On this Day in History ... 06 November

06 Nov is in November.

1429 English Coronation of Henry VI

1612 Death of Prince Frederick

1817 Death of Princess Charlotte

On 06 Nov 1101 Welf I Duke Bavaria (age 64) died at Paphos. His son Welf "Fat" Welf V Duke Bavaria (age 29) succeeded II or V Duke Bavaria.

On 06 Nov 1330 John Beaumont 2nd Baron Beaumont (age 12) and Eleanor Plantagenet Countess Arundel and Surrey (age 12) were married. She the daughter of Henry Plantagenet 3rd Earl of Leicester 3rd Earl Lancaster (age 49) and Maud Chaworth. They were fourth cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England. She a great granddaughter of King Henry III of England.

On 06 Nov 1391 Edmund Mortimer 5th Earl March 7th Earl Ulster was born to Roger Mortimer 4th Earl March 6th Earl Ulster (age 17) and Eleanor Holland Countess March and Ulster (age 21) at County Westmeath. He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England.

English Coronation of Henry VI

On 06 Nov 1429 King Henry VI of England and II of France (age 7) was crowned VI King England by Cardinal Henry Beaufort (age 54) at Westminster Abbey [Map]. Henry Beauchamp 1st Duke Warwick (age 4) carried the child King. John Mowbray 3rd Duke of Norfolk (age 14) attended. John Beaumont 1st Viscount Beaumont (age 20) was knighted.

On 06 Nov 1479 Philip Baden 1st Margrave Baden was born to Christopher I Margrave Baden (age 25) and Ottilie of Katzenelnbogen (age 28).

On 06 Nov 1479 James Hamilton 1st Lord Hamilton (age 64) died. His son James Hamilton 1st Earl Arran (age 4) succeeded 2nd Lord Hamilton.

Before 06 Nov 1500 David Lindsay 8th Earl Crawford and Elizabeth Hay (age 15) were married. She the daughter of William Hay 3rd Earl Erroll (age 51) and Elizabeth Leslie Countess Errol. He the son of Alexander Lindsay 7th Earl Crawford (age 60).

On 06 Nov 1528 Dean Gabriel Goodman was born to Edward Goodman Merchant at Nantclwyd y Dre.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 06 Nov 1551. The vj day of November the Qwyne (age 35) rod thrught [London] to Bysshope-gatt [Map], and the duke of Northumberland (age 47) [and a hundred] of grett horsys and cotes of welvet in-brodery, [with] hats of velvet and whyt fethers and chynes of gold; [and the] yerle of Penbroke (age 50) with a C. gret horsses, cotes gardy [d with] velvet, and chynes, hats and whyt fethers, and every [man] havyng a new gayffelyns [javelins] in ther hands, and a bage; and then cam the lord Tresorer with a C. gret horsse and ther cotes of marbull, with bage the facon of gold and gayffelins; and with gret nombur of lords and knyghts, and gentyllmen and lades; and ther the Qwyne reseyvyd of the chamburlain of London at the gatt a C. marke owt of the chambur.


Death of Prince Frederick

On 06 Nov 1632 King Gustavus Adolphus II of Sweden (age 37) died.

On 06 Nov 1639 James Drummond 3rd Earl Perth (age 24) and Anne Gordon were married. She the daughter of George Gordon 2nd Marquess Huntly (age 47) and Anna Campbell Marchioness Huntly. He the son of John Drummond 2nd Earl Perth (age 51) and Jean Ker Countess Perth.


On 06 Nov 1656 John IV King Portugal (age 52) died. His son Alfonso VI King Portugal (age 13) succeeded King Portuagal.


Before 06 Nov 1715 Heneage Finch 2nd Earl Aylesford (age 32) and Mary Fisher Countess Aylesford (age 25) were married. He the son of Heneage Finch 1st Earl Aylesford (age 66) and Elizabeth Banks Countess Aylesford.


On 06 Nov 1715 Heneage Finch 3rd Earl Aylesford was born to Heneage Finch 2nd Earl Aylesford (age 32) and Mary Fisher Countess Aylesford (age 25).

On 06 Nov 1745 Charles Dillon Lee 12th Viscount Dillon was born to Henry Dillon 11th Viscount Dillon (age 40) and Charlotte Lee Viscountess Dillon (age 21). He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 06 Nov 1765 Bishop William van Mildert was born to Cornelius van Mildert and Martha Hill.


On 06 Nov 1776 Henry Flower 4th Viscount Ashbrook was born to William Flower 2nd Viscount Ashbrook (age 32) and Elizabeth Ridge Viscountess Ashbrook (age 30).

On 06 Nov 1793 Louis Philippe II Duke of Orléans (age 46) died. His son King Louis Philippe I of France (age 20) succeeded III Duke Orléans.

On 06 Nov 1798 Alexander Ramey Home 10th Earl of Home (age 28) and Elizabeth Scott Countess Home were married. She by marriage Countess of Home. She the daughter of Henry Scott 3rd Duke Buccleuch (age 52) and Elizabeth Montagu Duchess Buccleuch (age 55). He the son of Alexander Home 9th Earl of Home and Abigail Browne Ramey Countess Home. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 06 Nov 1808 Bishop Thomas Legh Claughton was born.

