Biography of Ralph "Staller" Gael 1st Earl East Anglia 1011-1068

Around 1011 Ralph "Staller" Gael 1st Earl East Anglia was born at Norfolk.

Before 1042 [his son] Ralph de Gael 2nd Earl East Anglia was born to Ralph "Staller" Gael 1st Earl East Anglia (age 30) at Hereford [Map].

Around 1066 Ralph "Staller" Gael 1st Earl East Anglia (age 55) was created 1st Earl Norfolk and Suffolk aka East Anglia.

In 1068 Ralph "Staller" Gael 1st Earl East Anglia (age 57) died. His son [his son] Ralph de Gael 2nd Earl East Anglia (age 26) succeeded 2nd Earl Norfolk and Suffolk aka East Anglia.

Revolt of the Earls

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1075. This year King William (age 47) gave [his son] Earl Ralph (age 33) the daughter of William Fitz-Osborne to wife. This same Ralph (age 33) was British on his mother's side; but his father, whose name was also Ralph, was English; and born in Norfolk. The king (age 47) therefore gave his son the earldom of Norfolk and Suffolk; and he then led the bride to Norwich [Map]. There was that bride-ale The source of man's bale. There was Earl Roger, and Earl Waltheof, and bishops, and abbots; who there resolved, that they would drive the king (age 47) out of the realm of England. But it was soon told the king (age 47) in Normandy how it was determined. It was Earl Roger and Earl Ralph (age 33) who were the authors of that plot; and who enticed the Britons to them, and sent eastward to Denmark after a fleet to assist them. Roger went westward to his earldom, and collected his people there, to the king's (age 47) annoyance, as he thought; but it was to the great disadvantage of himself. He was however prevented. Ralph (age 33) also in his earldom would go forth with his people; but the castlemen that were in England and also the people of the land, came against him, and prevented him from doing anything. He escaped however to the ships at Norwich [Map].97 And his wife was in the castle; which she held until peace was made with her; when she went out of England, with all her men who wished to join her. The king (age 47) afterwards came to England, and seized Earl Roger, his relative, and put him in prison. And Earl Waltheof went over sea, and bewrayed himself; but he asked forgiveness, and proffered gifts of ransom. The king (age 47), however, let him off lightly, until he98 came to England; when he had him seized. Soon after that came east from Denmark two hundred ships; wherein were two captains, Cnute Swainson, and Earl Hacco; but they durst not maintain a fight with King William (age 47). They went rather to York, and broke into St. Peter's minster, and took therein much treasure, and so went away. They made for Flanders over sea; but they all perished who were privy to that design; that was, the son of Earl Hacco, and many others with him. This year died the Lady Edgitha (age 49), who was the relict of King Edward, seven nights before Christmas, at Winchester; and the king (age 47) caused her to be brought to Westminster with great pomp; and he laid her with King Edward, her lord. And the king (age 47) was then at Westminster, at midwinter; where all the Britons were condemned who were at the bride-ale at Norwich. Some were punished with blindness; some were driven from the land; and some were towed to Scandinavia. So were the traitors of King William (age 47) subdued.

Note 97. Whence he sailed to Bretagne, according to Flor. S. Dunelm, etc.; but according to Henry of Huntingdon he fled directly to Denmark, returning afterwards with Cnute and Hacco, who invaded England With a fleet of 200 sail.

Note 98. i.e. Earl Waltheof.

