On this Day in History ... 8th March

08 Mar is in March.

1122 Burning of Gloucester

1429 Joan of Arc meets Charles VII at Chinon

1660 Charles X King Sweden Dies Charles XI Succeeds

1665 Sinking of The London

1695 Death and Funeral of Queen Mary II

1696 Plot to Assassinate King William III

1702 Death of King William III

1712 French Royal Family Deaths from Measles

1748 Attack on Port Louis

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Events on the 8th March

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 08 Mar 1122. And in the Lent-tide before that, the town of Glocester [Map] was on fire: the while that the monks were singing their mass, and the deacon had begun the gospel, "Praeteriens Jesus", at that very moment came the fire from the upper part of the steeple, and burned all the minster, and all the treasures that were there within; except a few books, and three mass-hackles. That was on the eighth day before the ides of Marcia.

On 08 Mar 1429 Joan of Arc (age 17) met with Charles "Victorious" VII King France (age 26) at Chinon Castle [Map]. Their first meeting.

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1485-1509. 08 Mar 1503... and on Passion Sundaye a peace made betwene the Emperoure and the Kinge (age 46) duringe their lyves, solemnized upon a great oathe at the highe aulter in Paules queere [Map].

Letters and Papers 1528. 30 Jun 1528. R. O. 4442. Sir William Compton (age 46).

Will of Sir William Compton, made on 8 March 1522, 14 Henry VIII. Desires to be buried at Compton Wynyates [Map] in Warwickshire, beside his ancestors: That is if his wife (age 28) die before he return home from his journey, she be afterwards brought to Compton and buried there. Bequeaths to his wife (age 28) movables at Bettyschorne, and at the great park of Windsor, and the plate which belonged to Francis Cheyny, "my predecessor." If his wife be delivered of a son, bequeaths to him all his household stuff at Compton, with the plate which was given him by the French king in a schedule. His wife to have the control of it till the child be of age. If he have a son, bequeaths to each of his daughters 1,000 marks for their marriages, and 100 marks in plate. Wills that 40 pair of vestments be made of one suit, to be distributed to the parish churches in the counties of Warwick and Worcester, adjoining to Compton. All his apparel to be used in making vestments and other works of charity. Bequeaths to the abbey of Winchcomb his wedding gown of tynsen satin, to make a vestment that they may pray for the souls of his ancestors. Wills his executors to release to the monastery of Denny all the debts they owe him, and bequeaths to them £10 for an obit. Bequeaths goods to the value of 200 marks to be distributed to poor householders, and to the marriages of poor maids in the counties of Warwick and Worcester. Wills that a tomb of alabaster be prepared for his father, with his arms graven upon it. Bequeaths to the King (age 37) his little chest of ivory with gilt lock, "and a chest bourde under the same, and a pair of tables upon it," with all the jewels and treasure enclosed, now in his wife's custody; also "certain specialties to the sum of 1,000 marks, which I have of Sir Thomas Bullen (age 51), knight," for money lent to him. Wills that his children have their plate on coming to their full ages; i.e., on the males coming to the age of twenty-one, and the females to the age of eighteen.

Bequests to his sister [Elizabeth] Rudney, and his cousin John Rudney, her son. Wills that his mother's body be taken up and buried at Compton Wynyates [Map]. Bequest to the daughter of his aunt Appulby. £20 to be put in a box at the abbey of Winchecombe, to make defence for all such actions as may be wrongfully taken against his wife or his executors. Two chantries to be founded in his name at Compton Wynyates [Map], to do daily service for the souls of the King, the Queen, my Lady Anne Hastings (age 45), himself, his wife and ancestors. The priests to be appointed by the Abbot of Winchecombe, or, failing him, the Abbot of Evesham. 5 marks a year to be paid to the parson of Compton to keep a free grammar school. £100 a year to be paid to his wife during her life, for her jointure, besides her inheritance in Barkeley's lands. Bequests to the monasteries of Evesham, Hayles, Winchecombe, Worcester, Croxton, the charterhouses of Henton and Coventry, for obits; to Sir William Tyler, Sir Thomas Lynne, Thomas Baskett and George Lynde; to his servants who happen to be with him this journey; to John Draper, his servant, and Robert Bencare, his solicitor; to Griffin Gynne, now with Humphrey Brown, serjeant-at-law, for his learning; and to Lady Anne Hastings (age 45). Executors appointed: Dame Warburgh my wife (age 31), the bishop of Exeter (age 66), Sir Henry Marney, Lord Privy Seal, Sir Henry Guildford (age 39), Sir Richard Broke, Sir John Dantsy, Dr. Chomber, Humphrey Brown, serjeant-at-law, Thomas Leson, clk., James Clarell and Thomas Unton. Appoints my Lord Bishop of  Canterbury (age 78) supervisor of his will. Gifts to the executors.

