Biography of Æthelhelm Earldorman Wiltshire -898

Around 870 [his daughter] Aelfflaed Wiltshire Queen Anglo Saxons was born to Æthelhelm Earldorman Wiltshire.

Assers Life of Alfred 887. 887. 86. Alfred sends Alms to Rome.219 In the same year in which that army left Paris and went to Chézy220, Æthelhelm, Ealdorman of Wiltshire, carried to Rome the alms of King Alfred (age 38) and of the Saxons.

Note 219. Chiefly from the Chronicle.

Note 220. Cf. chap. 84.

Battle of Farnham

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 894. This year, that was about twelve months after they had wrought a work in the eastern district, the Northumbrians and East-Angles had given oaths to King Alfred (age 45), and the East-Angles six hostages; nevertheless, contrary to the truce, as oft as the other plunderers went out with all their army, then went they also, either with them, or in a separate division. Upon this King Alfred gathered his army, and advanced, so that he encamped between the two armies at the highest point he could find defended by wood and by water, that he might reach either, if they would seek any field. Then went they forth in quest of the wealds, in troops and companies, wheresoever the country was defenceless. But they were also sought after most days by other companies, either by day or by night, both from the army and also from the towns. The king had divided his army into two parts; so that they were always half at home, half out; besides the men that should maintain the towns. The army came not all out of their stations more than twice; once, when they first came to land, ere the forces were collected, and again, when they wished to depart from their stations. They had now seized much booty, and would ferry it northward over Thames into Essex, to meet their ships. But the army rode before them, fought with them at Farnham, routed their forces, and there arrested the booty. And they flew over Thames without any ford, then up by the Colne on an island. Then the king's forces beset them without as long as they had food; but they had their time set, and their meat noted. And the king was advancing thitherwards on his march with the division that accompanied him. But while he was advancing thitherwards, the other force was returning homewards. The Danes, however, still remained behind; for their king was wounded in the fight, so that they could not carry him. Then collected together those that dwell in Northumbria and East-Anglia about a hundred ships, and went south about; and with some forty more went north about, and besieged a fort in Devonshire by the north sea; and those who went south about beset Exeter [Map]. When the king heard that, then went he west towards Exeter with all his force, except a very considerable part of the eastern army, who advanced till they came to London; and there being joined by the citizens and the reinforcements that came from the west, they went east to Barnfleet. Hasten was there with his gang, who before were stationed at Milton, and also the main army had come thither, that sat before in the mouth of the Limne at Appledore. Hasten had formerly constructed that work at Barnfleet, and was then gone out on plunder, the main army being at home. Then came the king's troops, and routed the enemy, broke down the work, took all that was therein money, women, and children and brought all to London. And all the ships they either broke to pieces, or burned, or brought to London or to Rochester [Map]. And Hasten's wife and her two sons they brought to the king, who returned them to him, because one of them was his godson, and the other Alderman Ethered's. They had adopted them ere Hasten came to Bamfleet; when he had given them hostages and oaths, and the king had also given him many presents; as he did also then, when he returned the child and the wife. And as soon as they came to Bamfleet, and the work was built, then plundered he in the same quarter of his kingdom that Ethered his compeer should have held; and at another time he was plundering in the same district when his work was destroyed. The king then went westward with the army toward Exeter, as I before said, and the army had beset the city; but whilst he was gone they went to their ships. Whilst he was thus busied there with the army, in the west, the marauding parties were both gathered together at Shobury in Essex, and there built a fortress. Then they both went together up by the Thames, and a great concourse joined them, both from the East-Angles and from the Northumbrians. They then advanced upward by the Thames, till they arrived near the Severn. Then they proceeded upward by the Severn. Meanwhile assembled Alderman Ethered, Alderman Ethelm, Alderman Ethelnoth, and the king's thanes, who were employed at home at the works, from every town east of the Parret, as well as west of Selwood, and from the parts east and also north of the Thames and west of the Severn, and also some part of North-Wales. When they were all collected together, they overtook the rear of the enemy at Buttington on the banks of the Severn, and there beset them without on each side in a fortress. When they had sat there many weeks on both sides of the water, and the king meanwhile was in Devonshire westward with the naval force, then were the enemy weighed down with famine. They had devoured the greater part of their horses; and the rest had perished with hunger. Then went they out to the men that sat on the eastern side of the river, and fought with them; but the Christians had the victory. And there Ordhelm, the king's thane, was slain; and also many other king's thanes; and of the Danes there were many slain, and that part of them that came away escaped only by flight. As soon as they came into Essex to their fortress, and to their ships, then gathered the remnant again in East-Anglia and from the Northumbrians a great force before winter, and having committed their wives and their ships and their booty to the East-Angles, they marched on the stretch by day and night, till they arrived at a western city in Wirheal that is called Chester [Map]. There the army could not overtake them ere they arrived within the work: they beset the work though, without, some two days, took all the cattle that was thereabout, slew the men whom they could overtake without the work, and all the corn they either burned or consumed with their horses every evening. That was about a twelvemonth since they first came hither over sea.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 898. This year died Ethelm, alderman of Wiltshire, nine nights before midsummer; and Heahstan, who was Bishop of London.

