Biography of Titian 1488-1576

Titian 1488-1576 is in Painters.

Around 1488 Titian was born.

1520 to 1523. Titian (age 32). "Bacchus and Ariadne".

Around 1529. Titian (age 41). Portrait of Federico Gonzaga II Duke Mantua (age 28).

Federico Gonzaga II Duke Mantua: Federico Gonzaga II Duke Mantua and Margaret Palaeologina Duchess Mantua were married. She by marriage Duchess Mantua. On 17 May 1500 he was born to Francesco Gonzaga and Isabella Este. On 25 Mar 1530 Federico Gonzaga II Duke Mantua succeeded II Duke Mantua. On 28 Aug 1540 Federico Gonzaga II Duke Mantua died. His son Francesco Gonzaga III Duke Mantua succeeded III Duke Mantua.

Around 1546. Titian (age 58). Portrait of Pope Paul III (age 77) and his grandsons.

1548. Titian (age 60). Equestrian Portrait of Charles V Holy Roman Emperor (age 47).

1548. Titian (age 60). Portrait of Isabel Aviz Queen Consort Spain.

Isabel Aviz Queen Consort Spain: On 24 Oct 1503 she was born to Manuel "Fortunate" I King Portugal and Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal. Coefficient of inbreeding 8.38%. On 10 Mar 1526 Charles V Holy Roman Emperor and she were married. She the daughter of Manuel "Fortunate" I King Portugal and Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal. He the son of Philip "Handsome Fair" King Castile and Joanna "The Mad" Trastámara Queen Castile. They were first cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Edward III of England. On 01 May 1539 Isabel Aviz Queen Consort Spain died.

Before 1549. Titian (age 60). Portrait of Pope Paul III (age 80).

Around 1550. Titian (age 62). Portrait of Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain (age 22).

Around 1554. Titian (age 66). Portrait of Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain (age 26).

On 27 Aug 1576 Titian (age 88) died.

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Oct 1641. Being the morning I came away, I went to see the Prince's Court, an ancient, confused building, not much unlike the Hofft, at the Hague: there is here likewise a very large Hall, where they vend all sorts of wares. Through this we passed by the chapel, which is indeed rarely arched, and in the middle of it was the hearse, or catafalco, of the late Archduchess, the wise and pious Clara Eugenia. Out of this we were conducted to the lodgings, tapestried with incomparable arras, and adorned with many excellent pieces of Rubens, old and young Breugel, Titian, and Stenwick, with stories of most of the late actions in the Netherlands.

Evelyn's Diary. 15 Feb 1649. At Du Bois, we saw two tables of Putti, that were gotten, I know not how, out of the Castle of St. Angelo, by old Petit, thought to be Titian's; he had some good heads of Palma, and one of Stenwyck. Bellcar showed us an excellent copy of his Majesty's Sleeping Venus and the Satyr, with other figures; for now they had plundered, sold, and dispersed a world of rare paintings of the King's, and his loyal subjects. After all, Sir William Ducy showed me some excellent things in miniature, and in oil of Holbein's; Sir Thomas More's head, and a whole-length figure of Edward VI., which were certainly his Majesty's; also a picture of Queen Elizabeth; the Lady Isabella Thynne (age 25); a rare painting of Rothenhamer, being a Susanna; and a Magdalen, of Quintin, the blacksmith; also a Henry VIII., of Holbein; and Francis I., rare indeed, but of whose hand I know not.

Evelyn's Diary. 15 Feb 1649. The painter, La Neve has an Andromeda, but I think it a copy after Vandyke from Titian, for the original is in France. Webb, at the Exchange, has some rare things in miniature, of Breughel's, also Putti, in twelve squares, that were plundered from Sir James Palmer (age 64).

Evelyn's Diary. 06 Aug 1650. To Mr. Walker's (age 51), a good painter, who showed me an excellent copy of Titian.

Evelyn's Diary. 09 Jun 1658. I went to see the Earl of Northumberland's (age 55) pictures, whereof that of the Venetian Senators was one of the best of Titian's and another of Andrea del Sarto, viz, a Madonna, Christ, St. John, and an Old Woman; a St. Catherine of Da Vinci, with divers portraits of Vandyck; a Nativity of Georgioni; the last of our blessed Kings (Charles I.), and the Duke of York, by Lely (age 39), a Rosary by the famous Jesuits of Brussels, and several more. This was in Suffolk House, Suffolk Street: the new front toward the gardens is tolerable, were it not drowned by a too massy and clumsy pair of stairs of stone, without any neat invention.