3. Bargain and sale by Sir Henry Guildford (age 39), Humphrey Brown, Thomas Hunton and Thomas Leeson, as executors of Sir William Compton, to Sir Thomas Arundell, of certain tenements in St Swithin's Lane [Map], [London,] lately in the possession of Lewis... and Humphrey... as executors of Sir Richard Wingfield.

4. Inventory of the goods of Sir William Compton in his house in London.

Ready money, gold and silver, 1,£338 7s. 0½d. Jewels of gold and silver, £898 6s. 2d. Gilt plate, £85 5s. 3d. Parcel gilt plate, £31 12s. 2d. White plate, £90 0s. 3½d. Silks, £210 13s. 6d.=2,£654 4s. 5d.

5. Names of the officers upon the lands late Sir William Compton's.

[Note. Lots of names of Steward and Bailiffs and values.].

6. Inquisition taken in Middlesex on the death of Sir William Compton, 20 Henry VIII.

Found that Richard Broke, serjeant-at-law, [Walter Rodney] [Names in brackets crossed out], William Dyngley and John Dyngley, now surviving, with [Sir Rob. Throgmerton and William Tracy,]* deceased, were seized of the manors of Totenham, Pembrokes, Bruses, Daubeneys and Mokkyngs, with lands in Tottenham, Edelmeton and Enfeld, to Compton's use; and that George Earl of Shrewsbury (age 60), Henry Earl of Essex, John Bourchier Lord Bernes (age 61), [Sir Rob. Ratclyf,]* Rob. Brudenell (age 67), justice of the King's Bench, Richard Sacheverell (age 61) [and Thomas Brokesby],* now surviving, with [Sir Ralph Shyrley,]* deceased, were seized of the manor of Fyncheley and lands in Fyncheley and Hendon to his use. His son, Peter Compton (age 5), is his heir, and is six years old and over.

7. Citation by Wolsey (age 55), as legate, of Sir William Compton, for having lived in adultery with the wife (age 45) of Lord Hastings (age 41), while his own wife, dame Anne Stafford Countess Huntingdon (age 45), was alive, and for having taken the sacrament to disprove it.

4443. Sir William Compton.

Inventory of the goods of Sir William Compton at his places in London, Compton, Bittisthorne, the Great Park of Windsor, Sir Walter Stoner's place. Total of moveables, 4,£485 2s. 3½d. "Sperat dettes," estimated at 3,£511 13s. 4d. "Chatell Royall," £666 13s. 4d.

Wards.-One ward that cost £466 13s. 4d.; another of 500 marks land; the third, "Sir George Salynger's son and his heir." There is at Windsor Great Park plate embezzled to the value of £579 2s. 6d., as appears by a bill found in Sir William's place at London. Desperate debts estimated at 1,£908 6s. 8d. Debts owing by him estimated at £1,000

Letters and Papers 1533. 08 Mar 1533. 212. On St. Matthias' Day the Lady (age 32) received the King at dinner in her chamber richly ornamented with tapestry, and the most beautiful sideboard of gold that ever was seen. The Lady (age 32) sat close on the right of the King, and the old duchess of Norfolk (age 56) on his left. At the lower end of the table, where there was another contiguous and transverse table, sat the Chancellor, Suffolk and many other lords and ladies. During dinner the King was so much occupied with mirth and talk that he said little which could be understood; but he said to the duchess of Norfolk, "Has not the Marchioness (age 32) got a "grand dote and a rich marriage, as all that we see, and the rest of the plate" (with which they had been delighted), "belongs to the Lady (age 32)?" Your Majesty will perceive the King's obstinacy, who, since the execution of the brief, goes on worse than before, as well in this matter as in that of the Queen (age 47), whom he has lately banished 40 miles from here in very great haste, notwithstanding her great entreaty for a delay of eight days, that she might give order for her necessities; and there is no hope that he will do otherwise until he sees sentence given, for the reasons I have already written to you.

Letters and Papers 1533. 08 Mar 1533. Vienna Archives. 212. Chapuys to Charles V.

