On this Day in History ... 05 December

05 Dec is in December.

1290 Eleanor Crosses

1559 Funeral of Frances Brandon

1560 Death of Francis II King France Charles IX Succeeds

1603 Main and Bye Plots

1533 Buggery Act

1683 Indemnity and Oblivion Act

1702 Battle of Vigo Bay

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1067. This year came the king (age 39) back again to England on St. Nicholas's day; and the same day was burned the church of Christ at Canterbury [Map]. Bishop Wulfwy also died, and is buried at his see in Dorchester [Map].

On 05 Dec 1244 Joan I Countess Flanders (age 45) died. Her sister Margaret II Countess Flanders (age 42) succeeded II Countess Flanders.

On 05 Dec 1250 Bishop Aymer de Valence (age 28) died at Paris [Map].

On 04 or 05 Dec 1270 Theobald "Young" II King Navarre (age 30) died at Trapani returning from the Eighth Crusade. His brother Henry I King Navarre (age 26) succeeded I King Navarre, III Count Champagne. Blanche Capet Queen Navarre (age 22) by marriage Queen Navarre, Countess Champagne.

Eleanor Crosses

On 05 Dec 1290 Eleanor of Castile Queen Consort England (deceased) body rested at Queen's Cross Stamford.

Before 05 Dec 1291 Philip Marmion 5th Baron Marmion (age 57) died.

On 05 Dec 1355 John Brabant III Duke Brabant (age 55) died. His daughter Joanna Reginar Duchess Brabant (age 33) succeeded as Duchess Brabant.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 05 Dec 1558. The v day here Grace (age 25) removyd by water undur the bryge unto Somersett plase [Map], with trumpetes playng, and melody and joye and comfortt to all truw Englys-men and women, and to all pepulle.

PAINTINGS/SCROTS/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/MEULEN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Elizabeth_I_Hans_Eworth.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Queen_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Phoenix.jpg PAINTINGS/GOWER/George_Gower_Elizabeth_Sieve_Portrait.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Queen_Elizabeth_I_The_Ditchley_portrait_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpg

Funeral of Frances Brandon

Henry Machyn's Diary. 05 Dec 1559. The v day (of) Dessember was bered in Westmynster abbay [Map] my lade Frances (deceased) the wyff of Hare duke of Suffolke, with a gret baner of armes and viij banar-rolles, and a hersse and a viij dosen penselles, and a viij dosen skockyons, and ij haroldes of armes, master Garter (age 49) and master Clarenshux (age 49), and mony morners.Funeral of Frances Brandon

Note. P. 217. Funeral of Frances duchess of Suffolk. Daughter of Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, and Mary queen dowager of France, daughter of king Henry VII. She was first married to Henry Grey, marquess of Dorset, who was created duke of Suffolk in 1551 (see p. 10); by whom she was mother of queen Jane: and afterwards accepted the hand of Adrian Stokes (age 40) esquire, who erected her monument in Westminster abbey. Their portraits together are engraved by Vertue. Her style by our Diarist as "my lady Frances" did not arise either from ignorance or accident. The title "lady" was then equivalent to the modern title "princess;" and the duchess usually bore it, as her daughter "the lady Jane" had done, as distinctive of her being a member of the Blood Royal.—The heralds' account of her funeral is preserved in the College of Arms, I. 9, f. 153–4, and I. 14, f. 154–157.

On 05 Dec 1559 Frances Brandon Duchess of Suffolk (deceased) was buried in St Edmund's Chapel in Westminster Abbey [Map] at a ceremony conducted by Bishop John Jewel (age 37). Her daughter Catherine Grey Countess Hertford (age 19) was Chief Mourner. Mary Grey (age 14) was present. Her effigy was paid for by Adrian Stokes (age 40): recumbent effigy is dressed in the Ermine robes signifying she was a duchess with a pendant around her neck possibly designed by Cornelius Cure.

Death of Francis II King France Charles IX Succeeds

On 05 Dec 1560 Francis II King France King Consort Scotland (age 16) died. His brother Charles IX King France (age 10) succeeded IX King France: Capet Valois Angoulême. Mary Queen of Scots (age 17) no longer Queen of France she returned to Scotland arriving at Leith 19 Aug 1561 after having been in France for thirteen years.

