Biography of Fanny Waugh 1833-1866

On or before 28 Oct 1816 Margaret Calder was born to Joseph Calder of Burnhouse and Elizabeth Waugh. Not known whether Elizabeth Waugh was related to the two Waugh sisters Fanny Waugh and [her half-sister] Marion Edith Waugh who married [her future husband] William Holman Hunt, or their other sister [her half-sister] Alice Gertrude Waugh who married Thomas Woolner.

On 06 May 1829 [her father] George Waugh (age 28) and [her mother] Mary Walker (age 24) were married.

In 1833 Fanny Waugh was born to George Waugh (age 31) and Mary Walker (age 27).

On 06 Sep 1864 Thomas Woolner (age 38) and [her half-sister] Alice Gertrude Waugh were married. He had previously proposed to her sister Fanny Waugh (age 31).

On 28 Dec 1865 William Holman Hunt (age 38) and Fanny Waugh (age 32) were married at Christ Church Paddington. William Michael Rossetti (age 36), and her brother and sister Emily and George were witnesses. She, Fanny, would die the following year eight days short of their anniversary. He would, ten years later, marry her younger sister Marion Edith Waugh (age 18); an example of Married to Two Siblings.

1866. [her husband] William Holman Hunt (age 38). Portrait of his wife Fanny Waugh (age 33).

On 27 Oct 1866 [her son] Cyril Hunt was born to [her husband] William Holman Hunt (age 39) and Fanny Waugh (age 33). It is likely that this birth is the one that caused the death of his mother since she and William Holman-Hunt has only been married one year.

In Dec 1866 Fanny Waugh (age 33) died either from childbirth or from cholera. She was buried at the English Cemetery, Florence next to Elizabeth Barrett Browning in a tomb sculpted by her husband [her husband] William Holman Hunt (age 39).

1868. [her former husband] William Holman Hunt (age 40). "Isabella, or the Pot of Basil" from the Keats Poem "Isabella and the Pot of Basil" from the Decameron Day Four Story Five. Model Annie Miller (age 33) and/or Fanny Waugh although she, Fanny, died in 1866.

Isabella: Decameron Day Four Story Five. Summary. Lisabetta's brothers murder her lover. He appears to her in a dream and shows her where he is buried. She secretly disinters the head and places it in a pot of basil, over which she weeps for a long time every day. In the end her brothers take it away from her, and shortly thereafter she dies of grief.

1868. [her former husband] William Holman Hunt (age 40). "The Birthday". Model his future second wife [her half-sister] Marion Edith Waugh (age 21) on her twenty-first birthday (sister of his deceased first wife Fanny Waugh).

1835 Marriage Act

In Nov 1875 [her former husband] William Holman Hunt (age 48) and [her half-sister] Marion Edith Waugh (age 28) were married at Neuchâtel, Switzerland since marrying your late wife's sister was illegal in England - see 1835 Marriage Act. She his first wife's younger sister contrary to English Law; an example of Married to Two Siblings. His brother-in-law Thomas Woolner (age 49) considered the marriage immoral; they never spoke again.

On 07 Sep 1910 [her former husband] William Holman Hunt (age 83) died. He was buried at St Paul's Cathedral [Map].