Biography of Daniel Gardner 1750-1805

Daniel Gardner 1750-1805 is in Painters.

In 1750 Daniel Gardner was born.

Before 1767 Daniel Gardner (age 17) was a pupil of George Romney (age 32).

In 1767 Daniel Gardner (age 17). Portrait of George Montagu Dunk 2nd Earl Halifax (age 50) in conversation with his secretaries. He wearing his Leg Garter.

In 1770 Daniel Gardner (age 20) travelled to London and became a student at the Royal Academy of Arts where he was taught by Johan Joseph Zoffany (age 36).

Around 1773. Daniel Gardner (age 23). Portrait of Angelica Kauffmann (age 31).

In 1775 Daniel Gardner (age 25). Witches Round the Cauldron. Portraits of Elizabeth Milbanke Viscountess Melbourne (age 23), Georgiana Spencer Duchess Devonshire (age 17) and Anne Seymour-Conway (age 26).

Around 1776. Daniel Gardner (age 26). Portrait of Emma Colebrooke Countess Tankerville (age 24).

Emma Colebrooke Countess Tankerville: In 1752 she was born to James Colebrooke 1st Baronet. On 07 Oct 1771 Charles Bennet 4th Earl Tankerville and she were married at Gatton, Surrey. She by marriage Countess Tankerville. He the son of Charles Bennet 3rd Earl Tankerville and Alice Astley Countess Tankerville. In 1836 Emma Colebrooke Countess Tankerville died.

Around 1780 Daniel Gardner (age 30). Portrait of Jane Maxwell Duchess Gordon (age 32) wearing a green riding habit.

1783. Daniel Gardner (age 33). Portrait of Mary Whitbread Lady Grey (age 13).

Mary Whitbread Lady Grey: In 1770 she was born to Samuel Whitbread and Mary Cornwallis. On 18 Jun 1795 George Grey 1st Baronet and she were married. Her brother Samuel had married her husband George's sister Elizabeth six years earlier. See Marriage of Two Sets of Siblings. He the son of Charles Grey 1st Earl Grey and Elizabeth Grey Countess Grey. On 29 Jul 1814 George Grey 1st Baronet was created 1st Baronet Grey of Fallodon. She by marriage Lady Grey of Fallodon. On 09 May 1858 she died at Eaton Place Pimlico.

Before 1804 Daniel Gardner (age 54). Portrait of Charlotte Augusta Hill Countess Talbot.

Before 1805 Daniel Gardner (age 55). Portrait of Charlotte Granville Lady Williams-Wynn (age 50).

Charlotte Granville Lady Williams-Wynn: Around 1754 she was born to George Granville and Elizabeth Wyndham at Llanforda, Oswestry. In Dec 1771 Watkin Williams-Wynn 4th Baronet and she were married. She by marriage Lady Williams of Gray's Inn. On 29 Sep 1830 Charlotte Granville Lady Williams-Wynn died.

On 08 Jul 1805 Daniel Gardner (age 55) died.