Biography of Archbishop Robert Holgate 1482-1555

In 1482 Archbishop Robert Holgate was born.

On 25 Mar 1537 Archbishop Robert Holgate (age 55) was consecrated Bishop of Llandaff.

On 16 Jan 1545 Archbishop Robert Holgate (age 63) was translated to Archbishop of York.

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1547. The 29th daie of June there was a solempne obsequie kept in Poules [Map] [for] the French Kinge Frances latelie departed, where was a sumptuous herse made, and the quire and the bodie of the church hanged with blacke and sett with schuchions of the armes of France, and tow hundreth torch bearers having new blacke gownes and hoodes with badges of the armes of France on their sholders, the Archbishop of Canterbery (age 57) begining the derige in his pontificalibus, the Archbishop of Yorke (age 65) and other 8 bishopps and suffragans being also in their pontificalibus, six erles and lordes of the Kinges Majestie being the cheife mourners, the Emperours Embassadour, and the French Kinges Embassadoure, and the Secretarie of Venice in their blacke mourning gownes being also there present at the same, the major and aldermen with tow hundred citizens in their best lyveries with their hoodes on their sholders present at the same also; and on the morrow also at the requiem masse, which the Archbishopp of Canterberie (age 57) songe in his pontificalibus, with the other bishopps in their pontificalibus also; and there preached at the said masse the Bishop of Rochester (age 70) [Note. Possibly Bishop Nicholas Ridley (age 47) who became Bishop of Rochester in 1547], who greatlie commended in his sermon the said French King departed, for setting fourth of the Bible and New Testament in the French tonge to be reade of all his subjectes; also all the parish churches in London kept a solempne obett with knill, the bells ringing, and a herse with tow great tapers, in everie parish church.

In 1550 Archbishop Robert Holgate (age 68) and Barbara Wentworth were married.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 03 Oct 1553. The iiij day of October was cared to the Towre [Map] the archebysshope of Yorke (age 71), and dyvers odur to (blank)

In 1554 Archbishop Robert Holgate (age 72), after the accession of Queen Mary I who imprisoned him, renounced his marriage claiming he had only entered it to avoid suspicion as a papist.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 16 Mar 1554. The xvj day of Marche was deprevyd the archebysshope of Yorke (age 72), and the bysshope of Lynkolne doctur Tayller, and the bysshope of Chester, the bysshope of sant Davys.

In 1555 Archbishop Robert Holgate (age 73) died.