I wrote on the 23rd ult. On the 24th I received your Majesty's letters of the 28th Jan. The same day Langez arrived from France, and a French gentleman named Beauvoix from Scotland, who have been, as usual, well received, and dined at the King's table with the other Ambassador the day after their arrival, which was Shrove Tuesday, when the Lady (age 32) took the place usually occupied by the Queen; and there were present the duke of Norfolk (age 60) and other great masters, except Suffolk, although he had been expressly called to come with the order of France. The said Langez and Beauvoix were here but four days, and were every day in Court and in communication with the King and Council, "mays non poinct fort griemant;" and it seems that their hasty despatch was either because Langez could not arrange anything important, or to hasten the settlement of their dispute with Scotland. I think one of the chief objects of Langez's coming has been to take resolution with those here about the Council, which both parties desire to prevent. I am led to think this, because, in talking with Langez, he suddenly said to me that your Majesty had obtained your desire, viz., the said Council, and that the Pope had no mind to refuse you anything since he had been punished by your Majesty by imprisonment and otherwise. And on my declaring to him the displeasure you had felt at his Holiness's imprisonment, and his sudden deliverance as soon as you were informed of it, he intimated that a ransom had been paid for the said deliverance, although it was more honorable and gracious than his Holiness deserved. This I could not allow to pass after declaring the respect you had always felt for his Holiness, and showed that the Pope had done more for his master than for your Majesty, pointing out also the necessity of the said Council, which the Pope must have promoted without being asked. On this Langez retracted what he had said. He told me his master had written to the Pope that a Council was reasonable and necessary, but that two conditions ought to be observed: first, that it must be in a suitable place where all could attend, and if it were held in Italy he should have the right of bringing as many forces as you had brought; and (2) that it should treat of nothing but what concerned the Faith, and enter into no particular quarrels. He did not enter fully into the said conditions, for Brian had just come for him and the other Ambassadors to conduct them to Court, taking no particular pleasure in my conversation with him. Suggests reasons for these conditions; among others, the fear they have lest it should be proposed to restore to the Empire the temporalities now held by the Pope, doubting that your Majesty would grow too great thereby.

Langez proceeded to justify the course he had taken at Paris about the divorce, saying he had not done any bad turn there, as people thought, and that he no more desired the divorce than I did. And he said that last year, when he was in Germany, he had found certain of your ministers very little inclined to the preservation of peace with his master; for that they said that his master had promoted the coming of the Turks. Further, in the course of conversation he said that you had used certain words at an assembly at Ratisbon not honorable to the King his master, stating that when he had been asked for succour against the Turk he had replied that he would not hazard his people.

In consequence of their hurry to go to Court, I had no leisure to treat with the gentleman who returned from Scotland. Conversation with Langez on the peace there, who professed ignorance of what this gentleman has done. Asked Norfolk (age 60), but could get no information. He told me that Langez had talked to the King and his Council, as he had done to me, but did not say much, as Suffolk and Wiltshire (age 56) were standing by while he had to go to the King, who had sent for him already three times. I hope I shall find out some of the particulars of Langez's charge. As to the other, I have learned that since the Scotch king received the Order (of the Golden Fleece) from your Majesty, the Scots are no longer inclined to France, and have proceeded so far as to beat down the arms of France, and put up the Imperial arms in their room. On being informed of this, the French king had sent him to James, explaining that he had not put off giving his daughter in marriage to him. To which the Scotch king made a gracious and prudent answer, expressive of his affection for France; and as to the reception of the Order, he had merely acted in conformity [with your liberality], of which he could not repent; and he spoke much in praise of you.

Letters and Papers 1533. 08 Mar 1533. 212. On the 23rd the Nuncio received from the Pope the briefs to be presented to the King for summoning the Council. He was at Court to present them; but as it was a day when the Lady (age 32) gave a banquet the King would not give him audience, but deputed Norfolk (age 60) to hear his charge. Since then he has asked many times for an audience and for an answer, and after waiting from day to day he was told yesterday that the King was busy, and it was no use for him to wait, for the King would write in three days to his ambassadors at Rome.

On 08 Mar 1550 William Drury was born to Robert Drury (age 26) and Audrey Rich (age 20).

Henry Machyn's Diary. 08 Mar 1562. The viij day of Marche dyd pryche a-for the quen('s) (age 28) grace, the iiij sonday in Lentt, called Mydlent sonday, master Horne (age 52), the byshope of Wynchaster.

On 08 Mar 1616 Maria Anna Wittelsbach Holy Roman Empress (age 41) died.

On 08 Mar 1636 Robert Kerr 1st Marquess Lothian was born to William Kerr 1st Earl Lothian (age 31).

After 08 Mar 1643. Monument to Edward Noel 2nd Viscount Campden (deceased) and Juliana Hicks Viscountess Campden (age 56) at St James' Church, Chipping Campden [Map]. Sculpted by Joshua Marshall (age 14) in 1664. A striking and macabre work with standing effigies at the doors of Heaven.

On 08 Mar 1652 Charles Beale (age 20) and Mary Beale aka Cradock (age 18) were married.

On 08 Mar 1658 Thomas Trevor 1st Baron Trevor Bromham was born to John Trevor (age 34).