Before 12 Jun 898 Æthelhelm Earldorman Wiltshire was appointed Earldorman Wiltshire.

On 12 Jun 898 Æthelhelm Earldorman Wiltshire died.

Royal Descendants of Æthelhelm Earldorman Wiltshire -898

Eleanor Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal x 28

Eadgifu Wessex Queen Consort West Francia -951 x 1

Agnes La Marck Queen Consort Navarre x 150

Eleanor Barcelona Queen Consort Aragon x 4

Blanche Capet Queen Consort Aragon x 4

Isabella Burgundy Queen Consort Germany x 3

Eadgyth Wessex Queen Consort Germany x 1

Louis "Overseas" IV King West Francia 920-954 x 1

Lothair III King West Francia 941-986 x 1

Mathilde Carolingian Queen Consort Burgundy 943-992 x 1

Bertha Welf Queen Consort France 964-1010 x 1

Louis "Do Nothing" V King West Francia 967-987 x 1

Rudolph "Idle" III King Burgundy 971-1032 x 1

Baldwin I King Jerusalem 1058-1118 x 1

Maud Queen Consort Scotland x 1

Adeliza of Louvain Queen Consort England x 1

Malcolm IV King Scotland x 1

William "Lion" I King Scotland x 1

Beatrice Ivrea Holy Roman Empress 1145-1184 x 1

King Philip II of France x 1

Henry Hohenstaufen VI Holy Roman Emperor x 1

Isabelle Flanders Queen Consort France 1170-1190 x 3

Philip King Germany 1177-1208 x 1

Louis "Lion" VIII King France x 4

Frederick I King Jerusalem II Holy Roman Emperor x 1

Alexander II King Scotland x 1

Theobald IV King Navarre x 1

Matilda Dammartin Queen Consort Portugal x 3

Elisabeth Hohenstaufen Queen Consort Castile Queen Consort Leon 1205-1235 x 1

Henry VII King Germany 1211-1242 x 1

King Louis IX of France x 4

Alfonso X King Castile X King Leon x 1

Conrad Hohenstaufen King Germany 1228-1254 x 1

Theobald "Young" II King Navarre 1239-1270 x 1

Alexander III King Scotland x 1

Beatrice Queen Consort Portugal 1242-1303 x 1

Henry I King Navarre 1244-1274 x 1

Philip "Bold" III King France x 4

Blanche Capet Queen Navarre 1248-1302 x 9

Constance Hohenstaufen Queen Consort Aragon 1249-1302 x 2

John "Empty Coat" I King Scotland x 1

Charles II King Naples 1254-1309 x 4

Maria Reginar Queen Consort France 1256-1321 x 10

Sancho IV King Castile IV King Leon 1258-1295 x 1

Margaret Dunkeld Queen Consort Norway 1261-1283 x 1

Denis I King Portugal 1261-1325 x 1

Alexander Dunkeld Prince Scotland 1264-1284 x 1

Alfonso III King Aragon 1265-1291 x 2

James "The Just" II King Aragon x 2

Philip "The Fair" IV King France x 4

Elisabeth Barcelona Queen Consort Portugal 1271-1336 x 2

Charles Martel King Hungary 1271-1295 x 4

Isabel Bruce Queen Norway 1272-1358 x 2

Joan Blois I Queen Navarre 1273-1305 x 10

Robert "The Bruce" I King Scotland x 2

Henry Luxemburg VII Holy Roman Emperor 1275-1313 x 9

Robert "Wise" King Naples 1275-1343 x 4

Margaret of France Queen Consort England 1279-1318 x 14

Edward Balliol I King Scotland x 1

Isabella Ivrea Queen Consort Aragon 1283-1328 x 1

Margaret "Maid of Norway" I Queen Scotland 1283-1290 x 1

Ferdinand IV King Castile IV King Leon 1285-1312 x 1

Charles I King Hungary 1288-1342 x 4