Royal Descendants of Ralph "Staller" Gael 1st Earl East Anglia 1011-1068

Agnes La Marck Queen Consort Navarre x 2

Isabel Bruce Queen Norway 1272-1358 x 1

Robert "The Bruce" I King Scotland x 1

Joan of Burgundy Queen Consort France 1292-1330 x 1

Blanche of Burgundy Queen Consort France x 1

Philip "Noble" III King Navarre x 1

Joan Évreux Queen Consort France 1310-1371 x 1

King Robert II of Scotland x 1

Blanche Dampierre Queen Consort Norway and Sweden 1320-1363 x 1

King David II of Scotland x 1

Joan Auvergne Queen Consort France 1326-1360 x 1

Maria Évreux Queen Consort Aragon 1329-1347 x 1

Blanche Évreux Queen Consort France 1331-1398 x 1

Charles "Bad" II King Navarre x 1

King Robert III of Scotland 1337-1406 x 1

Philippa Lancaster Queen Consort Portugal 1360-1415 x 2

Charles III King Navarre 1361-1425 x 1

Yolande of Bar Queen Consort Aragon 1365-1431 x 1

King Richard II of England x 1

Henry IV King England x 2

Joanna of Navarre Queen Consort England x 1

King Henry V of England x 7

Blanche Évreux Queen Consort Aragon 1388-1441 x 1

Edward "The Philosopher" I King Portugal 1391-1438 x 2

Philippa Lancaster Queen Consort Denmark 1394-1430 x 7

King James I of Scotland x 1

Joan Beaufort Queen Consort Scotland x 5

Marie Valois Anjou Queen Consort France 1404-1463 x 1

Jacquetta of Luxemburg Duchess Bedford x 2

Charles "Viana" IV King Navarre 1421-1461 x 1

King Henry VI of England and II of France x 7

Louis "Father of the People" XI King France x 1

Blanche Trastámara II Queen Navarre 1424-1464 x 1

Margaret Stewart Dauphine of France 1424-1445 x 6

Eleanor Trastámara Queen Consort Navarre 1426-1479 x 1

Isabella Aviz Queen Consort Castile 1428-1496 x 2

Margaret of Anjou Queen Consort England x 1

King James II of Scotland x 6

Isabella Aviz Queen Consort Portugal 1432-1455 x 2

Alfonso "The African" V King Portugal x 2

Mary of Guelders Queen Consort Scotland 1434-1463 x 2

Eleanor Aviz Holy Roman Empress 1434-1467 x 2

Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England x 2

Joan Aviz Queen Consort Castile 1439-1475 x 2

Charlotte Savoy Queen Consort France 1441-1483 x 2

King Edward IV of England x 18

Isabella Queen Castile x 2

King James III of Scotland x 8

King Richard III of England x 18

John II King Portugal x 4

Anne Neville Queen Consort England x 27

King Henry VII of England and Ireland x 7

Maximilian Habsburg I Holy Roman Emperor x 2

Joanna "La Beltraneja" Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1462-1530 x 2

Louis XII King France x 2

Joan Valois Queen Consort France 1464-1505 x 3

Elizabeth York Queen Consort England x 20

Francis I King Navarre 1467-1483 x 2

Catherine Grailly I Queen Navarre 1468-1517 x 2

Manuel "Fortunate" I King Portugal x 4

Isabella Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1470-1498 x 2

Charles VIII King France x 3

King Edward V of England x 20

Bianca Maria Sforza Holy Roman Empress 1472-1510 x 2

King James IV of Scotland x 8

Anne of Brittany Queen Consort France x 3

Philip "Handsome Fair" King Castile x 8

Joanna "The Mad" Trastámara Queen Castile x 2

Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1482-1517 x 2

Catherine of Aragon Queen Consort England x 2

Germaine Foix Queen Consort Aragon 1488-1538 x 3

Margaret Tudor Queen Scotland x 27

King Henry VIII of England and Ireland x 27

Marguerite Valois Orléans Queen Consort Navarre 1492-1549 x 4

King Francis I of France x 4

Mary Tudor Queen Consort France x 27

Eleanor of Austria Queen Consort France Queen Consort Portugal 1498-1558 x 10

Claude Valois Orléans Queen Consort France 1499-1524 x 5

Charles V Holy Roman Emperor x 10

Queen Anne Boleyn of England x 31

Isabella of Austria Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1501-1526 x 10