Pepy's Diary. 08 Mar 1660. At the same time in comes Mr. Wade and Mr. Sterry, secretary to the plenipotentiary in Denmark, who brought the news of the death of the King of Sweden (deceased) at Gottenburgh the 3rd of the last month, and he told me what a great change he found when he came here, the secluded members being restored. He also spoke very freely of Mr. Wades profit, which he made while he was in Zeeland, how he did believe that he cheated Mr. Powell, and that he made above £500 on the voyage, which Mr. Wade did very angrily deny, though I believe he was guilty enough.Charles X King Sweden Dies Charles XI Succeeds

Pepy's Diary. 08 Mar 1665. Though a bitter cold day, yet I rose, and though my pain and tenderness in my testicle remains a little, yet I do verily think that my pain yesterday was nothing else, and therefore I hope my disease of the stone may not return to me, but void itself in pissing, which God grant, but I will consult my physitian. This morning is brought me to the office the sad newes of "The London", in which Sir J. Lawson's (age 50) men were all bringing her from Chatham, Kent [Map] to the Hope, and thence he was to go to sea in her; but a little a'this side the buoy of the Nower, she suddenly blew up. About 24 [men] and a woman that were in the round-house and coach saved; the rest, being above 300, drowned: the ship breaking all in pieces, with 80 pieces of brass ordnance. She lies sunk, with her round-house above water. Sir J. Lawson (age 50) hath a great loss in this of so many good chosen men, and many relations among them. I went to the 'Change [Map], where the news taken very much to heart.

Pepy's Diary. 08 Mar 1666. After dinner I took coach and away to Hales's (age 66), where my wife is sitting; and, indeed, her face and necke, which are now finished, do so please me that I am not myself almost, nor was not all the night after in writing of my letters, in consideration of the fine picture that I shall be master of.

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Mar 1689. The King (age 55) abroad was now furnished by the French King (age 50) with money and officers for an expedition to Ireland. The great neglect in not more timely preventing that from hence, and the disturbances in Scotland, give apprehensions of great difficulties, before any settlement can be perfected here, while the Parliament dispose of the great offices among themselves. The Great Seal, Treasury and Admiralty put into commission of many unexpected persons, to gratify the more; so that by the present appearance of things (unless God Almighty graciously interpose and give success in Ireland and settle Scotland) more trouble seems to threaten the nation than could be expected. In the interim, the new King refers all to the Parliament in the most popular manner, but is very slow in providing against all these menaces, besides finding difficulties in raising men to send abroad; the former army, which had never seen any service hitherto, receiving their pay and passing their summer in an idle scene of a camp at Hounslow, unwilling to engage, and many disaffected, and scarce to be trusted.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 08 Mar 1690. Satorday, Booth that informed against Grosvenor,came to complaine that he was threatened that they would have eares, &c. I told him, whilest he swore truth for the King he need not feare; I bid the Butler stand by,&c took notice what I sayd; I left him; at his going away he met me againe, neare the Dyatts; I still advised to speake truth & that would protect him; he told me that G;Harvey, though he appeared against: him; yet had given him up his bonds & discharged him, many yeares agoe; that when he went from him he went into the King Charles his service; that after Harvey had delivered his bonds & received 2 li to be frinds he had imployed him severall times to work under him; at last he would not pay him his wages; Booth sued him & recovered it; which had incensed Harvey against: him, &c. I still charged him to speake nothing but truth; soe he went presently back to Chester; I dined at home; in the evening came Bidolph & 3 servants: then Conen & 2 other men that came from London & had bin at Dysert;,&c. stayd all night.

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Mar 1695. I supped at the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry's (age 67), who related to me the pious behavior of the Queen in all her sickness, which was admirable. She never inquired of what opinion persons were, who were objects of charity; that, on opening a cabinet, a paper was found wherein she had desired that her body might not be opened, or any extraordinary expense at her funeral, whenever she should die. This paper was not found in time to be observed. There were other excellent things under her own hand, to the very least of her debts, which were very small, and everything in that exact method, as seldom is found in any private person. In sum, she was such an admirable woman, abating for taking the Crown without a more due apology, as does, if possible, outdo the renowned Queen Elizabeth.

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Mar 1696. Divers of the conspirators tried and condemned. Vesuvius breaking out, terrified Naples. Three [Note. Robert Charnock, Edward King, and Thomas Keys] of the unhappy wretches, whereof one was a priest, were executed for intending to assassinate the King; they acknowledged their intention, but acquitted King James of inciting them to it, and died very penitent. Divers more in danger, and some very considerable persons.

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Mar 1702. The King (age 51) had a fall from his horse, and broke his collar bone, and having been much indisposed before, and aguish, with a long cough and other weakness, died this Sunday morning, about four o'clock.

On 12 Feb 1712 Maria Adelaide Savoy (age 26) died of measles at Versailles.

On 18 Feb 1712 Louis Bourbon Duke Burgundy (age 29) died of measles contracted when nursing his wife Maria Adelaide Savoy (age 26) who had died six days previously.

On 08 Mar 1712, their eldest son, heir to the throne, Louis Bourbon Duke Brittany (age 5) died of measles.

