Lord Fleming

Lord Fleming is in Scotland Lords.

In 1451 Robert Fleming 1st Lord Fleming (age 35) was created 1st Lord Fleming.

Between 26 Mar 1491 and 16 Jan 1493 Robert Fleming 1st Lord Fleming (age 77) died. His grandson John Fleming 2nd Lord Fleming (age 26) succeeded 2nd Lord Fleming.

Around 01 Nov 1524 John Fleming 2nd Lord Fleming (age 59) died. His son Malcolm Fleming 3rd Lord Fleming (age 30) succeeded 3rd Lord Fleming.

On 26 Feb 1525 Malcolm Fleming 3rd Lord Fleming (age 31) and Janet Stewart Lady Fleming (age 22) were married. She by marriage Lord Fleming. She the illegitmate daughter of King James IV of Scotland and Isobel Stewart. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

On 10 Sep 1547 an English army commanded by Edward Seymour 1st Duke of Somerset (age 47) defeated a Scottish army commanded by James Hamilton 2nd Earl Arran (age 31) and Archibald Douglas 6th Earl Angus (age 58) at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh at Musselburgh.

The English army included John Dudley 1st Duke Northumberland (age 43), Francis Talbot 5th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 47), Miles Partridge and Thomas Wentworth 2nd Baron Wentworth (age 22). John Thynne (age 32) and Edmund Brydges 2nd Baron Chandos (age 25) were knighted.

William Cecil 1st Baron Burghley (age 26) accompanied Edward Seymour 1st Duke of Somerset (age 47).

John Forbes 6th Lord Forbes (age 82), Christopher Coningsby (age 31) and Edward Clere were killed.

John Thynne (age 32) was knighted after the battle.

The Scottish army included John Gordon 11th Earl Sutherland (age 22) who commanded the Rearguard and Gilbert Kennedy 3rd Earl Cassilis (age 32). John Stewart, Robert Douglas (age 41), John Livingston, Thomas Hamilton of Priestfield and Hugh Montgomerie were killed. John Hay 4th Lord Hay was captured but soon released.

Malcolm Fleming 3rd Lord Fleming (age 53) was killed. His son James Fleming 4th Lord Fleming (age 13) succeeded 4th Lord Fleming. Barbara Hamilton Lady Fleming by marriage Lord Fleming.

Robert Graham Master of Montrose was killed.

On 18 Dec 1558 James Fleming 4th Lord Fleming (age 24) died. His brother John Fleming 5th Lord Fleming (age 29) succeeded 5th Lord Fleming.

On 06 Sep 1572 John Fleming 5th Lord Fleming (age 43) died at Boghall Castle, Biggar having been accidentally shot in the knee two months previously by a French soldier at Edinburgh Castle. His son John Fleming 1st Earl Wigtown (age 5) succeeded 6th Lord Fleming.

In 1619 John Fleming 1st Earl Wigtown (age 52) died. His son John Fleming 2nd Earl Wigtown (age 30) succeeded 2nd Earl Wigtown, 7th Lord Fleming. Margaret Livingston Countess Wigtown by marriage Countess Wigtown.

In 1650 John Fleming 2nd Earl Wigtown (age 61) died. His son John Fleming 3rd Earl Wigtown succeeded 3rd Earl Wigtown, 8th Lord Fleming. Jean Drummond Countess Wigtown by marriage Countess Wigtown.

In Feb 1665 John Fleming 3rd Earl Wigtown died. His son John Fleming 4th Earl Wigtown succeeded 4th Earl Wigtown, 9th Lord Fleming.

In Apr 1668 John Fleming 4th Earl Wigtown died. His brother William Fleming 5th Earl Wigtown succeeded 5th Earl Wigtown, 10th Lord Fleming.

On 08 Apr 1681 William Fleming 5th Earl Wigtown died. His son John Fleming 6th Earl Wigtown (age 8) succeeded 6th Earl Wigtown, 11th Lord Fleming.

On 10 Feb 1744 John Fleming 6th Earl Wigtown (age 71) died. His brother Charles Fleming 7th Earl Wigtown (age 69) succeeded 7th Earl Wigtown, 12th Lord Fleming.