Biography of Gerlach Flicke 1520-1558

Gerlach Flicke 1520-1558 is in Painters.

Around 1520 Gerlach Flicke was born in Osnabrück.

In 1544 Gerlach Flicke (age 24). Self-Portrait with his friend Henry Strangwish. The earliest known self-portrait in oils painted in England. The Latin inscription may be translated Such was the face of Gerlach Flicke when he was a painter in the City of London. This, he himself painted from a looking glass for his dear friends. So that they might have something to remember him after his death.

In 1544 Gerlach Flicke (age 24). Portrait of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer (age 54).

Before 1558 Gerlach Flicke (age 38). Portrait of Peter Carew (age 44).

Peter Carew: Before 1514 he was born to William Carew and Joan Courtenay in Mohun Ottery, Devon. On 27 Nov 1575 Peter Carew died at Ross, Country Waterford, Ireland. He was buried at Waterford Cathedral.

In 1558 Gerlach Flicke (age 38) died.