The heir to the French throne their only remaining son Louis (age 1), aged two, great-grandson of the reigning monarch Louis "Sun King" XIV King France (age 73) succeeded his great-grandfather three years later in 1715.

On 08 Mar 1723 Christopher Wren (age 99) died.

On 08 Mar 1726 Richard Howe 1st Earl Howe was born to Emanuel Howe 2nd Viscount Howe (age 26) and Sophia Von Keilmansegg Viscountess Howe (age 22) at Albermarle Street.

On 08 Mar 1748 William Cust (age 28) was killed by a cannon-ball whilst leading the attack on Port Louis on HMS Elizabeth.

After 08 Mar 1748. Monument to William Cust (deceased) at St Wulfram's Church, Grantham [Map].

William Cust: In 1720 he was born to Richard Cust 2nd Baronet and Anne Brownlow Lady Cust. On 08 Mar 1748 William Cust was killed by a cannon-ball whilst leading the attack on Port Louis on HMS Elizabeth.

After 08 Mar 1751. St Giles' Church, Wrexham [Map]. Monument to Mary Fitzhugh.

On 08 Mar 1762 John Charles Felix Rossi was born.

On 08 Mar 1782 Samuel Woodford (age 18) became a student at the Royal Academy.

08 Mar 1790. Memorial to Reverend Thomas Loxley (deceased). Rector of St Mary’s Church, Sprotbrough [Map].

Reverend Thomas Loxley: In 1722 he was born to Thomas Loxley and Elizabeth Revell. In 1757 he was appointed Rector of St Mary’s Church, Sprotbrough. On 05 Mar 1790 he died. He was buried at St Mary’s Church, Sprotbrough on 08 Mar 1790.

After 08 Mar 1842 Monument to Thomas Claughton.

Cansick's Monumental Inscriptions Volume 2 Highgate Cemetery. Highgate Cemetery. Sacred to the memory of Edward Hodges Baily (age 69), Esq., R.A., Who died May 22 May, 1867, aged 79 years. Also of Elizabeth (deceased), wife of the said Edward Hodges Baily, Esqre., R.A., Who died March 8th 1858, aged 70 years.

On 08 Mar 1869 George Spencer Watson was born to William Spencer Burton Watson (age 33).

After 08 Mar 1971 Prince Charles (age 22) stayed at Belton House [Map] during his training at nearby RAF Cranwell.

On 08 Mar 2021 Iris Susan Stuart Colin died. She was buried at Lincoln Cathedral [Map].

Iris Susan Stuart Colin: On 12 Jan 1921 she was born. Before 19 Dec 1995 Bishop Gerald Fitzmaurice Colin and she were married.

Births on the 8th March

On 08 Mar 1286 John Capet III Duke Brittany was born to Arthur Capet Duke Brittany (age 24) and Marie Limoges Duchess Brittany. He a great grandson of King Henry III of England.

On 08 Mar 1430 Robert Plumpton was born to William Plumpton (age 25).

On 08 Mar 1550 William Drury was born to Robert Drury (age 26) and Audrey Rich (age 20).

On or before 08 Mar 1578 Richard Gurney 1st Baronet was born. He was baptised on 08 Mar 1578.

On 08 Mar 1612 Francis Clinton was born to Edward Clinton (age 40).

On 08 Mar 1636 Robert Kerr 1st Marquess Lothian was born to William Kerr 1st Earl Lothian (age 31).

On 08 Mar 1658 Thomas Trevor 1st Baron Trevor Bromham was born to John Trevor (age 34).

On 08 Mar 1668 George Fane was born to Henry Fane (age 18) and Elizabeth Southcott.

On 08 Mar 1676 Reverend Richard Ray of Haughley in Suffolk was born to Richard Ray (age 40).

On or before 08 Mar 1688 John Conduit was born. He was baptised on 08 Mar 1688 at St Paul's Church, Covent Garden. In Jun 1701 he was admitted to Westminster School [Map]. In 1705 he was elected a Queen's scholar to Trinity College, Cambridge University [Map].

On 08 Mar 1700 William Morgan was born to John Morgan of Tredegar (age 29) and Martha Vaughan.

Before 08 Mar 1701 Robert Dashwood was born to Robert Dashwood (age 36) and Mary Garner.

On 08 Mar 1702 Thomas Penn was born to William Penn (age 57).

On 08 Mar 1707 William Irby 1st Baron Boston was born to Edward Irby 1st Baronet (age 30).

On 08 Mar 1722 Reverend Richard Buckby was born.

On 08 Mar 1723 George Manners-Sutton was born to John Manners 3rd Duke Rutland (age 26) and Bridget Sutton Duchess Rutland (age 23).

On 08 Mar 1723 James Peachey 1st Baron Selsey was born.