John III King Portugal x 6

Ferdinand I Holy Roman Emperor x 10

King Henry II of Navarre 1503-1555 x 2

Anne Jagiellon Holy Roman Empress x 7

Catherine of Austria Queen Consort Portugal x 10

Queen Jane Seymour x 39

King James V of Scotland x 35

Catherine Parr Queen Consort England x 30

Anne of Cleves Queen Consort England x 5

Mary of Guise Queen Consort Scotland x 11

Queen Mary I of England and Ireland x 29

Antoine King Navarre 1518-1562 x 10

King Henry II of France x 9

Queen Catherine Howard of England x 31

Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain x 16

Maximilian Habsburg Spain II Holy Roman Emperor x 17

Maria of Spain Holy Roman Empress x 16

Jeanne Albret III Queen Navarre 1528-1572 x 6

Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland x 58

Jane "Nine Days Queen" Grey I Queen England and Ireland x 84

King Edward VI of England and Ireland x 66

Louis VI Elector Palatine 1539-1583 x 2

Mary Queen of Scots x 46

Francis II King France King Consort Scotland x 9

Elizabeth Valois Queen Consort Spain x 9

Anna of Austria Queen Consort Spain x 33

Charles IX King France x 9

Henry III King France x 9

Rudolf II Holy Roman Emperor 1552-1612 x 33

Louise Lorraine Queen Consort France 1553-1601 x 7

Margaret Valois Queen Consort France 1553-1615 x 9

Henry IV King France x 16

Sebastian King Portugal 1554-1578 x 32

Elisabeth of Austria Queen Consort France 1554-1592 x 33

Matthias I Holy Roman Emperor x 33

King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland x 94

Ferdinand King Asturias 1571-1578 x 49

Maximilian "The Great" Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria I Elector Bavaria x 36

Frederick IV Elector Palatine 1574-1610 x 2

Maria Anna Wittelsbach Holy Roman Empress 1574-1616 x 36

Marie de Medici Queen Consort France x 17

Diego King Asturias 1575-1582 x 49

Electress Louise Juliana of the Palatine Rhine 1576-1644 x 1

Philip III King Spain x 49

Ferdinand of Spain II Holy Roman Emperor 1578-1637 x 38

Margaret of Austria Queen Consort Spain 1584-1611 x 38

Anna of Austria Holy Roman Empress 1585-1618 x 34

Princess Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia x 94

Frederick Palatinate Simmern V Elector Palatine Rhine x 3

King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland x 94

Anne of Austria Spain Queen Consort France x 87

Louis XIII King France x 33

Elisabeth Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1602-1644 x 33

John IV King Portugal x 8

Philip IV King Spain x 87

Maria Anna of Spain Holy Roman Empress x 87

Ferdinand King Bohemia III Holy Roman Emperor x 74

Henrietta Maria Bourbon Queen Consort England x 33

Frederick William "Great Elector" Hohenzollern Elector Brandenburg x 3

Eleonora Gonzaga Queen Consort Bohemia 1630-1686 x 76

King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland x 127

Maria Leopoldine Habsburg Spain Queen Consort Bohemia 1632-1649 x 38

Ferdinand King Bohemia IV King Romans 1633-1654 x 161

King James II of England Scotland and Ireland x 127

Mariana of Austria Queen Consort Spain x 161

Louis "Sun King" XIV King France x 120

Maria Theresa of Spain Queen Consort France x 120

Catherine of Braganza Queen Consort England x 8

Leopold Habsburg Spain I Holy Roman Emperor x 161

Marie Françoise Élisabeth of Savoy Queen Consort of Portugal 1646-1683 x 34

Peter II King Portugal x 8

Charlotte Amalie Hesse-Kassel Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1650-1714 x 3

King William III of England, Scotland and Ireland x 127

Charles Palatinate Simmern II Elector Palatine Rhine 1651-1685 x 97

Margaret Theresa Habsburg Holy Roman Empress x 248

Frederick I King Prussia x 3

King George I of Great Britain and Ireland x 97

Charles "Bewitched" II King Spain x 248

Marie Louise Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1662-1689 x 247

Mary Stewart II Queen England Scotland and Ireland x 127

Maximilian Wittelsbach II Elector Bavaria 1662-1726 x 110

Queen Anne of England Scotland and Ireland x 127

Victor Amadeus King Sardinia x 109

Maria Anna Neuburg Queen Consort Spain 1667-1740 x 22

Sophia Charlotte Hanover Queen Consort Prussia 1668-1705 x 97

Anne Marie Bourbon Queen Consort Sardinia 1669-1728 x 247

Frederick IV King Denmark and Norway x 3

Frederick I King Sweden 1676-1751 x 6

Joseph I Holy Roman Emperor 1678-1711 x 183

Louis Bourbon Duke Burgundy 1682-1712 x 350

King George II of Great Britain and Ireland x 97

Philippe V King Spain x 350

Charles Habsburg Spain VI Holy Roman Emperor 1685-1740 x 183

Sophia Dorothea Hanover Queen Consort Prussia 1687-1757 x 97

Frederick William "Soldier King" I King Prussia 1688-1740 x 100

John V King Portugal 1689-1750 x 8

Christian VI King Denmark and Norway 1699-1746 x 3

Charles Emmanuel III King Sardinia x 356

Louis I King Spain 1707-1724 x 706

Francis I Holy Roman Emperor 1708-1765 x 24

Louise Élisabeth Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1709-1742 x 337