Louis X King France I Navarre x 14

Margaret of Burgundy Queen Consort France 1290-1315 x 9

Constance Burgundy Queen Consort Castile Queen Consort Leon 1290-1313 x 3

Alfonso "Brave" IV King Portugal 1291-1357 x 3

Joan of Burgundy Queen Consort France 1292-1330 x 14

Philip V King France I King Navarre 1293-1322 x 14

Beatrice Ivrea Queen Consort Portugal 1293-1359 x 1

Clementia Hungary Queen Consort France 1293-1328 x 4

Joan "Lame" Burgundy Queen Consort France 1293-1349 x 9

King Philip "Fortunate" VI of France x 8

Charles IV King France I King Navarre x 14

Isabella of France Queen Consort England x 14

King John I of Bohemia x 9

Blanche of Burgundy Queen Consort France x 14

Alfonso IV King Aragon 1299-1336 x 6

Marie Luxemburg Queen Consort France 1304-1324 x 9

Philip "Noble" III King Navarre x 28

Eleanor Ivrea Queen Consort Aragon 1307-1359 x 4

Joan Évreux Queen Consort France 1310-1371 x 28

Alfonso "Avenger" XI King Castile x 4

Margaret Hainault Holy Roman Empress x 24

Joan Capet II Queen Navarre x 23

King Edward III of England x 14

Maria Burgundy Queen Consort Castile 1313-1357 x 4

Philippa of Hainault Queen Consort England x 24

Bonne Luxemburg Queen Consort France 1315-1349 x 9

Constanza Manuel Queen Consort Castile 1316-1349 x 7

King Robert II of Scotland x 3

Charles IV King Bohemia Holy Roman Emperor Luxemburg x 9

John "The Posthumous" I King France 1316-1316 x 18

Blanche Valois Holy Roman Empress Luxemburg 1317-1348 x 15

King John "The Good" II of France x 17

Peter IV King Aragon x 6

Blanche Dampierre Queen Consort Norway and Sweden 1320-1363 x 23

Peter I King Portugal x 4

Joan of the Tower Queen Consort Scotland x 14

King David II of Scotland x 2

Louis I King Hungary King Poland x 4

Joan Auvergne Queen Consort France 1326-1360 x 28

Eleanor Burgundy Queen Consort Aragon 1328-1348 x 4

Maria Évreux Queen Consort Aragon 1329-1347 x 51

Blanche Évreux Queen Consort France 1331-1398 x 51

Charles "Bad" II King Navarre x 51

Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile x 4

Peter "Cruel" I King Castile x 8

King Robert III of Scotland 1337-1406 x 3

Joanna Bourbon Queen Consort France 1338-1378 x 40

King Charles V of France x 26

Blanche Bourbon Queen Consort Castile 1339-1361 x 40

Joan Valois Queen Consort Navarre 1343-1373 x 26

Ferdinand I King Portugal 1345-1383 x 11

King John I of Aragon 1350-1396 x 10

King John I of Portugal 1352-1433 x 4

Martin I King Aragon 1356-1410 x 10

Eleanor Barcelona Queen Consort Castile 1358-1382 x 10

John I King Castile 1358-1390 x 10

Philippa Lancaster Queen Consort Portugal 1360-1415 x 49

Charles III King Navarre 1361-1425 x 77

Eleanor of Castile Queen Consort Navarre 1363-1425 x 10

Yolande of Bar Queen Consort Aragon 1365-1431 x 54

Anne of Bohemia Queen Consort England x 9

King Richard II of England x 54

King Henry IV of England x 49

Sigismund I King Hungary I King Germany I King Bohemia Holy Roman Emperor Luxemburg x 9