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In 1589 John Fleming 2nd Earl Wigtown was born to John Fleming 1st Earl Wigtown (age 22) and Lilias Graham Countess Graham. He was baptised on 05 Dec 1589 at Kincardine Castle - Ludovic Stewart 2nd Duke Lennox 1st Duke Richmond (age 14) and Francis Stewart 5th Earl Bothwell (age 26) attended. Coefficient of inbreeding 3.25%.

Main and Bye Plots

On 05 Dec 1603 George Brooke (age 35) was executed for his part in the Main and Bye Plots.

1533 Buggery Act

On 05 Dec 1640 John Atherton Bishop (age 42) was hanged at St Stephen's Green, Dublin for offences against the 1533 Buggery Act a law he had pushed for in Ireland.

Evelyn's Diary. 05 Dec 1643. The Earl of Norwich (age 58) came as Ambassador extraordinary: I went to meet him in a coach and six horses, at the palace of Monsieur de Bassompière, where I saw that gallant person, his gardens, terraces, and rare prospects. My lord was waited on by the master of the ceremonies, and a very great cavalcade of men of quality, to the Palais Cardinal, where on the 23d he had audience of the French king (age 5), and the queen Regent his mother (age 42), in the golden chamber of presence. From thence, I conducted him to his lodgings in Rue St. Denis, and so took my leave.


On 05 Dec 1671 Joseph Clemens Wittelsbach Archbishop Cologne was born to Ferdinand Maria Wittelsbach (age 35) and Henriette Adelaide Savoy.

Indemnity and Oblivion Act

Evelyn's Diary. 05 Dec 1683. I was this day invited to a wedding of one Mrs. Castle, to whom I had some obligation, and it was to her fifth husband, a lieutenant-colonel of the city. She was the daughter of one Burton, a broom-man, by his wife, who sold kitchen stuff in Kent Street, whom God so blessed that the father became a very rich, and was a very honest man; he was Sheriff of Surrey, where I have sat on the bench with him. Another of his daughters was married to Sir John Bowles; and this daughter was a jolly friendly woman. There was at the wedding the Lord Mayor, the Sheriff, several Aldermen and persons of quality; above all, Sir George Jeffreys (age 38), newly made Lord Chief Justice of England, with Mr. Justice Withings, danced with the bride, and were exceedingly merry. These great men spent the rest of the afternoon, till eleven at night, in drinking healths, taking tobacco, and talking much beneath the gravity of judges, who had but a day or two before condemned Mr. Algernon Sidney (age 60), who was executed the 7th on Tower Hill [Map], on the single witness of that monster of a man, Lord Howard of Escrick, and some sheets of paper taken in Mr. Sidney's (age 60) study, pretended to be written by him, but not fully proved, nor the time when, but appearing to have been written before his Majesty's (age 53) Restoration, and then pardoned by the Act of Oblivion; so that though Mr. Sidney was known to be a person obstinately averse to government by a monarch (the subject of the paper was in answer to one by Sir E. Filmer), yet it was thought he had very hard measure. There is this yet observable, that he had been an inveterate enemy to the last king, and in actual rebellion against him; a man of great courage, great sense, great parts, which he showed both at his trial and death; for, when he came on the scaffold, instead of a speech, he told them only that he had made his peace with God, that he came not thither to talk, but to die; put a paper into the sheriff's hand, and another into a friend's; said one prayer as short as a grace, laid down his neck, and bid the executioner do his office.NOTEXT

PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/George_Jeffreys.jpg PAINTINGS/KNELLER/George_Jeffreys.jpg

1702 Battle of Vigo Bay

Evelyn's Diary. 01 Dec 1702. The expectation now is, what treasure will be found on breaking bulk of the galleon brought from Vigo by Sir George Rooke (age 52), which being made up in an extraordinary manner in the hold, was not begun to be opened till the fifth of this month, before two of the Privy Council, two of the chief magistrates of the city, and the Lord Treasurer (age 57).


Humphrey Winch 1st Baronet: On 03 Jan 1622 he was born to Onslow Winch of Everton, Bedfordshire and Judith Burgoyne. On 09 Jun 1666 Humphrey Winch 1st Baronet (age 44) was created 1st Baronet Winch of Hawnes in Bedfordshire. Before Dec 1703 Humphrey Winch 1st Baronet (age 81) and Rebecca Browne (age 70) were married.


