Chronicle of Gregory 1461-1469

Chronicle of Gregory 1461-1469 is in Chronicle of Gregory.

1462 Vere Plot to Murder Edward IV

1464 Suppressing the Lancastrian Northern Resistance

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26 Feb 1462. And thys same yere the Erle of Oxforde (age 53), the Lord Abbry, the Lorde of Oxforde ys sone (deceased), Syr Thomas Todenham (deceased) knyght, John Mongomery, and William Terelle (deceased) squyer, were takyn in Esex, and brought unto Lundon to the Towre [Map]. Ande thenne they were ledde to Westemyster to the Kynges palys, and there they were attaynte of hyghe and myghthy treson that they ymagenyd agayne þe Kynge. And thenn they were drawe to the Towre from Westemyster. And at the Towre hylle was made a schaffolde for them, and there hyr heddys were smetyn on, and hyr bodys beryd, as hyt plesyd them to be qwethe hyr bodys. See Vere Plot to Murder Edward IV.

Jul 1462. Thys yere Quene Margarete (age 32) com owt of Frauns with lij [52] schyppys, with Freynysche men and sum Engelysche men in the schyppys. And they londyd in Northe Humberlonde, hyt was vij dayes be-fore Alle Halwyn tyde. And there sche toke the castelle of Anwyke [Map] and put hyt fulle of Fraynyschemen. And thenn she retornyd in to Schotlonde by water. And there rosse suche a tempaste uppon hyr that she for soke hyr schippe, and a schapyd with the bote of þe schyppe. And the schyppe was drownyd with moche of hyr stuffe and iij [3] grete schippys moo. And iiij c and vj [406] Fraynysche men were take in the chyrche of Hooly Ylond [Map]. Thenn Kyng Edward (age 20) hyrde telle of thys, and made hym redy towarde the Northe with many lordys, gentellys, and comyns with hym. And there he layde a sege to Anwyke Castelle [Map], and to the castelle of Bamborowe [Map], and to Dunsterborowe [Map]. Bamborowe [Map] and Dunsterborowe [Map] was kepte by Syr Raffe Persy (age 37) and Syr Harry Bewforde (age 26), late Duke of Somersett, and the castelle of Anwyke [Map] with the Lorde Hungerforde (age 31). And Bamborowe [Map] and Dunsterborowe [Map] were yoldyn be Syr Raffe Percy (age 37) and Syr Harry Beuford (age 26), late Duke of Somersett, to the Kyngys wylle, whythe the condyscyons that the sayde Raffe Percy (age 37) schulde have the kepynge of the ij castellys, Bamborowe [Map] and Dunstarborowe [Map]. The sayde Syr Raffe Percy (age 37) and Syr Harry Beuforde (age 26), late Duke of Somersett, were sworne to be trewe and faythefulle as trewe lege men unto owre kynge and soverayne lorde Edwarde the iiijthe (age 20). And they com to Derham [Map], and there they were sworne byfore owre kynge. And the kynge gaffe hem hys levery and grete rewardys. See 1464 Suppressing the Lancastrian Northern Resistance.

Jul 1462. Ande thenn the for sayde Raffe Percys (age 37) retornyde a-gayne in to Northehumberlond, and hadde the kepynge of the sayde ij [2] castellys accordynge unto the poyntment. And the sayde Syr Harry Beuforde (age 26) a-bode stylle whithe the kynge, and roode with hym to Lundon. And the Kynge made fulle moche of hym; in soo moche that he loggyd whythe the kynge in hys owne bedde many nyghtys, and sum tyme rode a huntynge be hynde the kynge, the kynge havynge a boute hym not passynge vj [6] hors at the moste, and yet iij [3] were of the Dukys men of Somersett. The kyng lovyd hym welle, but the duke thought treson undyr fayre chere and wordys, as hyt apperyd. And for a grete love the kyng made a grete justys at Westemyster, that he shuld se sum maner sporte of chevalry aftyr hys grete labur and hevynys. And with grete instans the kynge made hym to take harnys uppon hym, and rode in the place, but he wolde nevyr cope whithe no man and no man myght not cope whythe hym, tylle the kynge prayd hym to be mery and sende hym a tokyn, and thenn he ranne fulle justely and merely, and hys helme was a sory hatte of strawe. And thenn every man markyd hym welle.