Charles "Beloved Mad" VI King France x 66

Joanna of Navarre Queen Consort England x 77

Isabeau Wittelsbach Queen Consort France 1370-1435 x 4

Mary Hungary I Queen Hungary x 4

Catherine of Lancaster Queen Consort Castile x 46

Eleanor of Alberquerque Queen Consort Aragon 1374-1465 x 8

King Louis of Naples x 59

Henry III King Castile 1379-1406 x 20

Ferdinand I King Aragon 1380-1416 x 20

King Henry V of England x 65

Blanche Évreux Queen Consort Aragon 1388-1441 x 87

Isabella Valois Queen Consort England x 70

Edward "The Philosopher" I King Portugal 1391-1438 x 53

Philippa Lancaster Queen Consort Denmark 1394-1430 x 65

King James I of Scotland x 3

Alfonso V King Aragon 1396-1458 x 28

Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Castile 1396-1445 x 28

John II King Aragon 1398-1479 x 28

Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Aragon 1401-1458 x 66

Catherine of Valois Queen Consort England x 70

Charles "Victorious" VII King France x 70

Joan Beaufort Queen Consort Scotland x 68

Marie Valois Anjou Queen Consort France 1404-1463 x 123

John II King Castile x 66

Jacquetta of Luxemburg Duchess Bedford x 32

Charles "Viana" IV King Navarre 1421-1461 x 115

King Henry VI of England and II of France x 135

Ferdinand I King Naples x 28

Louis "Father of the People" XI King France x 193

Blanche Trastámara II Queen Navarre 1424-1464 x 115

Margaret Stewart Dauphine of France 1424-1445 x 71

Juana Enríquez Queen Consort Aragon 1425-1468 x 4

Henry IV King Castile 1425-1474 x 94

Eleanor Trastámara Queen Consort Navarre 1426-1479 x 115

Isabella Aviz Queen Consort Castile 1428-1496 x 57

Margaret of Anjou Queen Consort England x 152

King James II of Scotland x 71

Isabella Aviz Queen Consort Portugal 1432-1455 x 53

Alfonso "The African" V King Portugal x 81

Mary of Guelders Queen Consort Scotland 1434-1463 x 150

Eleanor Aviz Holy Roman Empress 1434-1467 x 81

Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England x 32

Joan Aviz Queen Consort Castile 1439-1475 x 81

Charlotte Savoy Queen Consort France 1441-1483 x 132

King Edward IV of England x 178

Alfonso II King Naples x 28

Isabella Queen Castile x 123

King James III of Scotland x 221

Ferdinand II King Aragon x 32

Frederick IV King Naples 1452-1504 x 28

King Richard III of England x 178

John II King Portugal x 134

x 33

Anne Neville Queen Consort England x 147

King Henry VII of England and Ireland x 143

Maximilian Habsburg I Holy Roman Emperor x 81

Christina Queen Consort Denmark Norway and Sweden x 12

Joanna "La Beltraneja" Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1462-1530 x 175

