On this Day in History ... 05 January

05 Jan is in January.

1053 Christmas Court

1066 Death of Edward the Confessor

1066 Council of Lillebonne

1453 Knighting at Greenwich

1477 Battle of Nancy

1605 New Years Honours

1698 Burning of Whitehall Palace

Christmas Court

On 05 Jan 1053 the head of Rhys ap Rhydderch was brought before King Edward "Confessor" of England (age 50).

Death of Edward the Confessor

On 05 Jan 1066 King Edward "Confessor" of England (age 63) died. He was buried the same day at Westminster Abbey [Map].

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1066. About midwinter King Edward (age 63) came to Westminster, and had the minster there consecrated, which he had himself built to the honour of God, and St. Peter, and all God's saints. This church-hallowing was on Childermas-day. He died on the eve of twelfth-day; and he was buried on twelfth-day in the same minster; as it is hereafter said. Here Edward king86, of Angles lord, sent his stedfast soul to Christ. In the kingdom of God a holy spirit! He in the world here abode awhile, in the kingly throng of council sage. Four and twenty winters wielding the sceptre freely, wealth he dispensed. In the tide of health, the youthful monarch, offspring of Ethelred! ruled well his subjects; the Welsh and the Scots, and the Britons also, Angles and Saxons relations of old. So apprehend the first in rank, that to Edward all the noble king were firmly held high-seated men. Blithe-minded aye was the harmless king; though he long ere, of land bereft, abode in exile wide on the earth; when Knute o'ercame the kin of Ethelred, and the Danes wielded the dear kingdom of Engle-land. Eight and twenty winters' rounds they wealth dispensed. Then came forth free in his chambers, in royal array, good, pure, and mild, Edward the noble; by his country defended- by land and people. Until suddenly came the bitter Death and this king so dear snatched from the earth. Angels carried his soul sincere into the light of heaven. But the prudent king had settled the realm on high-born men- on Harold (age 44) himself, the noble earl; who in every season faithfully heard and obeyed his lord, in word and deed; nor gave to any what might be wanted by the nation's king. This year also was Earl Harold (age 44) hallowed to king; but he enjoyed little tranquillity therein the while that he wielded the kingdom.

Note 86. This threnodia on the death of Edward the Confessor will be found to correspond, both in metre and expression, with the poetical paraphrase of Genesis ascribed to Caedmon.

Council of Lillebonne

After 05 Jan 1066 King William "Conqueror" I of England (age 38) convened the Council of Lillebonne at Lillebonne to raise support for his claim to the English throne. The attendees are not known but likely to have included his companions at the subsequent Battle of Hastings including Roger "The Great" Montgomery 1st Earl of Shrewsbury and Bishop Odo of Bayeux.

Chronica Majora. 05 Jan 1237. In the year of our Lord 1237 which was the twentieth of the reign of King Henry the Third, he held his court at Christmas, at Winchester, whence he forthwith sent royal warrants throughout all the English territories, ordering all nobles belonging to the kingdom of England, namely, archbishops, bishops, abbats, installed priors, earls, and barons, all to assemble without fail in the octaves of the Epiphany at London, to arrange the royal business and matters concerning the whole kingdom. The nobles on hearing this immediately obeyed the king's summons, and accordingly on the day of St. Hilary, a countless multitude of nobles, namely, the whole community of the kingdom, came to London, and proceeded to the royal palace at Westminster to hear the king's pleasure. When they had all taken their seats, there stood up in the midst of them, one William de Kaele, a clerk and familiar of the king's, a discreet man and well skilled in the laws of the land, who, acting as a sort of mediator between the king and the nobles, disclosed to them the king's pleasure and intentions. "My lord the king," he said, "informs you that, whatever he may have done heretofore, he now and henceforth will, without hesitation, submit himself to the advice of all of you, as his faithful and natural subjects. But those men who have till now, in the management of his affairs, been in charge of his treasury, have rendered him an incorrect account of the moneys received by them, and owing to this the king is now destitute of money, without which any king is indeed destitute; he therefore humbly demands assistance from you in money, on the understanding that the money which may be raised by your good will shall be kept to be expended for the necessary uses of the kingdom, at the discretion of any of you elected for the purpose. "When the assembled nobles heard this speech, they each and all, not expecting anything of this sort, murmured greatly, and "Alter in alterius jactantes lumina vultus". [Each hearer lost in dire amaze, Turned on his neighbour's face his gaze.]

And they said to one another, Fuderunt partum montes: en ridiculus mus. [The labouring mountains shook the earth, And to a paltry mouse gave birth. This is a quote from Aesop's Fable "The Mountain in Labour". It refers to speech acts which promise much but deliver little].