Louis XV King France x 706

Elisabeth Therese Lorraine Queen Consort Sardinia 1711-1741 x 241

Barbara Queen Consort Spain 1711-1758 x 8

Frederick "The Great" I King Prussia 1712-1786 x 197

Ferdinand VI King Spain 1713-1759 x 706

Joseph I King Portugal 1714-1777 x 8

Charles III King Spain 1716-1788 x 350

Maria Theresa Habsburg Spain Holy Roman Empress 1717-1780 x 183

Frederick V King Denmark and Norway 1723-1766 x 3

Louise Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1724-1751 x 97

Victor Amadeus III King Sardinia 1726-1796 x 356

President George Washington x 15

King George III of Great Britain and Ireland x 119

William Elector of Hesse x 103

Frederick William II King Prussia 1744-1797 x 197

Gustav III King Sweden x 197

Queen Sophia of Sweden 1746-1813 x 100

Electress Wilhelmina Caroline Oldenburg x 100

Charles XIII King Sweden 1748-1818 x 197

Charles IV King Spain x 350

Christian VII King Denmark and Norway 1749-1808 x 100

Caroline Matilda Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1751-1775 x 119

Louis XVI King France x 986

Louis XVIII King France 1755-1824 x 986

King Charles X of France 1757-1836 x 986

King George IV of Great Britain and Ireland x 119

King William IV of the United Kingdom x 119

Marie Sophie Hesse-Kassel Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1767-1852 x 203

Frederick VI King Denmark and Norway 1768-1839 x 219

Francis Lorraine II Holy Roman Emperor 1768- x 207

Caroline of Brunswick Queen Consort England x 119

Frederick William II King Prussia 1770-1840 x 197

Ernest Augustus King Hanover x 119

King Louis Philippe I of France x 337

Ferdinand VII King Spain x 1406

Louis XVII King France 1785-1795 x 1193

King Christian I of Norway and VIII of Denmark x 47

Frederick William IV King Prussia 1795-1861 x 197

Caroline Amalie Oldenburg Queen Norway 1796-1881 x 219

William I King Prussia 1797-1888 x 197

Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies Queen Consort Spain 1806-1878 x 2243

Frederick VII King Denmark 1808-1863 x 113

Queen Louise Hesse-Kassel of Denmark 1817-1898 x 150

King Christian IX of Denmark 1818-1906 x 203

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom x 163

George V King Hanover 1819-1878 x 119

Isabella II Queen Spain x 3649

Frederick III King Prussia x 197

x 422

Victoria Empress Germany Queen Consort Prussia x 295

King Edward VII of the United Kingdom x 295

Frederick VIII King Denmark 1843-1912 x 353

Alexandra Glücksburg Queen Consort England x 353

George I King Greece 1845-1913 x 353

Alfonso XII King Spain x 5055

Gustav V King Sweden 1858-1950 x 422

Maria Christina of Austria Queen Consort Spain 1858-1929 x 557

Wilhelm Hohenzollern x 492

Maria de las Mercedes Unknown Queen Consort Spain 1860-1878 x 1743

George V King United Kingdom x 648

Victoria Mary Teck Queen Consort England x 325

Frederick Charles I King Finland 1868-1940 x 150

Constantine I King Greece x 750

Maud Windsor Queen Consort Norway x 648

Christian X King Denmark 1870-1947 x 353

Haakon VII King Norway x 353

Alexandrine Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Denmark 1879-1952 x 463

Gustaf Adolph VI King Sweden 1882-1973 x 422

Alfonso XIII King Spain 1886-1941 x 5612

Victoria Eugénie Mountbatten Queen Consort Spain 1887-1969 x 295

Louise Mountbatten Queen Consort Sweden x 295

George II King Hellenes x 1242

Alexander I King Greece 1893-1920 x 1242

King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom x 973

King George VI of the United Kingdom x 973

Paul I King Greece 1901-1964 x 1242

Olav Glücksburg V King Norway 1903-1991 x 1001

Ingrid Bernadotte Queen Consort Denmark 1910-2000 x 914

Philip Mountbatten Duke Edinburgh x 1045

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom x 5669

Sophia Glücksburg Queen Consort Spain 1938- x 2425

Juan Carlos I King Spain 1938- x 5907

Constantine II King Hellenes 1940- x 2425

Carl XVI King Sweden 1946- x 1631

King Charles III x 6714

Diana Spencer Princess Wales 1961-1997 x 16475

Catherine Middleton Princess of Wales x 48

William Windsor Prince of Wales 1982- x 23189