Louis XII King France x 242

Joan Valois Queen Consort France 1464-1505 x 325

Elizabeth York Queen Consort England x 210

Francis I King Navarre 1467-1483 x 308

Catherine Grailly I Queen Navarre 1468-1517 x 308

Jean III King Navarre 1469-1516 x 59

Manuel "Fortunate" I King Portugal x 138

Ferdinand II King Naples 1469-1496 x 28

Isabella Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1470-1498 x 155

Charles VIII King France x 325

King Edward V of England x 210

Bianca Maria Sforza Holy Roman Empress 1472-1510 x 132

King James IV of Scotland x 221

Anne of Brittany Queen Consort France x 301

Philip "Handsome Fair" King Castile x 460

Joanna "The Mad" Trastámara Queen Castile x 155

Christian II King Denmark II King Norway x 12

Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1482-1517 x 155

Joachim "Nestor" Hohenzollern Elector Brandenburg 1484-1535 x 33

Catherine of Aragon Queen Consort England x 155

Germaine Foix Queen Consort Aragon 1488-1538 x 357

Margaret Tudor Queen Scotland x 353

King Henry VIII of England and Ireland x 353

Marguerite Valois Orléans Queen Consort Navarre 1492-1549 x 420

King Francis I of France x 420

Mary Tudor Queen Consort France x 353

Eleanor of Austria Queen Consort France Queen Consort Portugal 1498-1558 x 615

Claude Valois Orléans Queen Consort France 1499-1524 x 543

Charles V Holy Roman Emperor x 615

Queen Anne Boleyn of England x 94

Isabella of Austria Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1501-1526 x 615

John III King Portugal x 293

Ferdinand I Holy Roman Emperor x 615

King Henry II of Navarre 1503-1555 x 367

Anne Jagiellon Holy Roman Empress x 216

Christian III King Denmark 1503-1559 x 33

Catherine of Austria Queen Consort Portugal x 615

Queen Jane Seymour x 113

King James V of Scotland x 574

Catherine Parr Queen Consort England x 120

Anne of Cleves Queen Consort England x 304

Mary of Guise Queen Consort Scotland x 819

Queen Mary I of England and Ireland x 508

Antoine King Navarre 1518-1562 x 693

King Henry II of France x 963

Queen Catherine Howard of England x 81

Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain x 908

Maximilian Habsburg Spain II Holy Roman Emperor x 831

Maria of Spain Holy Roman Empress x 908

Jeanne Albret III Queen Navarre 1528-1572 x 787

Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland x 447

Frederick II King Denmark 1534-1588 x 33

Jane "Nine Days Queen" Grey I Queen England and Ireland x 558

King Edward VI of England and Ireland x 466

Louis VI Elector Palatine 1539-1583 x 150

Mary Queen of Scots x 1393

Francis II King France King Consort Scotland x 963

Elizabeth Valois Queen Consort Spain x 963

Anna of Austria Queen Consort Spain x 1739

Charles IX King France x 963

Henry III King France x 963

Rudolf II Holy Roman Emperor 1552-1612 x 1739

Louise Lorraine Queen Consort France 1553-1601 x 559

Margaret Valois Queen Consort France 1553-1615 x 963

Henry IV King France x 1480

Sebastian King Portugal 1554-1578 x 1816

Elisabeth of Austria Queen Consort France 1554-1592 x 1739

Matthias I Holy Roman Emperor x 1739

Sophie Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Denmark 1557-1631 x 33

Christian Wettin I Elector Saxony 1560-1591 x 33

King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland x 2062

Ferdinand King Asturias 1571-1578 x 2647

Maximilian "The Great" Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria I Elector Bavaria x 2345