They then replied with indignation that they were oppressed on all sides, so often promising and paying now the twentieth, now the thirtieth, and now the fiftieth part of their property, and they declared that it would be unworthy of them, and injurious to them, to allow a king so easily led awav, who had never repelled or even frightened one of the enemies of the kingdom, even the least of them, and who had never increased his territories but rather lessened them, and placed them under foreign yoke, to extort so much money, so often, and by so many arguments, from his natural subjects, as if they were slaves of the lowest condition, to their injury and for the benefit of foreigners. "When the king heard this, he wished to calm the general discontent, and promised on oath that he would never again provoke or annoy the nobles of the kingdom by injuring them in that way, provided that the thirtieth part of all moveable property in England was granted and paid to him for his present use; because the large sum of money which he had a little while before sent to the emperor (age 42) (as he stated) for the marriage of his sister (age 23), and also what he had spent at his own marriage, had in a great degree exhausted his money. To this they openly replied that he, the king, had done all this without the advice of his liege subjects, and they ought not to share the punishment as they were innocent of the crime. They however withdrew to a private place to consult about obeying the king's demand, and supplying his necessities, and to discuss the kind and quantity of assistance which was demanded. As they were withdrawing for this purpose, Gilbert Basset (age 49) said to the king in the hearing of all. and with less circimispection of speech than he ought, - "My lord king, send some one of your friends to be present at the conference of your barons." He was, when he said this, sitting on one side of the king, with only a few persons between them, and in reply to his speech, Richard Percy (age 67), who had been at the conference of the nobles, and was, not without cause, angry at it, said, "What is it, friend Gilbert, that you said? are we too foreigners, and are we not amongst the number of the king's friends? "And Gilbert felt himself rebuked by this unpleasant and sudden speech. And thus by a multipHcity of arguments the conference was protracted for four days.

On 05 Jan 1352 Thomas Berkeley 10th and 5th Baron Berkeley, Baron Lisle was born to Maurice Berkeley 9th and 4th Baron Berkeley (age 32) and Elizabeth Despencer Baroness Berkeley (age 27) at Berkeley Castle [Map]. He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Chronicle of Gregory 1403-1419. 05 Jan 1415. Ande that same yere, on the Twelfe the nyght, were a-restyd certayne personys, called Lollers, atte the sygne of the Ax, whithe owte Byschoppe ys gate, the whyche Lollers hadde caste to have made a mommynge at Eltham, and undyr coloure of the mommynge to have dystryte the kyng (age 28) and Hooly Chyrche. And they hadde ordaynyde to have hadde the fylde be-syde Syn Gylys. But, thonkyd be God Almyghty, owre kyng (age 28) hadde warnyng thereof, and he come unto London and toke the felde be syde Syn Jonys in Clerkynwelle; and as they come the kyng (age 28) toke them, and many othyr. And there was a knyght take that was namy[d] Syr Roger of Acton, and he was drawe and hanggyd be syde Syn Gyly, for the kynge let to be made iiij payre of galowys, the whiche that were i-callyd the Lollers galowys. Al so a preste that hyght Syr John Bevyrlay, and a squyer that hyght John Browne of Oldecastellys, they were hanggyd; and many moo were hanggyd and brent, to the nomber of xxxviij personys and moo.

On 05 Jan 1425 Henry IV King Castile was born to John II King Castile (age 19) and Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Castile (age 29). He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England. Coefficient of inbreeding 8.72%.

On 05 Jan 1441 John Luxemburg II Count Ligny (age 49) died at Guise, Aisne.

Before 05 Jan 1442 John Neville 1st Baron Neville of Raby (age 32) and Anne Holland Countess Douglas and Avondale were married. She the daughter of John Holland 2nd Duke Exeter (age 46) and Anne Stafford Duchess Exeter. They were second cousins. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Knighting at Greenwich

On 05 Jan 1453 brothers John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu (age 22) and Thomas Neville (age 23), William "Black William" Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke (age 30), brothers Edmund Tudor 1st Earl Richmond (age 22) and Jasper Tudor 1st Duke Bedford (age 21) and Roger Lewknor were knighted by King Henry VI (age 31) at Greenwich [Map]

On 05 Jan 1458 Thomas Dacre 6th Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 70) died. On 05 Jan 1458 His granddaughter Joan Dacre 7th Baroness Dacre Gilsland (age 25) succeeded 7th Baroness Dacre Gilsland.

Before 05 Jan 1464 Christopher Plunkett 2nd Baron Killeen (age 16) and Elizabeth Welles Countess Kildare were married. She by marriage Baroness Killeen. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 05 Jan 1465 Charles Valois Duke Orléans (age 70) died.

