King Spain

King Spain is in Kingdom of Spain.

On 21 Sep 1558 Charles V Holy Roman Emperor (age 58) died at the Monastery of Yuste. His son Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain (age 31) succeeded II King Spain.

On 13 Sep 1598 Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain (age 71) died. His son Philip III King Spain (age 20) succeeded III King Spain.

On 31 Mar 1621 Philip III King Spain (age 42) died. His son Philip IV King Spain (age 15) succeeded IV King Spain.

On 17 Sep 1665 Philip IV King Spain (age 60) died. His son Charles "Bewitched" II King Spain (age 3) succeeded II King Spain.

In 1700 Philippe V King Spain (age 16) was appointed V King Spain.

On 15 Jan 1724 Philippe V King Spain (age 40) Abdicated. His son Louis I King Spain (age 16) succeeded I King Spain. Louise Élisabeth Bourbon Queen Consort Spain (age 14) by marriage Queen Consort Spain. Louis reigned for seven months before he died after which Phillipe was re-instated as King.

On 09 Jul 1746 Philippe V King Spain (age 62) died at the El Escorial Palace. His son Ferdinand VI King Spain (age 32) succeeded VI King Spain. Barbara Queen Consort Spain (age 34) by marriage Queen Consort Spain.

On 10 Aug 1759 Ferdinand VI King Spain (age 45) died without issue. His half brother Charles III King Spain (age 43) succeeded King Spain.

On 14 Dec 1788 Charles III King Spain (age 72) died. His son Charles IV King Spain (age 40) succeeded IV King Spain.

On 19 Mar 1808 Charles IV King Spain (age 59) abdicated as King Spain. Ferdinand VII King Spain (age 23) succeeded VII King Spain.

On 29 Sep 1833 Ferdinand VII King Spain (age 48) died. His daughter Isabella II Queen Spain (age 2) succeeded Queen Spain. Her succession was disputed by her uncle Infante Carlos María Isidro of Spain (age 45) since her father Ferdinand VII King Spain (age 48) had modified the laws of the Salic Spanish Succession, known as the Pragmatic Sanction, shortly before her birth. Traditionally the Spanish succession has allowed females to inherit. When Philippe V King Spain inherited the throne he introduced the French Salic Law barring females.

Adeline Horsey Recollections. It is said that few people achieve greatness, but that some have it thrust upon them. I can class myself with the latter, for I could have married a Prince of the Royal Family of Spain, the Count de Montemolin (age 26), who was at one time regarded as the rightful King of Spain.

Carlos Luis Fernando de Bourbon, Count de Montemolin (age 26), born 1818, was the eldest son of the first Don Carlos (age 45), the legitimist claimant to the Spanish throne on the death of his brother, Fernando VII (age 48), in 1833. After the ending of the first Carlist war in the defeat of the legitimists and the establishment of Isabella (age 14) on the throne, the old Don Carlos (age 56) retired into private life and abdicated his claims in 1845 to his eldest son Montemolin (age 26), who thus became the second Don Carlos. He was a young man of some ability but weak and unstable. There was a strong party in Spain desirous to bring about a reconciliation of the two branches of the Royal Family by a marriage between the young Queen Isabella (age 14) and her first cousin, Montemolin (age 26), but political passion and personal animosity stood in the way, and all Europe took part in the intrigue known as the Spanish Marriages. This ended of course in the disastrous marriage of Isabella (age 14) with her cousin Francisco, and that of her sister Fernanda (age 12) with the Due de Montpensier (age 20), the son of Louis Philippe (age 71), a defeat for English diplomacy which nearly caused a war with France. The Carlists had never been favourable to the idea of a marriage of Montemolin (age 26) and Isabella (age 14), whom they regarded as a usurper, and they looked out a legitimist Royal Princess for him. His younger brother, Don Juan (age 22), married Princess Beatrix of Modena, and their son was the late Don Carlos. Queen Isabella married in 1846, and dissensions very soon broke out between her and her wretched husband, who really, like most of the Royal Family, was a Carlist at heart. Montemolin had issued a manifesto at Bourges in France in 1845, when he saw that he could not marry Isabella (age 14) on his own terms, and his father had abdicated in the same year, and he soon after came to London, mustered his party, and began to organise a fresh Carlist rising in Spain. English diplomacy had suffered a great defeat and he found plenty of people here to help him; he was made much of in Society and became a lion for a time, being treated with full royal honours.

In 1874 Alfonso XII King Spain (age 16) succeeded XII King Spain.

On 25 Nov 1885 Alfonso XII King Spain (age 27) died. On 17 May 1886 His son Alfonso XIII King Spain succeeded posthumously XIII King Spain when he was born some seven months later.

On 22 Nov 1975 Juan Carlos I King Spain (age 37) was restored I King Spain.

In 2014 Juan Carlos I King Spain (age 75) Abdicated I King Spain.