On 06 Nov 1811 George Coventry 8th Earl Coventry (age 27) and Mary Beauclerk Countess Coventry (age 20) were married. She the daughter of Aubrey Beauclerk 6th Duke St Albans (age 46) and Jane Moses. He the son of George Coventry 7th Earl Coventry (age 53) and Margaret "Peggy" Pitches Countess Coventry (age 51). She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 06 Nov 1815 David Stuart Erskine 13th Earl of Buchan was born to Henry David Erskine 12th Earl of Buchan (age 32).

Death of Princess Charlotte

Adeline Horsey Recollections. After my dear mother's death I visited a great deal with my father (age 53), and one year we went for the shooting to Lord Huntingfield's place, Heveningham Hall. I slept in the bedroom once occupied by the famous Chevalier d'Éon, who had been a frequent guest at Heveningham, and about whom there were many stories told. It was said that the Chevalier was the one and only lover of cross-grained Queen Charlotte, and that her son, George IV, was the result of their intimacy, although his paternity was of course admitted by King George III. The animosity always displayed by the old Queen to her grand-daughter, Princess Charlotte, was supposed to arise from the fact that as heiress to the throne she innocently dispossessed the other Royal Dukes from the succession. It is certainly a fact that the Princess's untimely death in childbirth was attributed to foul play at the time, and when later the accoucheur Sir Richard Croft, committed suicide, all classes of society were loud in condemnation of the Queen and the Prince Regent. I do not vouch for the accuracy of Queen Charlotte's love affair. I only give the Heveningham gossip as I heard it.

Note A. D'Eon was undoubtedly one of the most picturesque and mysterious personages of the eighteenth century I was naturally interested in these somewhat scandalous stories.

The Chevalier died when he was eighty-three years of age, after a most extraordinary career. He was at one time aide-de-camp to the Comte de Broglie, and fought in the French army; but later on for some mysterious reason he discarded man's attire and passed as a woman for thirty-four years. Often when I went into my room I half expected to see a ghostly figure seated at the escritoire where the Chevalier wrote his secret cipher communications, and I wondered whether the brocade crowns and frills and furbelows that he wore as a woman had ever hung in the old wardrobe which I used.

My father and I also stayed with the Westmorlands at Apethorpe Hall; we visited the Earl (age 38) and Countess of Chichester (age 36) at Stanmer Park, and we were welcome guests at Cadlands, Silverlands, Chiswick House, West Park, and my uncle Lord Stradbroke's place, Henham Hall, which was afterwards burnt down.

I had visited Deene Park [Map] with my mother in 1842, but I must deal with my future home in the chapter devoted to Deene and its associations.

On 06 Nov 1836 King Charles X of France (age 79) died.

On 06 Nov 1866 John Beresford 4th Marquess Waterford (age 52) died. His son John Beresford 5th Marquess Waterford (age 22) succeeded 5th Marquess Waterford.

PAINTINGS/SINGER-SARGENT/Charles_Vane-Tempest_Stewart.jpg PAINTINGS/PRINSEP/Theresa_Talbot.jpg

On 06 Nov 1887 George Glyn 2nd Baron Wolverton (age 63) died. His nephew Henry Richard Glyn 3rd Baron Wolverton (age 26) succeeded 3rd Baron Wolverton.

After 06 Nov 1887. St Oswald's Church, Brereton [Map]. Grave of Elizabeth Malano. Stone erected by Harriette Howard of Brereton Hall.

On 06 Nov 1892 George Mountbatten 2nd Marquess Milford Haven was born to Prince Louis of Battenburg 1st Marquess Milford Haven (age 38) and Victoria Hesse Darmstadt Marchioness Milford Haven (age 29). He a great grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Coefficient of inbreeding 3.61%.

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On 06 Nov 1895 Charles Richard John Spencer-Churchill 9th Duke Marlborough (age 23) and Consuelo Vanderbilt Duchess Marlborough (age 18) were married at St Thomas' Church New York. She by marriage Duchess Marlborough. The marriage arranged by Mary "Minnie" Fiske Stevens (age 42) and encouraged by mother Alva Erskine Smith (age 42). The marriage was unhappy; they seperated in 1906 and the mariage was annulled on 19 Aug 1926. He the son of George Charles Spencer-Churchill 8th Duke Marlborough and Albertha Frances Anne Hamilton Duchess Marlborough (age 48). He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 06 Nov 1909 Charles Dutton (age 66) died. Saint Mary Magdalene's Church, Sherborne [Map]. Monument to Charles Dutton (age 66).

Charles Dutton: On 13 Dec 1842 he was born to James Henry Legge Dutton 3rd Baron Sherborne (age 38) and Elizabeth Howard Baroness Sherborne (age 39). Coefficient of inbreeding 6.25%.

On 06 Nov 1919 Walter Gibbs 2nd Baron Hunsdon 4th Baron Aldenham (age 31) and Beatrix Elinor Paul Baroness Aldenham and Hunsdon (age 29) were married at St Martin in the Fields [Map].