denmark.

On 17 Apr 1080 King Harald III of Denmark (age 40) died. [his brother] King Canute "The Holy" IV of Denmark (age 38) was appointed IV King Denmark.

Ancestors of King Harald III of Denmark 1040-1080

Great x 1 Grandfather: Thorgil "Sprakling aka Strut Leg" Estrigen

GrandFather: Ulf Estrigen

Father: King Sweyn II of Denmark

Great x 1 Grandfather: Sweyn "Forkbeard" King Denmark King Norway King England

GrandMother: Estrid Svendsdatter Knytlinga

King Harald III of Denmark