Biography of Edmund "The Martyr" King East Anglia -869

In 855 Edmund "The Martyr" King East Anglia was appointed King East Anglia.

On 20 Nov 869 Edmund "The Martyr" King East Anglia died.

Assers Life of Alfred 870. 870. 33. The Danes triumph.74 That same year Edmund, King of the East Angles, fought most fiercely against that army; but, lamentable to say, the heathen triumphed, for he and most of his men were there slain, while the enemy held the battle-field, and reduced all that region to subjection.

Note 74. From the Chronicle.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 870. This year the army rode over Mercia into East-Anglia, and there fixed their winter-quarters at Thetford [Map]. And in the winter King Edmund fought with them; but the Danes gained the victory, and slew the king; whereupon they overran all that land, and destroyed all the monasteries to which they came. The names of the leaders who slew the king were Hingwar and Hubba. At the same time came they to Medhamsted [Map], burning and breaking, and slaying abbot and monks, and all that they there found. They made such havoc there, that a monastery [Map], which was before full rich, was now reduced to nothing. The same year died Archbishop Ceolnoth; and Ethered, Bishop of Witshire, was chosen Archbishop of Canterbury.

Vesta Monumenta. 1752. Plate 2.7. Greensted Church with Objects Commemorating St. Edmund. The central image of the Church of St. Andrew, Greensted [Map], Essex, is rendered along with the burial shrine of St. Edmund and a seal fragment from the Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds, both in Suffolk. Engraving by George Vertue (age 68) after Smart Lethieullier (age 50) and John Lydgate.