Dec 1462. But within schorte tyme aftyr the sayde Syr Raffe Percy (age 37) by fals colysyon and treson he lete the Fraynysche men take the castelle of Bamborowe [Map] fro hym nolens volo [Note. voluntarily]. As for the castelle of Anwyke [Map] alle the men of werre that were of worschip brake owte of the castelle by fors and warre and rescuyd Syr Perys de Brasylle (age 52) on xij day by [v] the morne, and they that were with yn the castelle gaffe hit uppe by a-poyntement, &c.

Dec 1462. And then Kyng Edward (age 20) made Syr John Ascheley, the knyght that fought so manly in Smethefylde with an alyon that calengyd, he was made captayne of the castelle, and Syr Raffe Gray (age 30) constabylle of the sayde castelle of Anwycke [Map]. And withyn iij or iiij monythys aftyr that fals knyght and traytoure, Syr Raffe Graye (age 30), by fals treson toke the sayde Syr John Ascheley presoner, and delyveryd hym to Quene Margarete (age 32), and thenn delyveryde the castelle to the Lorde Hungerforde (age 31) and unto the Fraynysche men accompanyd whythe hym; and by thys mene he put the kyng owre soverayne lorde owte of possessyon. And thenne aftyr that come Kyng Harry that was, and the Quene to the Kynge of Schottys, Syr Perys de Brasylle (age 52), with iiijxx M1 Schottys, and layde a sege unto the castelle of Norham [Map], and lay there xviij [8] dayes.

1462. And thenn my Lorde of Warwycke (age 33) and hys brother the Lorde Montegewe (age 31) put them in devyr to rescewe [t]e sayde castelle of Norham, and soo they dyd, and put bothe Kynge Harry and the Kyng of Schotys (age 10) to flyghte. And Quene Margarete whythe alle hir consayle, and Syr Perys de Brasey (age 52) whythe the Fraynysche men, fledde a-wey by water with iiij balynggarys; and they londyd at the Scluse [Map] in Flaundyrs, and lefte Kyng Harry that was be hynde hem, and alle hyr hors and hyr harneys, they were so hastyd by my Lorde of Warwycke, and hys brother the Lorde Mountegewe, and by hyr feleschippe with them accompanyde. And at the departynge of Syr Perys de Brasyl and hys feleschippe was on manly man that purposyd to mete with my Lorde of Warwycke, that was a taberette, for he stode a-pon an hylle with hys tabyr and hys pype, taberyng and pyping as merely as any man myght, stondyng by hym selfe, tylle my lorde come unto hym he wold not lesse hys grownd; and there he be-come my lordys man; ande yet he ys with hym fulle good and to hys lorde.

1462. Thenn the Kynge Edwarde the iiij (age 19) purposyd to make an arme into Schotlonde by londe and by water, that the grete rebellyous Harry ande the Quene Margarete shulde not passe a way by water. And the kyng made the Erle of Worseter (age 34) captayne by water. And thenn there was ordaynyd a grete navy and a grete armye bothe by watyr and by lond. And alle was loste and in vayne, and cam too noo purposse, neyther by water ne by londe.

1462. Alle so the kynge (age 19) sone aftyr dysposyd hym, and was purposyd to ryde into Yorke schyre and to the contray a boute, to see and understonde the dysposyscyon of the pepylle of the Northe. And toke with hym the Duke of Somersett (age 25), and ij C of hys men welle horsyd and welle i-harnaysyd. Ande the sayde Duke, Harry of Somersett, ande his men were made the Kyngys garde, for the Kyng hadde that duke in moche favyr and trustyd hym welle. But [t]e garde of hym was as men shulde put a lombe a monge wolvysse of malyscyus bestys; but Alle myghty God was the scheparde. And whenn the kynge departyd from London he toke hys way to Northehampton [Map], and thedyr the kynge com a Syn Jamys day the Apostylle, ande that fals duke with hym. And the comyns of the towne of Northehampton [Map] and of the schyre a-boute sawe that the fals duke and traytoure was so nyghe the Kyngys presens and was made hys garde. The comyns a rosse uppon that fals traytur thee Duke of Somersett, and wolde have slayne hym with yn the kyngys palys. And thenn the kynge with fayre speche and grete defeculte savyde hys lyffe for that tyme, and that was pytte, for the savynge of hys lyffe at that tyme causyd mony mannys dethys son aftyr, as ye shalle heyre. And then the Duke sende that fals Duke of Somersett in to a castelle of hys owne fulle secretly, for save garde of hys the dukys lyffe, and the dukys men unto Newe Castelle [Map], to kepe the towne, and gave hem goode wages fulle treuly payde. And the Kyng fulle lovyngly gave the comyns of Northehampton [Map] a tonne of wyne that they shulde drynke and make mery. And [t]e wyne was drunkyn merely in the market place, for they hadde many fayre pecys of sylvyr. I darsay ther ys no taverne that hathe not so moche of stuffe as they occupyde in hys hyr tavernys. For sum fette wyne in basynnys, and sum in caudryns, and sum in bollys, and sum in pannys and sum in dyschys. Loo, the grete tresoure that they scheuyd that tyme.

