Twenty Trees


St Andrew's Church, Denton. Sculpted by Thomas Green Sculptor 1659-1730. The fully wigged standing life sized figure of the deceased stands in an arched surround flanked by fluted Pilasters with Acanthus scrolls and broken segmental Pediment contaning a cherub and Putti leaning down from heaven holding a metal coronet, surmounted by an achievement. Beneath is he inscription panel and to either side Putti holding memento mori, and mourning, one with tears.

St Andrew's Church, Denton. In ashlar. The latin raised letter inscription is set in an egg and dart surround, flanked by Ionic Pilasters and free standing Composite fluted columns, supporting a Pediment containing a pair of naked female figures holding hour glasses leaning on a skull. The frieze is decorated with Medallions. The reclining figure of the deceased, his prayer book in hand, lies on a half rolled up mattress on a tomb chest on which are portrayed his wife and six children, all named in raised letters.

On 03 Mar 1626 William Cavendish 1st Earl Devonshire 1552-1626 (73) died. His son William Cavendish 2nd Earl Devonshire 1590-1628 (36) succeeded 2nd Earl Devonshire. Christian Bruce Countess Devonshire -1675 by marriage Countess Devonshire. On 12 Oct 1616 Henry Cavendish 1550-1616 died. Both were buried at St Peter's Church, Edensor, Chatsworth. Monument formed two bodies under a low four-poster with black Ionic columns and black covering slab. Henry appears as a skeleton on a straw mat, William in his shroud with his face exposed. Extremely grand architecture above the two martial flanking figures, then arches with, on the left armour, and on the right purple, coronet, and sword hung up, and in the middle an angel holding the black inscription tablet and blowing a trumpet. The whole is surmounted by a big broken Pediment. The. Monument has been attributed to Maximillian Colt Sculptor -1641.

On 03 Sep 1634 Edward Coke Lord Chief Justice 1552-1634 (82) died. Monument in Church of St Mary the Virgin, Tittleshall. Simple sarcophagus on pedestal with lying effigy. Pair of flanking Tuscan columns supporting a full entablature with putti on frieze and broken segmental pediment. Carved and painted achievement in and above tympanum flanked by four reclining figures of the Virtues on pediment extrados.
Above. Quarterly of eight: , Crispin, Folkard, Sparham, Nerford, Yarmouth, and Pawe. The crest is broken. Farrer says it was: On a chapeau Azure, turned up Ermine, an ostrich Argent, holding in its mouth a horseshoe Or. The motto reads Prudens qui Patiens.
The effigy was carved by John Hargrave, the rest of the memorial was made by Nicholas Stone Sculptor 1587-1647 (47).
Below the effigy are three shields. Left implaling . His first wife Bridget Paston -1598. Middle . Right impaling ; his second wife Elizabeth Cecil Countess Berkshire 1596-1672 (38).

On 14 Jan 1657 John Dutton 1594-1657 (62) died. He was buried in Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Sherborne. Sculpted by Thomas Burman Sculptor 1618-1674 (39). A shrouded upright effigy in white marble within a round-headed niche flanked by black marble columns with Corinthian Capitals and scrolled Pediment with the Sherborne arms at the centre, above. Inscription plaques either side. Inscription to John Dutton below.

After 1658. Monument to Nicholas Breton and his wife Elizabeth in All Saints Church, Norton. Busts of each and framed by composite columns supporting broken segmental Pediment.

After 1708. All Saints Church, Maiden Bradley. Monument to Edward Seymour 4th Baronet Seymour 1633-1708. Sculpted by John Michael Rysbrack Sculptor 1694-1770 ; white marble reclining figure in front of tablet with Pediment with Cherubs, scrolled Pediment with arms over.

On 26 Jul 1723 Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1660-1723 (62) died. His son Peregrine Bertie 2nd Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1686-1741 (37) succeeded 2nd Duke Ancaster and Kesteven, 2nd Marquess Lindsay, 5th Earl Lindsey, 18th Baron Willoughby Eresby. Jane Brownlow Duchess Ancaster and Kesteven -1736 by marriage Duchess Ancaster and Kesteven.
Monument in the Church of St Michael and All Angels, Edenham, South Kesteven sculpted by Peter Scheemakers Sculptor 1691-1781 (32) and Henry Cheere 1st Baronet St Margaret's Sculptor 1703-1781 (20). A Classical Aedicule with Corinthian Capitals supporting open Dentillated Pediment with garland, urns and Putti. Before the Aedicule a rounded Pedestal supports a marble image of the deceased attired as a Roman General.

Before 1736. Monument to Anne Brudenell (wife of Charles Lennox) in St Peter's Church, Deene by Giovanni Battista Guelphi 1690-1736 on the west wall of the transept. Bust set against square surround with flanking caryatids, metope frieze and Pediment over.

After 1738. Monument to Joseph Ashley -1738 in Saint Leodegarius Church, Ashby St Ledgers. Grey and white marble architectural wall tablet with Pediment and winged Cherubs heads below. Signed by Nathaniel Hedges Sculptor 1749-1784.