Frederick IV Elector Palatine 1574-1610 x 150

Anne of Denmark Queen Consort Scotland England and Ireland x 66

Maria Anna Wittelsbach Holy Roman Empress 1574-1616 x 2345

Marie de Medici Queen Consort France x 831

Diego King Asturias 1575-1582 x 2647

Electress Louise Juliana of the Palatine Rhine 1576-1644 x 205

Christian IV King Denmark 1577-1648 x 66

Philip III King Spain x 2647

Ferdinand of Spain II Holy Roman Emperor 1578-1637 x 1944

Margaret of Austria Queen Consort Spain 1584-1611 x 1944

John George Wettin Elector Saxony 1585-1656 x 33

Anna of Austria Holy Roman Empress 1585-1618 x 1674

Princess Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia x 2128

Frederick Palatinate Simmern V Elector Palatine Rhine x 355

King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland x 2128

Anne of Austria Spain Queen Consort France x 4591

Louis XIII King France x 2311

Elisabeth Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1602-1644 x 2311

John IV King Portugal x 284

Philip IV King Spain x 4591

Maria Anna of Spain Holy Roman Empress x 4591

Ferdinand King Bohemia III Holy Roman Emperor x 4289

Frederick III King Denmark x 66

Henrietta Maria Bourbon Queen Consort England x 2311

John George Wettin Elector Saxony 1613-1680 x 33

Frederick William "Great Elector" Hohenzollern Elector Brandenburg x 388

Sophie Amalie Hanover Queen Consort Denmark 1628-1685 x 33

Ernest Augustus Hanover Elector Brunswick-Lüneburg 1629-1698 x 33

Eleonora Gonzaga Queen Consort Bohemia 1630-1686 x 4978

King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland x 4439

Maria Leopoldine Habsburg Spain Queen Consort Bohemia 1632-1649 x 1944

Ferdinand King Bohemia IV King Romans 1633-1654 x 8880

King James II of England Scotland and Ireland x 4439

Mariana of Austria Queen Consort Spain x 8880

Louis "Sun King" XIV King France x 6902

Maria Theresa of Spain Queen Consort France x 6902

Catherine of Braganza Queen Consort England x 284

Leopold Habsburg Spain I Holy Roman Emperor x 8880

Christian V King Denmark and Norway x 99

Marie Françoise Élisabeth of Savoy Queen Consort of Portugal 1646-1683 x 3303

John George Wettin III Elector Saxony 1647-1691 x 33

Peter II King Portugal x 284

Charlotte Amalie Hesse-Kassel Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1650-1714 x 421

King William III of England, Scotland and Ireland x 4439

Charles Palatinate Simmern II Elector Palatine Rhine 1651-1685 x 2516

Margaret Theresa Habsburg Holy Roman Empress x 13471

Frederick I King Prussia x 388

King George I of Great Britain and Ireland x 2516

Charles "Bewitched" II King Spain x 13471

Marie Louise Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1662-1689 x 11341

Mary Stewart II Queen England Scotland and Ireland x 4439

Maximilian Wittelsbach II Elector Bavaria 1662-1726 x 6634

Queen Anne of England Scotland and Ireland x 4439

Victor Amadeus King Sardinia x 8906

Sophia Dorothea Hanover Queen Consort England 1666-1726 x 33

Louise of Mecklenburg Güstrow Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1667-1721 x 132

Maria Anna Neuburg Queen Consort Spain 1667-1740 x 1168

John George Wettin IV Elector Saxony 1668-1694 x 132

Sophia Charlotte Hanover Queen Consort Prussia 1668-1705 x 2516

Anne Marie Bourbon Queen Consort Sardinia 1669-1728 x 11341

Frederick IV King Denmark and Norway x 520

Frederick I King Sweden 1676-1751 x 842

Joseph I Holy Roman Emperor 1678-1711 x 10048

Louis Bourbon Duke Burgundy 1682-1712 x 20438

Caroline Hohenzollern Queen Consort England x 33

King George II of Great Britain and Ireland x 2549

Philippe V King Spain x 20438

Charles Habsburg Spain VI Holy Roman Emperor 1685-1740 x 10048

Sophia Louise Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Prussia 1685-1735 x 99

Sophia Dorothea Hanover Queen Consort Prussia 1687-1757 x 2549

Ulrika Eleonora Palatinate Zweibrücken Queen Consort Sweden x 99

Frederick William "Soldier King" I King Prussia 1688-1740 x 2904

John V King Portugal 1689-1750 x 284

Christian VI King Denmark and Norway 1699-1746 x 652

Charles Emmanuel III King Sardinia x 20247

Polyxena Hesse Rotenburg Queen Consort Sardinia 1706-1735 x 33

Louis I King Spain 1707-1724 x 40685

Francis I Holy Roman Emperor 1708-1765 x 2195

Louise Élisabeth Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1709-1742 x 16320

Louis XV King France x 40685

Adolph Frederick King Sweden 1710-1771 x 33

Elisabeth Therese Lorraine Queen Consort Sardinia 1711-1741 x 11613

Barbara Queen Consort Spain 1711-1758 x 284

Frederick "The Great" I King Prussia 1712-1786 x 5453

Ferdinand VI King Spain 1713-1759 x 40685

Joseph I King Portugal 1714-1777 x 284

Charles III King Spain 1716-1788 x 20438

Maria Theresa Habsburg Spain Holy Roman Empress 1717-1780 x 10048

Frederick V King Denmark and Norway 1723-1766 x 652

Louise Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1724-1751 x 2582

Victor Amadeus III King Sardinia 1726-1796 x 20280

President George Washington x 45

King George III of Great Britain and Ireland x 4005

William Elector of Hesse x 3424

Charlotte Mecklenburg Strelitz Queen Consort England x 99

Frederick William II King Prussia 1744-1797 x 5453

Gustav III King Sweden x 5486

Queen Sophia of Sweden 1746-1813 x 3234

Electress Wilhelmina Caroline Oldenburg x 3234

Charles XIII King Sweden 1748-1818 x 5486

Charles IV King Spain x 20438

Christian VII King Denmark and Norway 1749-1808 x 3234

Caroline Matilda Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1751-1775 x 4005