1463. Mayor of London: Matthew Philip. Sheriffs: Muschampe, Basset.

Early Medieval Books, Chronicle of Gregory 1461-1469, Chronicle of Gregory 1463

21 Jun 1463. Thys yere, a-bute Mydsomyr, a the ryalle feste of the Sargantys of the Coyfe, the Mayre of London was desyryde to be at that feste. And at denyr tyme he come to the feste with his offecers, a-greyng and a-cordyng unto hys degre. For with yn London he ys next unto the kyng in alle maner thynge. And in tyme of waschynge the Erle of Worseter (age 36) was take be-fore the mayre and sette downe in the myddys of the hy tabylle. And the mayre seynge that hys place was occupyd hylde hym contente, and went home a gayne with owt mete or drynke or any thonke, but rewarde hym he dyd as hys dygnyte requyryd of the cytte. And toke with hym the substance of hys bretheryn the aldyrmen to his place, and were sette and servyd also sone as any man couthe devyse, bothe of sygnet and of othyr delycatys i-nowe, that alle the howse mervelyd howe welle alle tynge was done in soo schorte a tyme, and prayde alle men to be mery and gladde, hit shulde be a mendyd a nothyr tyme.

Thenn the offesers of the feste, fulle evylle a schamyd, informyd the maysters of the feste of thys mysse happe that ys be-falle. And they consyderynge the grete dygnyte and costys and charge that longgyd unto the cytte, and a-non sende unto the mayre a present of mete, brede, wyne, and many dyvers sotelteys. But whenn they that come with the presentys say alle the gyftys, and the sarvyse that was at the borde, he was fulle sore a schamyd that shulde doo þe massage, for the present was not better thenn the servyse of metys was by fore the mayre, and thoroughe owte the hyghe tabylle. But hys demenynge was soo that he hadde love and thonke for hys massage, and a grette rewarde with alle. And thys the worschippe of the cytte was kepte, and not loste for hym. And I truste that nevyr hyt shalle, by the grace of God.

Dec 1463. Ande thys same yere a-boute Crystysmas that fals Duke of Somersett (age 27), with owte any leve of the kyng, stale owte of Walys [Map] with a prevy mayny towarde the Newecastelle [Map], for he and hys men were confeteryde for to have be-trayde the sayde Newecastelle [Map]. And in [t]ewey thedyrwarde he was aspyde, and lyke to have ben takyn be syde Dereham in hys bedde. Notwithstondynge he a schapyde a-way in hys schyrt and barefote, and ij of hys men were take. And they toke with hem that fals dukys caskette and hys harneys. And whenn that hys men knewe that he was aschapyd, and hys fals treson aspyde, hys men stale from the Newecastelle [Map] as very fals traytourys, and sum of hem were take and loste hyr heddys for hyr labur, &c.

Dec 1463. Ande thenn the kynge, owre soverayne lorde Edward the iiij, hadde knowleche of hys fals dysposyscyon of thys fals Duke Harry of Somersett (age 27). The kynge sende a grete feleschippe of hys housolde men to kepe the towne of Newecastelle [Map], and made the Lorde Scrope of Bolton (age 26) captayne of the towne; and soo they kepte hyt surely alle that wyntyr. Ande a-boute Ester nexte aftyr the Schottys sewyd unto oure soverayne lorde the kynge for pes. And the kynge ordaynyde Commyssourys to mete whythe [t]e Schottys. The names of the Commyssyonourys be wretyn here aftyr folowyng: The Chaunceler of Ingelond (age 31), the Lorde Montegewe (age 32), the Erle of Warwycke (age 35), and many othyr for the Englysche partye, to brynge hyt to a conclusyon.