Battle of Nancy

On 05 Jan 1477 Charles "Bold" Valois Duke Burgundy (age 43) was killed at the Battle of Nancy. His daughter Mary Valois Duchess Burgundy (age 19) succeeded Duchess Burgundy.

On 05 Jan 1592 William La Marck Duke of Jülich Cleves Berg (age 75) died. His son Johann Wilhelm La Marck Duke Cleves (age 29) succeeded Duke Cleves.

New Years Honours

On 05 Jan 1605 King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 4) was created 1st Duke York 4C 1605 and Knight of the Bath by his father King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 38)

Francis Manners 6th Earl of Rutland (age 27) and Thomas Somerset 1st Viscount Somerset (age 26) was @@appointed Knight of the Bath.

PAINTINGS/LARKIN/George_Villiers_1st_Duke_Buckingham.png PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/George_Villiers.jpg PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/George_Villiers.jpg PAINTINGS/RUBENS/George_Villiers.jpg PAINTINGS/MIEREVELT/George_Villiers.jpg

On 05 Jan 1653 Christian Saxe Gotha Duke Saxe Eisenburg was born to Ernest "The Pious" Saxe Gotha I Duke Saxe Gotha (age 51) and Elisabeth Sophie Saxe Altenburg Duchess Saxe Gotha (age 33) at Gotha. Coefficient of inbreeding 3.15%.

On 05 Jan 1684 William Petre 4th Baron Petre (age 58) died at the Tower of London [Map] having been confined after having been impeached by the Commons of high treason. His brother John Petre 5th Baron Petre (age 54) succeeded 5th Baron Petre.

PAINTINGS/KNELLER/Charles_Beauclerk.jpg PAINTINGS/DOBSON/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Charles_II_of_England_in_Coronation_robes.jpg PAINTINGS/GREENHILL/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/HANNEMAN/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/DANCKERTS/Pineapple_Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/Charles_II.jpg

1698 Burning of Whitehall Palace

Evelyn's Diary. 05 Jan 1698. Whitehall [Map] burned, nothing but walls and ruins left. See 1698 Burning of Whitehall Palace.

On 05 Jan 1712 Richard Jones 1st Earl Ranelagh (age 70) died. Catherine Jones (age 40) inherited Ranelagh House.

PAINTINGS/LELY/Richard_Jones.jpg PAINTINGS/WISSING/Frances_and_Lady_Catherine_Coningsby.jpg

On 05 Jan 1719 Thomas Hay 7th Earl Kinnoull (age 59) died. His son George Henry Hay 8th Earl Kinnoull (age 29) succeeded 8th Earl Kinnoull. Abigail Harley Countess Kinnoul (age 29) by marriage Countess Kinnoull.

On 05 Jan 1747 Edwin Lascelles 1st Baron Harewood (age 34) and Elizabeth Dawes (age 21) were married.

On 05 Jan 1748 James Barry 4th Earl Barrymore (age 81) died. His son James Barry 5th Earl Barrymore (age 30) succeeded 5th Earl Barrymore.

On 05 Jan 1768 George Byng 6th Viscount Torrington was born to John Byng 5th Viscount Torrington (age 24) and Bridget Forrest Viscountess Byng (age 19).


After 05 Jan 1769. Monument to Edmund Turnor of Stoke Rochford (deceased) at St Wulfram's Church Grantham [Map] sculpted by E Bingham of Peterborough.

Edmund Turnor of Stoke Rochford: On 11 Oct 1688 he was born to John Turnor (age 34) and Diana Cecil (age 25). On 05 Jan 1769 Edmund Turnor of Stoke Rochford (age 80) died.


After 05 Jan 1771 William Petty 1st Marquess Lansdowne (age 33) and Louisa Fitzpatrick Marchioness Lansdowne (age 16) were married. She by marriage Countess Shelburne in County Wexford. She the daughter of John Fitzpatrick 1st Earl Upper Ossory and Evelyn Leveson-Gower Countess Upper Ossory. He the son of John Petty-Fitzmaurice 1st Earl Shelburne.

On 05 Jan 1783 Henry Temple 2nd Viscount Palmerston (age 43) and Mary Mee Viscountess Palmerston were married. She by marriage Viscountess Palmerston of Palmerston in County Dublin.

On 05 Jan 1799 Arthur Chichester 1st Marquess Donegal (age 59) died. His son George Chichester 2nd Marquess Donegal (age 29) succeeded 2nd Marquess Donegal, 6th Earl Donegal.