Louis XVI King France x 53381

Louis XVIII King France 1755-1824 x 53381

King Charles X of France 1757-1836 x 53381

King George IV of Great Britain and Ireland x 4104

King William IV of the United Kingdom x 4005

Marie Sophie Hesse-Kassel Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1767-1852 x 6658

Frederick VI King Denmark and Norway 1768-1839 x 7239

Francis Lorraine II Holy Roman Emperor 1768- x 12243

Caroline of Brunswick Queen Consort England x 4005

Frederick William II King Prussia 1770-1840 x 5486

Ernest Augustus King Hanover x 4104

King Louis Philippe I of France x 16320

Frederica Mecklenburg Strelitz Queen Consort Hanover 1778-1841 x 132

Ferdinand VII King Spain x 81561

Louis XVII King France 1785-1795 x 65624

King Christian I of Norway and VIII of Denmark x 3432

Frederick William IV King Prussia 1795-1861 x 5486

Caroline Amalie Oldenburg Queen Norway 1796-1881 x 7321

William I King Prussia 1797-1888 x 5486

Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies Queen Consort Spain 1806-1878 x 126938

Frederick VII King Denmark 1808-1863 x 7635

Queen Louise Hesse-Kassel of Denmark 1817-1898 x 6856

King Christian IX of Denmark 1818-1906 x 6781

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom x 6917

George V King Hanover 1819-1878 x 4236

Isabella II Queen Spain x 208499

Frederick III King Prussia x 5486

x 13311

Victoria Empress Germany Queen Consort Prussia x 15356

King Edward VII of the United Kingdom x 15356

Frederick VIII King Denmark 1843-1912 x 13637

Alexandra Glücksburg Queen Consort England x 13637

George I King Greece 1845-1913 x 13637

Alfonso XII King Spain x 290060

Gustav V King Sweden 1858-1950 x 13311

Maria Christina of Austria Queen Consort Spain 1858-1929 x 32681

Wilhelm Hohenzollern x 20842

Maria de las Mercedes Unknown Queen Consort Spain 1860-1878 x 97881

George V King United Kingdom x 28993

Victoria Mary Teck Queen Consort England x 10952

Frederick Charles I King Finland 1868-1940 x 6856

Constantine I King Greece x 25137

Maud Windsor Queen Consort Norway x 28993

Christian X King Denmark 1870-1947 x 13637

Haakon VII King Norway x 13637

Alexandrine Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Denmark 1879-1952 x 15703

Gustaf Adolph VI King Sweden 1882-1973 x 13311

Alfonso XIII King Spain 1886-1941 x 322741

Victoria Eugénie Mountbatten Queen Consort Spain 1887-1969 x 15455

Louise Mountbatten Queen Consort Sweden x 15554

George II King Hellenes x 45979

Alexander I King Greece 1893-1920 x 45979

King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom x 39945

King George VI of the United Kingdom x 39945

Paul I King Greece 1901-1964 x 45979

Olav Glücksburg V King Norway 1903-1991 x 42630

Ingrid Bernadotte Queen Consort Denmark 1910-2000 x 34153

Philip Mountbatten Duke Edinburgh x 40691

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom x 60736

Sophia Glücksburg Queen Consort Spain 1938- x 92015

Juan Carlos I King Spain 1938- x 338196

Constantine II King Hellenes 1940- x 92015

Carl XVI King Sweden 1946- x 63611

King Charles III x 101427

Diana Spencer Princess Wales 1961-1997 x 96262

Catherine Middleton Princess of Wales x 201

William Windsor Prince of Wales 1982- x 197689