Biography of John Alleyn -1544

Paternal Family Tree: Alleyn

1525 Battle of Pavia

1536 Trial of Anne and George Boleyn

John Alleyn was born to Richard Alleyn of Thaxted.

In 1518 John Alleyn was elected Sheriff of London.

In 1525 John Alleyn was elected Lord Mayor of London.

Battle of Pavia

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1520-1529. 09 Mar 1525. This yeare, the 9th day of Marche,c tidinges were brought to the Kinge (age 33) that Francis (age 30), the French King, was taken prisoner before the cittie Pavie, in Italie, by the Duke of Burbon (age 35), capteyn of the Emperoures (age 25) hoste,d and 14,000 French men slayne at the same feild.

And the Archbishop of Yorke (age 52), cardinall and legatt de latere, songe masse the same tyme in Paules churche [Map], in his "pontificalibus,"e and 11 bishopps and abbotts, with their miters, beinge present, the Duke of Northfolke (age 52) and the Duke of Suffolke (age 41), with all the nobles of the realme. And the saide Cardinall (age 52) grawnted the same to all manner of persons, beinge within the precinct of the churche in the tyme of the masse, plenary remission of their synnes, à pœná et culpá; and, after masse, Te Deum was sunge for the sayde victorie,a the Major,b Aldermen, with the head craftes of the cittie standinge in the bodie of the churche in theyr liveries; and that night great fiers were made in divers places of the cittie, with vessells of wyne at everie fier for the people to drincke.

Note c. Francis I was made prisoner on the 24th February.

Note d. Charles Duke of Bourbon (age 35), Constable of France, being persecuted by Francis I for refusing to marry Louisa of Savoy (age 48), the French King's (age 30) mother, sought the protection of the Emperor Charles V (age 25) by whom he was appointed his lieutenant in Italy.

Note e. After Wolsey (age 52) had been invested by Pope Leo X with the sole legatine power in England, he was wont to say mass on state occasions after the manner of the Pope himself.

Note a. The victory gained by the Imperialists over the French before Pavia so changed the aspect of affairs on the continent that Henry at first entertained a project forinvading France, and asserting his claim to that crown.

Note b. Sir John Allen.

Around 23 Jun 1527 [his father] Richard Alleyn of Thaxted (age 57) died.

In 1535 John Alleyn was elected Lord Mayor of London.

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1530-1539. 12 Oct 1535. Also this yeare, on Saint Edwardes Eaven,g at the election of the Major in the Yelde hall, Mr. Gostife, the Kinges serieante, brought a letter from the King to the Recorder, which letter was read openlie in the hall, declaring that the Kinges pleasure was that the Comens should elect and chuse for their Major Sir John Allen, maiocer,h being also one of the Kinges Counsell, and so he was chosen by the whole voyce of the Commons, which was donhe against his will; somme thought it was donne by the counsell of Mr. Secretarie for somme consideration, but it was said that it cost Mr. Alan above an hundred markes in giftes and rewardes to put it by, but it prevayled not.

Note g. October 12.

Note h. Mercer.

Trial of Anne and George Boleyn

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1536. 15 May 1536. After this, immediately the Lord of Rocheforde (age 33), her brother, was arreigned for treason, which was for knowinge the Queene, his sister, carnallie, moste detestable against the la we of God and nature allso, and treason to his Prince, and allso for conspiracie of the Kinges death: Whereunto he made aunswere so prudentlie and wiselie to all articles layde against him, that manreil it was to heare, and never would confesse anye thinge, but made himselfe as cleare as though he had never offended. Howbeit he was there condemned by 26 lordes and barons of treason, and then my Lord of Northfolke (age 63) gave him this judgment: That he should goo agayne to prison in the Tower [Map] from whence he came, and to be drawne from the saide Towre of London thorowe the Cittie of London to the place of execution called Tybume [Map], and there to be hanged, beinge alyve cutt downe, and then his members cutt of and his bowells taken owt of his bodie and brent [burned] before him, and then his head cutt of and his bodie to be divided in 4 peeces, and his head and bodie to be sett at suche places as the King should assigne; and after this the court brake up for that tyme. The Major of London with certeyne Aldermen were present at this arreignment of the Queene and her brother, with the wardeins and 4 persons more of 12 of the principall craftes of London.

In 1538 [his illegitimate son] John Alleyn was born illegitimately to John Alleyn.

In 1544 John Alleyn died. He was buried at a chapel which he commissioned at St Thomas of Acre Church.

[his illegitimate son] Christopher Alleyn was born illegitimately to John Alleyn.

[his illegitimate son] Christopher Alleyn and Etheldreda Paget were married.