Biography of Samuel Cooper 1609-1672

Samuel Cooper 1609-1672 is in Painters.

In 1609 Samuel Cooper was born.

Evelyn's Diary. 10 Jan 1662. Being called into his Majesty's (age 31) closet when Mr. Cooper (age 53), the rare limner, was crayoning of the King's (age 31) face and head, to make the stamps for the new milled money now contriving, I had the honor to hold the candle while it was doing, he choosing the night and candlelight for the better finding out the shadows. During this, his Majesty (age 31) discoursed with me on several things relating to painting and graving.

Pepy's Diary. 30 Mar 1668. Up betimes, and so to the office, there to do business till about to o'clock, and then out with my wife and Deb. and W. Hewer (age 26) by coach to Common-garden Coffee-house, where by appointment I was to meet Harris (age 34); which I did, and also Mr. Cooper, the great painter, and Mr. Hales (age 68): and thence presently to Mr. Cooper's house, to see some of his work, which is all in little, but so excellent as, though I must confess I do think the colouring of the flesh to be a little forced, yet the painting is so extraordinary, as I do never expect to see the like again. Here I did see Mrs. Stewart's (age 20) picture as when a young maid, and now just done before her having the smallpox: and it would make a man weep to see what she was then, and what she is like to be, by people's discourse, now. Here I saw my Lord Generall's picture, and my Lord Arlington (age 50) and Ashly's, and several others; but among the rest one Swinfen, that was Secretary to my Lord Manchester (age 66), Lord Chamberlain, with Cooling, done so admirably as I never saw any thing: but the misery was, this fellow died in debt, and never paid Cooper (age 59) for his picture; but, it being seized on by his creditors, among his other goods, after his death, Cooper (age 59) himself says that he did buy it, and give £25 out of his purse for it, for what he was to have had but £30. Being infinitely satisfied with this sight, and resolving that my wife shall be drawn by him when she comes out of the country, I away with Harris (age 34) and Hales to the Coffee-house, sending my people away, and there resolve for Hales to begin Harris's (age 34) head for me, which I will be at the cost of.

Pepy's Diary. 01 Jul 1668. Thence I set him down at the Temple [Map], and Commissioner Middleton dining the first time with me, he and I to White Hall, and so to St. James's, where we met; and much business with the Duke of York (age 34). And I find the Duke of York (age 34) very hot for regulations in the Navy; and, I believe, is put on it by W. Coventry (age 40); and I am glad of it; and particularly, he falls heavy on Chatham-yard [Map], and is vexed that Lord Anglesey (age 53) did, the other day, complain at the Council-table of disorders in the Navy, and not to him. So I to White Hall to a Committee of Tangier; and there vexed, with the importunity and clamours of Alderman Backewell (age 50), for my acquittance for money supplied by him to the garrison, before I have any order for paying it: so home, calling at several places-among others, the 'Change [Map], and on Cooper (age 59), to know when my wife shall come to sit for her picture, which will be next week, and so home and to walk with my wife, and then to supper and to bed.

Pepy's Diary. 06 Jul 1668. Thence home to dinner, and thence to Mr. Cooper's (age 59), and there met my wife and W. Hewer (age 26) and Deb.; and there my wife first sat for her picture: but he is a most admirable workman, and good company. Here comes Harris (age 34), and first told us how Betterton (age 32) is come again upon the stage: whereupon my wife and company to the [Duke's] house to see "Henry the Fifth"; while I to attend the Duke of York (age 34) at the Committee of the Navy, at the Council, where some high dispute between him and W. Coventry (age 40) about settling pensions upon all Flag-Officers, while unemployed: W. Coventry (age 40) against it, and, I think, with reason.

Pepy's Diary. 08 Jul 1668. So home to dinner; and then with my wife to Cooper's (age 59), and there saw her sit; and he do do extraordinary things indeed.