After 05 Jan 1816. Memorial to Lieutenant-General Sir George Prévost 1st Baronet (deceased) in Winchester Cathedral [Map] sculpted by Francis Leggatt Chantrey (age 34).

Lieutenant-General Sir George Prévost 1st Baronet: On 19 May 1767 he was born. In 1805 Lieutenant-General Sir George Prévost 1st Baronet (age 37) was created 1st Baronet Prevost of Belmont in Hampshire. On 05 Jan 1816 Lieutenant-General Sir George Prévost 1st Baronet (age 48) died. His son George Prévost 2nd Baronet (age 12) succeeded 2nd Baronet Prevost of Belmont in Hampshire.


On 05 Jan 1818 Lawrence Palk 1st Baron Haldon was born to Lawrence Palk 3rd Baronet (age 24) and Anna Eleanora Wrey Lady Palk (age 28). Coefficient of inbreeding 6.25%.

On 05 Jan 1841 John Cocks 1st Earl Somers (age 80) died. His son John Somers-Cocks 2nd Earl Somers (age 52) succeeded 2nd Earl Somers, 3rd Baron Somers 2C 1784. Caroline Yorke Countess Somers (age 46) by marriage Countess Somers.

On 05 Jan 1854 William Conyngham Plunket 1st Baron Plunket (age 89) died. His son Bishop Thomas Plunket 2nd Baron Plunket (age 62) succeeded 2nd Baron Plunket of Newtown in County Cork.

On 05 Jan 1864 Alexander Hugh Baring 4th Baron Ashburton (age 28) and Leonara Caroline Digby Baroness Ashburton (age 19) were married.

On 05 Jan 1875 Arthur Henry Dillon 18th Viscount Dillon was born to Conrad Adderly Dillon (age 29) and Ellen Louisa Dashwood (age 29).

On 05 Jan 1889 Edward George Villiers Stanley 17th Earl of Derby (age 23) and Alice Maude Olivia Montagu Countess Derby (age 26) were married. She the daughter of William Drogo Montagu 7th Duke Manchester (age 65) and Louisa Vonalten Duchess Devonshire and Manchester (age 56). He the son of Frederick Arthur Stanley 16th Earl of Derby (age 47) and Constance Villiers Countess Derby (age 49).


On 05 Jan 1893 Henry St John 5th Viscount Bolingbroke 6th Viscount St John (age 72) and Mary Emily Elizabeth Howard Viscountess Bolingbroke and St John were married at the Registry Office in Bath [Map]. She by marriage Viscountess St John, Viscountess Bolingbroke. She had been his servant, subsequently housekeeper. The marriage was not revealed until after his death becoming something of a national scandal.

On 05 Jan 1895 Frederic Glyn 4th Baron Wolverton (age 30) and Edith Amelia Ward Baroness Wolverton (age 22) were married. She by marriage Baroness Wolverton. She the daughter of William Ward 1st Earl of Dudley and Georgina Moncrieffe Countess Dudley (age 48).


On 05 Jan 1896 Reginald Windsor Sackville 7th Earl De La Warr (age 78) died. His son Gilbert Sackville 8th Earl De La Warr (age 26) succeeded 8th Earl De La Warr, 8th Viscount Cantalupe, 14th Baron De La Warr 2C 1570 3rd Baron Buckhurst of Buckhurst in Sussex 2C 1864. Muriel Agnes Brassey Countess De La Warr by marriage Countess De La Warr.

On 05 Jan 1904 Alexander Murray 8th Earl of Dunmore (age 32) and Lucinda Dorothea Kemble Countess Dunmore were married. He the son of Charles Adolphus Murray 7th Earl Dunmore (age 62) and Gertrude Coke (age 57).


On 05 Jan 1907 Arthur Henry Dillon 18th Viscount Dillon (age 32) and Hilda Brunner Viscountess Dillon (age 32) were married.

After 05 Jan 1918. St Michael's Church, Coxwold [Map]. Grave of William Whincup. Died due to condition of discharge from military service (gassed).


On 05 Jan 1938 Juan Carlos I King Spain was born to Juan Carlos Bourbon and María Mercedes Bourbon Two Sicilies. He a great x 2 grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

On 05 Jan 1954 George Victor Robert John Innes-Kerr 9th Duke Roxburghe (age 40) and Margaret Elizabeth Mcconnel Duchess Roxburghe (age 35) were married. She by marriage Duchess Roxburghe. He the son of Henry John Innes-Kerr 8th Duke Roxburghe.

On 05 Jan 1962 Casper Ingrams 19th Baron Darcy of Knayth was born to Rupert Ingrams Baron Darcy (age 22) and Davina Darcy 18th Baroness Darcy of Knayth (age 23).