Evelyn's Diary. 01 Nov 1660. I went with some of my relations to Court, to show them his Majesty's (age 30) cabinet and closet of rarities; the rare miniatures of Peter Oliver, after Raphael, Titian, and other masters, which I infinitely esteem; also, that large piece of the Duchess of Lennox (age 13), done in enamel, by Petitot, and a vast number of agates, onyxes, and intaglios, especially a medallion of Cæsar, as broad as my hand; likewise, rare cabinets of pietra-commessa, a landscape of needlework, formerly presented by the Dutch to King Charles I. Here I saw a vast book of maps, in a volume near four yards large; a curious ship model; and, among the clocks, one that showed the rising and setting of the sun in the zodiac; the sun represented by a face and rays of gold, upon an azure sky, observing the diurnal and annual motion, rising and setting behind a landscape of hills,-the work of our famous Fromantil,-and several other rarities.

Evelyn's Diary. 06 Dec 1660. I waited on my brother (age 43) and sister Evelyn to Court. Now were presented to his Majesty (age 30) those two rare pieces of drollery, or rather a Dutch Kitchen, painted by Dowe, so finely as hardly to be distinguished from enamel. I was also shown divers rich jewels and crystal vases; the rare head of Jo. Bellino, Titian's master; Christ in the Garden, by Hannibal Caracci; two incomparable heads, by Holbein; the Queen-Mother (age 51) in a miniature, almost as big as the life; an exquisite piece of carving; two unicorn's horns, etc. This in the closet.

Evelyn's Diary. 15 Jan 1679. I went with my Lady Sunderland (age 33) to Chelsea, and dined with the Countess of Bristol (age 59) [her mother] in the great house, formerly the Duke of Buckingham's, a spacious and excellent place for the extent of ground and situation in a good air. The house is large but ill-contrived, though my Lord of Bristol, who purchased it after he sold Wimbledon to my Lord Treasurer (age 46), expended much money on it. There were divers pictures of Titian and Vandyke, and some of Bassano, very excellent, especially an Adonis and Venus, a Duke of Venice, a butcher in his shambles selling meat to a Swiss; and of Vandyke, my Lord of Bristol's picture, with the Earl of Bedford's at length, in the same table. There was in the garden a rare collection of orange trees, of which she was pleased to bestow some upon me.

Evelyn's Diary. 02 Sep 1680. There are besides many pompous volumes, some embossed with gold, and intaglios on agates, medals, etc. I spent three or four entire days, locked up, and alone, among these books and curiosities. In the rest of the private lodgings contiguous to this, are divers of the best pictures of the great masters, Raphael, Titian, etc., and in my esteem, above all, the "Noli me tangere" of our blessed Savior to Mary Magdalen after his Resurrection, of Hans Holbein; than which I never saw so much reverence and kind of heavenly astonishment expressed in a picture.

Evelyn's Diary. 27 Jan 1685. I din'd at Lord Sunderland's (age 43), being invited to heare that celebrated voice of Mr. Pordage, newly come from Rome; his singing was after the Venetian recitative, as masterly as could be, and with an excellent voice both treble and basse; Dr. Walgrave accompanied it with his theorba lute, on which he perform'd beyond imagination, and is doubtlesse orie of the greatest masters in Europe on that charming in strument. Pordage is a priest, as Mr. Bernard Howard (age 44) told me in private. There was in the roome where we din'd, and in his bed-chamber, those incomparable pieces of Columbus, a Flagellation, the Grammar-schoole, the Venus and Adonis of Titian; and of Vandyke's that picture of the late E. of Digby (father of the Countess of Sunderland (age 39)), and Earle of Bedford (age 68), Sr Kenelm Digby, and two Ladys of incomparable performance; besides that of Moses and the burning bush of Bassano, and several other pieces of ye best masters. A marble head of M. Brutus, &c.

Evelyn's Diary. 23 Apr 1696. I went to Eton [Map], and dined with Dr. Godolphin, the provost. The schoolmaster assured me there had not been for twenty years a more pregnant youth in that place than my grandson (age 14). I went to see the King's House at Kensington. It is very noble, though not great. The gallery furnished with the best pictures [from] all the houses, of Titian, Raphael, Correggio, Holbein, Julio Romano, Bassan, Vandyke, Tintoretto, and others; a great collection of porcelain; and a pretty private library. The gardens about it very delicious.