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Leeward Islands is in Caribbean.

1667 Poll Bill

1667 Treaty of Breda

Evelyn's Diary. 14 Nov 1671. To Council, where Sir Charles Wheeler (age 51), late Governor of the Leeward Islands, having been complained of for many indiscreet managements, it was resolved, on scanning many of the particulars, to advise his Majesty (age 41) to remove him; and consult what was to be done, to prevent these inconveniences he had brought things to. This business staid me in London almost a week, being in Council, or Committee, every morning till the 25th.

Evelyn's Diary. 01 Mar 1672. A full Council of Plantations, on the danger of the Leeward Islands, threatened by the French, who had taken some of our ships, and began to interrupt our trade. Also in debate, whether the new Governor of St. Christopher should be subordinate to the Governor of Barbadoes. The debate was serious and long.

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Pepy's Diary. 31 Jan 1667. Thus the month ends: myself in very good health and content of mind in my family. All our heads full in the office at this dividing of the Comptroller's duty, so that I am in some doubt how it may prove to intrench upon my benefits, but it cannot be much. The Parliament, upon breaking up, having given the King (age 36) money with much ado, and great heats, and neither side pleased, neither King nor them. The imperfection of the Poll Bill, which must be mended before they rise, there being several horrible oversights to the prejudice of the King (age 36), is a certain sign of the care anybody hath of the King's business. Prince Rupert (age 47) very ill, and to be trepanned on Saturday next. Nobody knows who commands the fleete next year, or, indeed, whether we shall have a fleete or no. Great preparations in Holland and France, and the French have lately taken Antego1 from us, which vexes us. I am in a little care through my at last putting a great deal of money out of my hands again into the King's upon tallies for Tangier, but the interest which I wholly lost while in my trunk is a temptation while things look safe, as they do in some measure for six months, I think, and I would venture but little longer.

Note 1. Antigua, one of the West India Islands (Leeward Islands), discovered by Columbus in 1493, who is said to have named it after a church at Seville called Santa Maria la Antigua. It was first settled by a few English families in 1632, and in 1663 another settlement was made under Lord Willoughby, to whom the entire island was granted by Charles II In 1666 it was invaded by a French force, which laid waste all the settlement. It was reconquered by the English, and formally restored to them by the treaty of Breda.

In 1729 Edward Mathew was born in Antigua.

Travels through the middle settlements in North America Chapter 1. 31 May 1759. May 31. We spoke with a sloop bound from Antigua to London. She acquainted the commodore with the agreeable news of his majesty's forces at Guadaloupe having reduced that whole island under subjedtion to the British government. The wind still continued unfavourable.

In Apr 1767 John Cockerell (age 53) died in Antigua.

On 13 Nov 1780 James Charles Pitt (age 19) died at Antigua.

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Around Jun 1780 Captain John Stanhope (age 35) he had the Pegasus 28 in which he went out to the Leeward Islands in January 1781, and after participating in the defence of St. Lucia against the French fleet in May he helped put down a mutiny aboard the Santa Monica 36, Captain John Linzee, on 16 July at English Harbour, Antigua.

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Pepy's Diary. 29 Nov 1666. "I doubt not of your lordship's hearing of Sir Thomas Clifford's (age 36) succeeding Sir H. Pollard (deceased) in the Comptrollership of the King's house but perhaps our ill, but confirmed, tidings from the Barbadoes may not [have reached you] yet, it coming but yesterday; viz., that about eleven ships, whereof two of the King's, the Hope and Coventry, going thence with men to attack St. Christopher's, were seized by a violent hurricane, and all sunk-two only of thirteen escaping, and those with loss of masts, &c. My Lord Willoughby himself is involved in the disaster, and I think two ships thrown upon an island of the French, and so all the men, to 500, become their prisoners. 'Tis said, too, that eighteen Dutch men-of-war are passed the Channell, in order to meet with our Smyrna ships; and some, I hear, do fright us with the King of Sweden's (age 11) seizing our mast-ships at Gottenburgh. But we have too much ill newes true, to afflict ourselves with what is uncertain. That which I hear from Scotland is, the Duke of York's (age 33) saying, yesterday, that he is confident the Lieutenant-Generall there hath driven them into a pound, somewhere towards the mountains".

Pepy's Diary. 05 Aug 1667. Up, and with Sir W. Batten (age 66) in the morning to St. James's, where we did our ordinary business with the Duke of York (age 33), where I perceive they have taken the highest resolution in the world to become good husbands, and to retrench all charge; and to that end we are commanded to give him an account of the establishment in the seventh year of the late King's reign, and how offices and salaries have been increased since; and I hope it will end in the taking away some of our Commissioners, though it may be to the lessening of some of our salaries also. After done with the Duke of York (age 33), and coming out through his dressing-room, I there spied Signor Francisco tuning his gittar, and Monsieur de Puy with him, who did make him play to me, which he did most admirably-so well as I was mightily troubled that all that pains should have been taken upon so bad an instrument. Walked over the Park with Mr. Gawden, end with him by coach home, and to the Exchange [Map], where I hear the ill news of our loss lately of four rich ships, two from Guinea, one from Gallipoly, all with rich oyles; and the other from Barbadoes, worth, as is guessed, £80,000. But here is strong talk, as if Harman (age 42) had taken some of the Dutch East India ships, but I dare not yet believe it, and brought them into Lisbon1.

Note 1. "Sept. 6, 1667. John Clarke to James Hickes. A vessel arrived from Harwich [Map] brings news that the English lost 600 to 700 men in the attempt on St. Christopher; that Sir John Harman (age 42) was not then there, but going with 11 ships, and left a ketch at Barbadoes to bring more soldiers after him; that the ketch met a French sloop with a packet from St. Christopher to their fleet at Martinico, and took her, whereupon Sir John Harman (age 42) sailed there and fell upon their fleet of 27 sail, 25 of which he sank, and burnt the others, save two which escaped; also that he left three of his fleet there, and went with the rest to Nevis, to make another attempt on St. Christopher. "Calendar of State Payers, 1667, p. 447.

Evelyn's Diary. 15 Sep 1671. In the afternoon at Council, where letters were read from Sir Charles Wheeler (age 51), concerning his resigning his government of St. Christopher's.

Evelyn's Diary. 27 Nov 1671. We ordered that a proclamation should be presented to his Majesty (age 41) to sign, against what Sir Charles Wheeler (age 51) had done in St. Christopher's since the war, on the articles of peace at Breda. He was shortly afterward recalled.

In 1745 Patrick Blake of St Kitts died. His grandson Patrick Blake 1st Baronet (age 3) inherited his estates including those in St Kitts aka St Christopher's Island; it isn't clear why his son Andrew Blake of St Kitts and Montserrat didn't?