Bend is in Ordinaries.

Chaucer. Per Pale argent and gules, a bend counterchanged. Source.

Dawes. Argent on a bend Azure cotised Gules between six battle axes Sable three swans Or. Source.

Ferneley. Or, on a bend vert three buck's heads caboshed argent.

Foljambe. Sable a bend between six escallops or.

Sackville Original. Quarterly or and gules a bend vair. Source.

Bend Cotised

Bingham. Azure a bend cotised between six crosses pattee or. Source.

Conway. Sable, on a bend cotised argent a rose gules between two annulets of the first. Source.

Dawnay. Argent on a bend cotised sable three annulets of the field. Source.

Bend Argent

Blois. Azure a bend argent cotised. Source.

Bohun. Azure, a bend argent cotised or between six lions rampant or. Source.

Freschville. Azure, bend argent between six escallops.

Hervey. Gules, on a bend argent three trefoils slipped vert. Source.

Howard. Gules bend argent six crosslets fitchy.

Liddell. Gules, on a bend argent, three mullets sable. Source.

Bend Azure

Denison. Ermine, a bend azure cotised sable between a unicorn's head erased in chief and a cross crosslet fitchy in base gules. Source.

Fitzpayn. Gules, three lions passant guardant argent, overall a bend azure. Source.

Harding. Or, a bend azure three martlets argent.

Scott. Or, on a bend azure a mullet of six points between two crescents of the field. Source.

Leslie. Argent, on a bend azure three buckles or. Source.

Slanning. Argent, two pales engrailed gules over all on a bend azure three griffin's heads or.

Stanley. Argent, a bend azure three buck's heads caboshed or. Source.

Bend Gules

Davers. Argent, a bend gules three martlets or. Source.

Furnival. Argent, a bend gules six martlets gules. Source.

Halswell. Azure, three bars wavy argent over all a bend gules. Source

Poynings. Barry of six or and vert a bend gules. Source.

Wendesley. Ermine, on a bend gules three escallops argent. Source.

Wingfield. Argent, a bend gules three wings conjoined in lure of the field. Source.

Bend Or

Brabazon. Gules on a bend or three martlets sable. .

Scrope. Azure, a bend or. Source.

Stourton. Sable, a bend or between six fountains. Source.

Bend Sable

Browne. Sable a bend sable cotised three lions rampant argent. Source.

Carey. Argent, a bend sable, three roses of the first. Source.

Clavering. Quarterly, or and gules, a bend sable. Source.

Despencer. Quarterly 1&4: Argent, 2&3: Gules, a fret or, over all a bend sable. Source.

Fitzherbert. Argent, a chief vairy or and gules a bend sable. Source.

Saunderson. Paly of six argent and azure, a bend sable three annulets or. Source.

Savile. Argent, a bend sable three owls of the same. Source.

Spencer. Quarterly 1&4: Argent, 2&3: Gules, a fret or, over all a bend sable.

Bend Engrailed

Earl Shaftesbury. Quarterly: 1&4 Ashley Arms; 2&3: gules, a bend engrailed between six lions rampant or (Cooper). Source.

Culpepper. Argent, a bend engrailed gules. Source.

Fortescue. Azure a bend engrailed argent cotised or. Source.

Radclyffe. Argent, a bend engrailed sable. Source.

Tempest. Argent, a bend engrailed between six martlets sable. Source.

Bend Lozengy

Pye. Ermine, a bend lozengy gules. Source.