On 08 Mar 1724 Ernest Frederick Saxe Coburg Saalfeld Duke Saxe Coburg Saalfeld was born to Francis Josias Saxe Coburg Saalfeld Duke Saxe Coburg Saalfeld (age 26) and Duchess Anna Sophie Of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (age 23) at Saalfield. Coefficient of inbreeding 3.37%.

On 08 Mar 1726 Richard Howe 1st Earl Howe was born to Emanuel Howe 2nd Viscount Howe (age 26) and Sophia Von Keilmansegg Viscountess Howe (age 22) at Albermarle Street.

On 08 Mar 1748 William Orange Nassau V Prince Orange was born to Willam Karel Hendrik Friso Orange Nassau (age 36) and Princess Anne Hanover (age 38) at The Hague. He a grandson of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland.

On 08 Mar 1752 William Bingham was born to William Bingham (age 29) at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On 08 Mar 1753 Charles Talbot 15th Earl of Shrewsbury was born to Charles Talbot (age 31).

On 08 Mar 1757 Anthony Hardoplh Eyre was born to Anthony Eyre of Grove Park (age 29).

On 08 Mar 1762 John Charles Felix Rossi was born.

On 08 Mar 1762 John Reade 6th Baronet was born to John Reade 5th Baronet (age 40) and Harriet Barker. He was a twin. He was baptised at St George's Church, Hanover Square.

On 08 Mar 1767 Frederick Charles Emil Oldenburg was born to Frederick Christian Oldenburg I Duke Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Augustenburg (age 45) and Charlotte Amalie Wilhelmine Unknown Duchess Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Augustenburg.

On 08 Mar 1789 George Byron 7th Baron Byron was born to George Anson Byron (age 33).

On 08 Mar 1798 Reverend John Venables-Vernon was born to Henry Venables-Vernon 3rd Baron Vernon (age 50) and Alice Lucy Whitefoord Baroness Vernon (age 30).

On 08 Mar 1803 Maria Theresa Villiers was born to George Villiers (age 43) and Theresa Parker (age 28).

On 08 Mar 1806 Spencer-Smith was born to Charles Smith (age 49) and Augusta Smith.

On 08 Mar 1809 Edward Joseph Vernon was born to Joseph Vernon (age 32).

On 08 Mar 1824 Frances Harriett Greville Duchess Richmond was born to Algernon Frederick Greville (age 25) and Charlotte Maria Cox.

On 08 Mar 1843 Alice Howard was born to Henry Howard 2nd Earl of Effingham (age 36) and Eliza Drummond Baroness Howard (age 32).

On 08 Mar 1859 Kenneth Grahame was born.

On 08 Mar 1869 George Spencer Watson was born to William Spencer Burton Watson (age 33).

On 08 Mar 1873 Mary Isabella Sophia Louisa Weld-Forester was born to Cecil Weld-Forester 5th Baron Forester (age 30) with his twin brother.

On 08 Mar 1888 Michael John Erskine-Wemyss was born to Randolph Gordon Erskine-Wemyss (age 30) and Lillian Mary Paulet (age 28). He a great x 2 grandson of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

On 08 Mar 1895 Captain Willoughby Thornton Wrigley was born to Reverend Daniel Wrigley at Nhill. He was educated at St John's School Leatherhead.

On 08 Mar 1942 Anthony Harris 8th Baron Harris was born to Derek Harris 7th Baron Harris (age 26).

Marriages on the 8th March

Before 08 Mar 1430 William Plumpton (age 25) and Elizabeth Stapleton (age 24) were married.

Before 08 Mar 1550 Robert Drury (age 26) and Audrey Rich (age 20) were married.

Around 08 Mar 1636 Walter Vavasour 2nd Baronet and Ursula Belasyse (age 19) were married. They were fourth cousins.

On 08 Mar 1637 John Belasyse 1st Baron Belasyse (age 22) and Jane Boteler were married. The marriage had been clandestine for which he was fined £150 by the Court of High Commission.

On 08 Mar 1652 Charles Beale (age 20) and Mary Beale aka Cradock (age 18) were married.

Before 08 Mar 1672 Thomas Tyrell (age 77) and Bridget Harington were married.

On 08 Mar 1716 Edward Seymour 8th Duke of Somerset (age 21) and Mary Webb Duchess Somerset (age 19) were married at Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire.

On 08 Mar 1769 Evelyn Pierrepont 2nd Duke Kingston upon Hull (age 58) and Elizabeth Chudleigh Duchess Kingston upon Hull (age 48) were married. Allegedly bigamously since her first husband Augustus John Hervey 3rd Earl Bristol (age 44) was still living, at Keith's Chapel, Mayfair. She by marriage Duchess Kingston upon Hull.

On 08 Mar 1792 Augustus Richard Butler-Danvers (age 15) and Mary Danvers were married. He the son of Brinsley Butler 2nd Earl Lanesborough and Jane Rochfort Countess Lanesborough (age 54).

