Wriothesley's Chronicle 1520-1529

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1520-1529 is in Wriothesley's Chronicle.

1521 Trial and Execution of the Duke of Buckingham

1522 Henry VIII Meeting with Charles V Holy Roman Emperor

1525 Battle of Pavia

Trial and Execution of the Duke of Buckingham

17 May 1521. This yeare, on Fridaye before Whitsonday, beinge the 17 day of Maye, Edward Duke of Buckingham (age 43)a was beheaded at Tower Hill [Map].

Note a. Edward Stafford (age 43), Duke of Buckingham, was restored in 1486 by Henry VII. to his honours and estates. He commanded the select guard of Henry VIII (age 29) in the battle of the Spurs, 1613, but his observation, that the "Field of the Cloth of Gold" entailed ruin on the English nobles, so irritated the King that he determined on his ruin. It is also asserted that the King was jealons of his descent from Thomas of Woodstock and Edward III.

Henry VIII Meeting with Charles V Holy Roman Emperor

05 Jun 1522. This yeare th' Emperoure Charles (age 22)b came into England, and was receaved into the cittie of London the Thursdaye before Whit Sundayc at afternoone, the Kinge and he ridinge both together in one liverey; and there were diverse pagents made in divers places of the Cittie; and all the freers, priestes, and clerkes, standinge in copes, with crosses, sensures, and candlesticks, from the bridge foote to the crosse in Cheepe; and all the craftes, with the Majord and Aldermen, standinge in their liveries; and the King, with all the nobles of the realme, brought him to his pallace at Bridewell [Map],e where he continued three dayes, and after went to Greenewichf where was great justs, banquetts, with other goodlye pastymes. And, after, the King conveyed him to the sea side to passe into Spayneg which was his intent

Note b. This was the second visit of the Emperor Charles V (age 22) to England.

Note c. This woold be June 6, but Holinshed and Stow both say June 6, being Friday.

Note d. Sir John Milborne.

Note e. The Emperor was lodged at the Black Fryars, and all his nobles in the new builded house of Bridewell [Map].— Stow, p. 616.

Note f. This should probably be Windsor, as the Emperor's entertainment at Greenwich was previous to his reception in London.

Note g. He embarked at Southampton [Map] in his great fleet, and in ten days arrived in Spain.

1524. This yeare there were three persons, viz. Charles, sometyme master of the Kinges henchmen, and one Pickeringe, sometyme of the King's bakehowse, and one Thomas, a servinge man, latelie come from the Rhodesa which were drawne to Tiburne [Map], and there hanged, their bowells brent afore them, and after quartered, their heades sett on London bridge, and their quarters hanged at divers gates of the Cittie, which persons made an insurrection in Coventree [Map].b

Note a. The Isle of Rhodes, which was this year taken by the Turks.

Note b. The account of this conspiracy is more circumstantially related in Hall's Chronicle, ed. 1809, p. 673.

Battle of Pavia

09 Mar 1525. This yeare, the 9th day of Marche,c tidinges were brought to the Kinge (age 33) that Francis (age 30), the French King, was taken prisoner before the cittie Pavie, in Italie, by the Duke of Burbon (age 35), capteyn of the Emperoures (age 25) hoste,d and 14,000 French men slayne at the same feild.

And the Archbishop of Yorke (age 52), cardinall and legatt de latere, songe masse the same tyme in Paules churche [Map], in his "pontificalibus,"e and 11 bishopps and abbotts, with their miters, beinge present, the Duke of Northfolke (age 52) and the Duke of Suffolke (age 41), with all the nobles of the realme. And the saide Cardinall (age 52) grawnted the same to all manner of persons, beinge within the precinct of the churche in the tyme of the masse, plenary remission of their synnes, à pœná et culpá; and, after masse, Te Deum was sunge for the sayde victorie,a the Major,b Aldermen, with the head craftes of the cittie standinge in the bodie of the churche in theyr liveries; and that night great fiers were made in divers places of the cittie, with vessells of wyne at everie fier for the people to drincke.

Note c. Francis I was made prisoner on the 24th February.

Note d. Charles Duke of Bourbon (age 35), Constable of France, being persecuted by Francis I for refusing to marry Louisa of Savoy (age 48), the French King's (age 30) mother, sought the protection of the Emperor Charles V (age 25) by whom he was appointed his lieutenant in Italy.

Note e. After Wolsey (age 52) had been invested by Pope Leo X with the sole legatine power in England, he was wont to say mass on state occasions after the manner of the Pope himself.

Note a. The victory gained by the Imperialists over the French before Pavia so changed the aspect of affairs on the continent that Henry at first entertained a project forinvading France, and asserting his claim to that crown.

Note b. Sir John Allen.

Nov 1526. This yeare, in November, the Kinge enhaunsed his coyne,c that is to saye, the riall at 11s 3d, the angell 7s 6d, the halfe riall and halfe angell after the rate; allso he made a new coyne which was a George noble at 6s 8d and a crowne of the duble rose at 5', and valued an ownce sylver fyne sterlinge at 3s 8d; and allso made new grotes and halfe grotts after the rate.

Note c. By reason of the good weight and low valuation of the English coin, merchants daily carried orer great store, because the same was much enhanced there; so that to meet with this inconvenience, as it was said, proclamation was made in the month of September, the sixth day, throughout England, that the angel should go for 7s 4d, the royal for 11s, and the crown for 4s, 4d. And, on the 5th of November following, again by proclamation, the angel was enhanced to 7s 6d, and so every ounce of gold should be 46s, and an ounce of silyer at 3s 9d. in value. — Stow, p. 526.

Aug 1529. This yeare, in August 1529, Thomas Wolsey (age 56), legatt de latere, Cardinall and Archbishopp of Yorke, was takend at Yorke Place [Map] in Westminstre, and all his goodes were seased into the Kinges handese and he deprived from the Chauncellorshipp of Englande, for certayne articles of treasona alledged [to hare been committed]b by him againste the Kinge and the realme.

Note d. Wolsey was ordered to quit his palace of York Place [Map], and retire to his house at Esher.

Note e. Wolsey's personal estate was yalued at half a million of crowns; this immense sum he transferred by deed to the King, "his gracious master," only praying to be allowed to retain his rank and property in the Church.

Note a. He was conricted of transgressing the atatnte of præsmunire by exercising the powers of legate.

Note b. These words hare evidently been aocidently omitted in MS.

Oct 1529. And this yeare, in October 1529, Sir Thomas More (age 51), Chauncellor of the Dutchie, was made Chauncellor of Englande, and sworne in the Chauncerie the first day of Michaellmasse terme; the Duke of Northfolke (age 56) and the Duke of Suffolke (age 45) leadinge him thorowe Westminster Hall up into the Chauncerie.