Biography of Dean Thomas Turner 1591-1672

In 1591 Dean Thomas Turner was born to Thomas Turner of Heckfield in Hampshire in Reading, Berkshire [Map].

On 26 Jun 1610 Dean Thomas Turner (age 19) matriculated St John's College, Oxford University.

On 06 Jun 1614 Dean Thomas Turner (age 23) graduated Bachelor of Arts.

On 09 May 1618 Dean Thomas Turner (age 27) graduated Master of Arts: Oxford University.

In 1623 Dean Thomas Turner (age 32) was presented to the vicarage of St Giles' Church, Oxford.

On 20 Jul 1624 Dean Thomas Turner (age 33) was awarded Bachelor of Divinity.

On 14 Apr 1629 Dean Thomas Turner (age 38) was collated by Archbishop William Laud (age 55) to the Prebend of Newington in St Paul's Cathedral [Map].

In May 1631 Dean Thomas Turner (age 40) obtained the rectory of St Augustine's in the Gate, but exchanged it on 10 Nov 1631 for that of Southwark.

On 01 Apr 1633 Dean Thomas Turner (age 42) was awarded Doctor of Divinity.

Before 23 Aug 1637 Dean Thomas Turner (age 46) and Margaret Windebank were married.

On 23 Aug 1637 [his son] Bishop Francis Turner was born to Dean Thomas Turner (age 46) and [his wife] Margaret Windebank.

On 03 Jan 1644 Dean Thomas Turner (age 53) was appointed Dean of Canterbury.

In Sep 1645 [his son] Thomas Turner was born to Dean Thomas Turner (age 54) and [his wife] Margaret Windebank.

On 10 May 1647 [his son] Archdeacon William Turner was born to Dean Thomas Turner (age 56) and [his wife] Margaret Windebank.

On 12 Jul 1669 Edward Hales 3rd Baronet (age 24) and [his sister-in-law] Frances Windebank (age 23) were married at St Andrew's Church, Holborn [Map].

On 08 Oct 1672 Dean Thomas Turner (age 81) died. He was buried in the Dean's Chapel Canterbury Cathedral.

Evelyn's Diary. 20 Feb 1676. Dr. Gunning (age 62), Bishop of Ely, preached before the King (age 45) from St. John xx. 21, 22, 23, chiefly against an anonymous book, called "Naked Truth", a famous and popular treatise against the corruption in the Clergy, but not sound as to its quotations, supposed to have been the Bishop of Hereford and was answered by Dr. Turner, it endeavoring to prove an equality of order of Bishop and Presbyter.

Evelyn's Diary. 17 Jun 1683. I dined at the Earl of Sunderland's (age 41) with the Earls of Bath (age 54), Castlehaven (age 66), Lords Viscount Falconberg (age 56), Falkland (age 27), Bishop of London (age 27), the Grand Master of Malta, brother to the Duke de Vendôme (a young wild spark), and Mr. Dryden (age 51), the poet. After evening prayer, I walked in the park with my Lord Clarendon, where we fell into discourse of the Bishop of Salisbury (Dr. Seth Ward), his subtlety, etc. Dr. Durell, late Dean of Windsor, being dead, Dr. Turner, one of the Duke's chaplains was made dean.