Biographies of people include events of their life, and relevant events of their family: grandparents, parents, wives, in-laws, children, step-children, and uncles and aunts. Each page bespoked to the person to help understand the content. Ancestors to five generations, and royal ancestors and descendants eg King Edward IV.


Around Me provides a map of the places near to your current location.

Some of the Person pages include maps to provide a geographical representation of a person's life King Henry IV.

Some of the pages for counties also have a Maps eg Northumberland.

Places with photos have this marker: , places with pages have this marker: and places that aren't clickable have this marker: .

Blue and Red circles with numbers in them are clusters of markers; zoom in to see the markers.


Links, and markers on maps can be hovered over with the mouse to preview the page to which the link or marker points to save you having to go to the page. Click on the link or marker to go to the page.

Paintings, photographs and armorials can be hovered over with the mouse for a larger view. Clicking on paintings will take you to the artist's page. Clicking on photographs will take you to the page for that place, and clicking on armorials will take you to the page for that armorial.


We calculate coefficient of inbreeding, marriage and succession relationships to ensure the data is correct. We also ensure data is consistent across all pages, and we sanity check our data eg is the mother alive when the child is born, is the father alive within nine months of the chlid's birth, etc.

Family Trees

Paternal Family Trees follow the Y-DNA from father to son eg Plantagenet Paternal Family Tree.

Maternal Family Trees follow the mtDNA from mother to daughter eg Katherine Roet.

Descendants Family Trees are to five generations. eg King Edward IV.


Photographs of historical locations, particularly church monuments. Photographs are for sale.

On This Day in History

Pages for each day of the year that list the key historical events that occurred on that day.


Chronological pages for key events from pre-history to the present day. Pages are separated logically into key periods eg Richard III's Acession


We have a number of dictionaries to help better understand technical, scientific, archaic, religious and legal terms. Where the original source is Latin, Hebrew, French, etc we provide the original source and a translation.


Some content is free. Some is available by subscription. Subscription helps to pay for the operation, maintenance and development of the website.