Pepy's Diary. 10 Jul 1668. So to Cooper's (age 59); and there find my wife and W. Hewer (age 26) and Deb., sitting, and painting; and here he do work finely, though I fear it will not be so like as I expected: but now I understand his great skill in musick, his playing and setting to the French lute most excellently; and speaks French, and indeed is an excellent man.

Pepy's Diary. 13 Jul 1668. Thence to Reeves's, and there saw some, and bespoke a little perspective, and was mightily pleased with seeing objects in a dark room. And so to Cooper's (age 59), and spent the afternoon with them; and it will be an excellent picture.

Pepy's Diary. 13 Jul 1668. Up, and to my office, and thence by water to White Hall to attend the Council, but did not, and so home to dinner, and so out with my wife, and Deb., and W. Hewer (age 26) towards Cooper's (age 59), but I 'light and walked to Ducke Lane [Map], and there to the bookseller's; at the Bible, whose moher je have a mind to, but elle no erat dentro, but I did there look upon and buy some books, and made way for coming again to the man, which pleases me.

Pepy's Diary. 16 Jul 1668. Thence to Cooper's (age 59), and saw his advance on my wife's picture, which will be indeed very fine. So with her to the 'Change [Map], to buy some things, and here I first bought of the sempstress next my bookseller's, where the pretty young girl is, that will be a great beauty.

Pepy's Diary. 18 Jul 1668. Thence to the office, and then with my wife to the 'Change [Map] and Unthanke's, after having been at Cooper's (age 59) and sat there for her picture, which will be a noble picture, but yet I think not so like as Hales's (age 68) is.

Pepy's Diary. 19 Jul 1668. Lord's Day. Up, and to my chamber, and there I up and down in the house spent the morning getting things ready against noon, when come Mr. Cooper (age 59), Hales (age 68), Harris (age 34), Mr. Butler, that wrote Hudibras, and Mr. Cooper's (age 59) cozen Jacke; and by and by comes Mr. Reeves and his wife, whom I never saw before: and there we dined: a good dinner, and company that pleased me mightily, being all eminent men in their way. Spent all the afternoon in talk and mirth, and in the evening parted, and then my wife and I to walk in the garden, and so home to supper, Mrs. Turner (age 45) and husband and daughter with us, and then to bed.

Pepy's Diary. 25 Jul 1668. Up, and at the Office all the morning; and at noon, after dinner, to Cooper's (age 59), it being a very rainy day, and there saw my wife's picture go on, which will be very fine indeed. And so home again to my letters, and then to supper and to bed.

Pepy's Diary. 27 Jul 1668. Thence to Cooper's (age 59), where my wife's picture almost done, and mighty fine indeed. So over the water with my wife, and Deb., and Mercer, to Spring-Garden, and there eat and walked; and observe how rude some of the young gallants of the town are become, to go into people's arbours where there are not men, and almost force the women; which troubled me, to see the confidence of the vice of the age: and so we away by water, with much pleasure home. This day my plate-maker comes with my four little plates of the four Yards, cost me £5, which troubles me, but yet do please me also.

Pepy's Diary. 10 Aug 1668. Thence to Westminster Hall [Map], and so by coach to the Old Exchange [Map], and there did several businesses, and so home to dinner, and then abroad to Duck Lane [Map], where I saw my belle femme of the book vendor, but had no opportunity para hazer con her. So away to Cooper's (age 59), where I spent all the afternoon with my wife and girl, seeing him-make an end of her picture, which he did Jo my great content, though not so great as, I confess, I expected, being not satisfied in the greatness of the resemblance, nor in the blue garment: but it is most certainly a most rare piece of work, as to the painting. He hath £30 for his work-and the chrystal, and case, and gold case comes to £8 3s. 4d.; and which I sent him this night, that I might be out of debt.

Before 05 May 1672. Samuel Cooper (age 63). Portrait of Sarah Foote Lady Lewis (age 44).

On 05 May 1672 Samuel Cooper (age 63) died.