On 08 Mar 1794 Robert Brudenell 6th Earl Cardigan (age 24) and Penelope Cooke Countess Cardigan (age 24) were married at St George's Church, Hanover Square.

On 08 Mar 1813 Henry Hall Gage 4th Viscount Gage (age 21) and Elizabeth Maria Foley (age 20) were married.

On 08 Mar 1859 Colonel Arthur John Bethell Thellusson (age 32) and Henrietta Frances Elizabeth Vernon Wentworth were married. He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 08 Mar 1877 Thomas Merthyr Guest (age 39) and Theodora Grosvenor (age 36) were married. She the daughter of Richard Grosvenor 2nd Marquess Westminster and Elizabeth Mary Leveson-Gower Marchioness Westminster (age 80).

On 08 Mar 1887 James Arthur Wellington Foley Butler 4th Marquess Ormonde (age 37) and Ellen Stager Marchioness Ormonde were married. She brought a fortune of £200,000 to the marriage. He the son of John Butler 2nd Marquess Ormonde and Frances Paget Marchioness Ormonde (age 70).

On 08 Mar 1930 Anthony Vivian 5th Baron Vivian (age 24) and Victoria Oliphant Baroness Vivian (age 22) were married.

On 08 Mar 1945 Gerard Henry Fleetwood Fuller 2nd Baronet (age 38) and Kathleen Elizabeth Farrar Lady Fuller were married. She by marriage Lady Fuller of Neston Park in Corsham in Wiltshire.

Deaths on the 8th March

On 08 Mar 647 or 08 Mar 648 Bishop Felix died.

On 08 Mar 1129 Gerald I Count Guelders (age 69) died. His son Gerard II Count Guelders (age 24) succeeded II Count Guelders. Ermgard Zutphen Countess Guelders by marriage Countess Guelders.

On 08 Mar 1137 Adela Normandy Countess Blois (age 70) died.

On 08 Mar 1279 Adelaide Andechs died. Her son Otto Ivrea IV Count Burgundy (age 31) succeeded IV Count Burgundy.

On 08 Mar 1316 Alicia Ledet Baroness Latimer Corby (age 65) died at Sutton.

On 08 Mar 1403 Bayezid I Sultan of Turkey (age 43) died.

On 08 Mar 1429 Thomas Culpepper (age 69) died.

On 08 Mar 1441 Margaret Valois Countess Holland (age 66) died.

On 08 Mar 1456 John Harlaston (age 52) died.

On 08 Mar 1466 Francesco Sforza I Duke Milan (age 64) died. His son Galeazzo Maria Sforza 5th Duke Milan (age 22) succeeded 5th Duke Milan.

On 08 Mar 1466 Nicholas Carew of Beddington (age 30) died.

On 08 Mar 1479 Katherine Giffard (age 79) died.

On 08 Mar 1496 Joan Curzon (age 80) died.

On 08 Mar 1553 Richard Catesby (age 53) died at Eaton.

On or before 08 Mar 1559 Agnes Warham (age 59) died.

On 08 Mar 1559 Thomas Tresham (age 59) died.

On 08 Mar 1578 Randle Vernon (age 64) died.

On 08 Mar 1587 Charles Bourchier died. He was buried at St Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny, County Kilkenny.

On 08 Mar 1616 Maria Anna Wittelsbach Holy Roman Empress (age 41) died.

On 08 Mar 1617 William Sacheverell (age 62) died.

On 08 Mar 1617 Walter Stewart 1st Lord Blantyre died.

On 08 Mar 1622 Katherine Conyers (age 82) died.

On 08 Mar 1627 Samuel Tryon 1st Baronet (age 45) died. His son Samuel Tryon 2nd Baronet (age 9) succeeded 2nd Baronet Tryon of Layer Marney in Essex.

On 08 Mar 1642 Percival Harte (age 73) died.

On 08 Mar 1672 Thomas Tyrell (age 77) died.

On 08 Mar 1683 George Dashwood (age 66) died.

On 08 Mar 1685 Richard Mason (age 52) died.

On 12 Feb 1712 Maria Adelaide Savoy (age 26) died of measles at Versailles.

On 18 Feb 1712 Louis Bourbon Duke Burgundy (age 29) died of measles contracted when nursing his wife Maria Adelaide Savoy (age 26) who had died six days previously.

On 08 Mar 1712, their eldest son, heir to the throne, Louis Bourbon Duke Brittany (age 5) died of measles.

The heir to the French throne their only remaining son Louis (age 1), aged two, great-grandson of the reigning monarch Louis "Sun King" XIV King France (age 73) succeeded his great-grandfather three years later in 1715.

On 08 Mar 1723 Christopher Wren (age 99) died.