On 05 Dec 1754 Henry Nassau 1st Earl Grantham (age 81) died without surviving male issue. Earl Grantham extinct. On 12 Dec 1754 Henry Nassau 1st Earl Grantham (deceased) was buried at St James' Church, Piccadilly.

PAINTINGS/KNELLER/William_Cavendish_3rd.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/William_Cavendish_4th.jpg PAINTINGS/HOGARTH/William_Cavendish.jpg PAINTINGS/HUDSON/4th_Duke_of_Devonshire_after_Hudson.jpg

On 05 Dec 1758 George Beauclerk 4th Duke St Albans was born to Charles Beauclerk (age 32) and Elizabeth Jones. He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 05 Dec 1769 Robert King 2nd Earl Kingston (age 15) and Caroline Fitzgerald were married. He the son of Edward King 1st Earl Kingston (age 43).

On 05 Dec 1776 Elizabeth Seymour Duchess Northumberland (age 60) died. Her son Hugh Percy 2nd Duke Northumberland (age 34) succeeded 3rd Baron Percy 4C 1722

On 05 Dec 1778 Thomas Taylour 1st Marquess of Headfort (age 21) and Mary Quin Marchioness of Headfort were married.


On 05 Dec 1795 Henry Venables-Vernon 3rd Baron Vernon (age 48) and Alice Lucy Whitefoord Baroness Vernon (age 28) were married at Wollaton. The difference in their ages was 20 years.


On 05 Dec 1804 Nathaniel Curzon 1st Baron Scarsdale (age 78) died. His son Nathaniel Curzon 2nd Baron Scarsdale (age 52) succeeded 2nd Baron Scarsdale. Félicité Anne Josephe de Wattines Lady Scarsdale (age 39) by marriage Baroness Scarsdale.

PAINTINGS/RICHARDSON/Nathaniel_Curzon.jpg PAINTINGS/SOLDI/Mary_Assheton.jpg PAINTINGS/DEVIS/Nathaniel_Curzon.jpg PAINTINGS/REINAGLE/Nathaniel_Curzon.jpg PAINTINGS/REINAGLE/Lady_Scarsdale.jpg

On 05 Dec 1808 Thomas Trevor 22nd Baron Dacre was born to General Henry Otway Trevor 21st Baron Dacre (age 31) and Pyne Crosbie Lady of the Bedchamber (age 28).

On 05 Dec 1819 Samuel Reynolds Hole Dean of Rochester was born.

On 05 Dec 1833 Rowland Hill aka Clegg-Hill 3rd Viscount Hill was born to Rowland Hill 2nd Viscount Hill (age 33) and Anne Clegg Viscoutess Hill (age 18).

On 05 Dec 1846 Charles Gould aka Morgan 2nd Baronet (age 86) died. His son Charles Morgan 1st Baron Tredegar (age 54) succeeded 3rd Baronet Morgan of Tredegar.


Archaeologia Volume 34 Section VIII. Account of Ystumcegid Cromlech [Map], in the parish of Llanfihangel - y - Pennant, county of Carnarvon. By NATHANIEL NEAL SOLLY, Esq. Communicated in a Letter to Captain W. H. Smyth, R.N., K.S.F., Director. Read December 5, 1850.

On 05 Dec 1864 George Howard 7th Earl Carlisle (age 62) died unmarried. His brother William George Howard 8th Earl Carlisle (age 56) succeeded 8th Earl Carlisle 3C 1661.NOTEXT

On 05 Dec 1866 John Beresford 5th Baron Decies was born to William Horsley-Beresford 3rd Baron Decies (age 55) and Catherine Anne Dent Baroness Decies (age 26).

On 05 Dec 1884 Richard Lumley 9th Earl Scarborough (age 71) died. On 05 Dec 1884 His son Aldred Beresford Lumley 10th Earl Scarborough (age 27) succeeded 10th Earl Scarborough.


On 05 Dec 1932 Richard Lumley 12th Earl of Scarbrough was born to Roger Lumley 11th Earl of Scarbrough (age 36) and Katherine Isobel McEwen Countess Scarborough (age 33).

On 05 Dec 1934 George Allardice 1st Baron Riddell (age 69) died.


On 05 Dec 1936 Ferdinando Dudley William Lea Smith 12th Baron Dudley (age 64) died.

On 05 Dec 1945 Archibishop Cosmo Gordon Lang (age 81) died.

On 05 Dec 1952 Arthur Robert Mills 3rd Baron Hillingdon (age 61) died.