On 08 Mar 1734 Bridget Hyde Duchess Leeds (age 72) died.

On 08 Mar 1743 Bishop John Hough (age 91) died.

On 08 Mar 1744 George Douglas (age 5) died.

On 08 Mar 1748 William Cust (age 28) was killed by a cannon-ball whilst leading the attack on Port Louis on HMS Elizabeth.

On 08 Mar 1784 Catherine Lee Countess of Lichfield (age 75) died.

On 05 Mar 1790 Reverend Thomas Loxley (age 68) died. He was buried at St Mary’s Church, Sprotbrough [Map] on 08 Mar 1790.

On 08 Mar 1790 Nicholas Smythe (age 60) died. Nicholas Owen Smythe (age 21) inherited Condover Hall, Shropshire.

On 08 Mar 1793 Susan Fane (age 24) died.

On 08 Mar 1813 Sophia Hope (age 54) died.

On 08 Mar 1816 John Strutt of Terling Place in Essex (age 88) died.

On 08 Mar 1822 Robert Sparrow (age 80) died.

On 08 Mar 1827 William Molyneux (age 66) died. He was buried at St Nicholas Church, Liverpool.

On 08 Mar 1829 Anna-Maria Amyand Countess Minto (age 76) died.

On 08 Mar 1839 Augustus Fitzwalter Mildmay died.

On 08 Mar 1839 Anne Eugenia Baring died.

On 08 Mar 1842 Henry Francis Roper-Curzon 14th Baronet (age 74) died. His son Henry Roper-Curzon 15th Baron Teynham (age 52) succeeded 15th Baron Teynham of Teynham in Kent. Sarah Rudd Baroness Teynham by marriage Baroness Teynham of Teynham in Kent.

On 08 Mar 1858 Elizabeth Wardley (age 70) died.

On 08 Mar 1863 Henry Collins Flagg Jr (age 71) died.

On 08 Mar 1873 Robert William Thomson (age 50) died at Edinburgh [Map].

On 08 Mar 1882 William Bulkeley Hughes (age 84) died.

On 08 Mar 1882 Charles Howard (age 74) died.

On 08 Mar 1883 Arthur George St John-Mildmay (age 59) died.

On 08 Mar 1883 James Henry Legge Dutton 3rd Baron Sherborne (age 78) died. His son Edward Lenox Dutton 4th Baron Sherborne (age 51) succeeded 4th Baron Sherborne. Emily Theresa Stern Baroness Sherborne (age 36) by marriage Baroness Sherborne.

On 08 Mar 1886 Charlotte Howard (age 82) died.

On 08 Mar 1887 Frances Harriett Greville Duchess Richmond (age 63) died.

On 08 Mar 1899 Eliza Ellice (age 81) died at Pelham House Lewes East Sussex.

On 08 Mar 1900 Lieutenent Evelyn Meyricke (age 25) died at the Military Hospital, Pietermaritzburg. He was twice mentioned for bravery in the Campaign for the Relief of Siege of Ladysmith.

On 08 Mar 1902 Maria Gore died.

On 08 Mar 1905 Edward Dolman Scott 6th and 5th Baronet (age 79) died. Baronet Scott of Great Barr in Staffordshire extinct. His half first cousin once removed Alexander Fuller-Acland-Hood 1st Baron St Audries (age 51) succeeded 6th Baronet Bateman of Hartington Hall in Derbyshire.

On 08 Mar 1913 William Frank Lascelles (age 49) died.

On 08 Mar 1916 Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Arthur Clowes (age 48) died of typhoid whilst on active service at Cairo. He was buried at the Cairo War Memorial Cemetery Plot D.344.

On 08 Mar 1919 Elizabeth Charlotte Louisa Craven Countess Wilton (age 82) died.

On 08 Mar 1921 Georgina Henrietta Emma Hanbury-Tracy (age 89) died.

On 08 Mar 1924 Frederick Fitzgerald (age 67) died.

On 08 Mar 1947 Major Anthony Ashley-Cooper (age 46) died.

On 08 Mar 1961 Dorothy Margaret Browne (age 73) died.

On 08 Mar 1962 Bertram Edward Petre (age 88) died.

On 08 Mar 1976 Edward Fitzgerald 7th Duke Leinster (age 83) committed suicide by taking an overdose of pentobarbital.

On 08 Mar 1986 Irma Helene Hohenlohe Langenburg (age 83) died.

On 08 Mar 2010 Sibell Margaret Norman died.

On 08 Mar 2010 Mary Rose Fitzroy (age 91) died.

On 08 Mar 2021 Iris Susan Stuart Colin died. She was buried at Lincoln Cathedral [Map].

Iris Susan Stuart Colin: On 12 Jan 1921 she was born. Before 19 Dec 1995 Bishop Gerald Fitzmaurice Colin and she were married.