On this Day in History ... 24 September

24 Sep is in September.

1486 Birth and Christening of Arthur Prince of Wales

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1599 Robert Devereux Earl Essex loses the Plot

1611 Sep 1611 Creation of Baronets

1645 Battle of Rowton Heath aka Moor

1664 Great Plague of London

On 24 Sep 1230 Alfonso IX King Leon (age 59) died. His son Ferdinand III King Castile III King Leon (age 31) succeeded III King Leon.

On 24 Sep 1277 William Marshal 1st Baron Marshal was born to John Marshal (age 20) and Hawise Unknown at Denham Hartismere.

Before 24 Sep 1291 John Wake 1st Baron Wake of Liddell (age 23) and Joan Fiennes Baroness Wake Liddell were married. Joan Fiennes Baroness Wake Liddell by marriage Baroness Wake of Liddell. He a great x 2 grandson of King John "Lackland" of England. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

On 24 Sep 1301 Ralph Stafford 1st Earl Stafford was born to Edmund Stafford 1st Baron Stafford (age 29) and Margaret Basset (age 21).

Froissart. 1326. THUS was sir John of Hainault (age 38) moved in his courage and made his assembly, and prayed the Hainowes to be ready at Hal, and the Brabances at Breda, and the Hollanders to be at Dordrecht at a day limited. Then the queen of England (age 31) took leave of the earl of Hainault (age 40) and of the Joan Valois Countess Zeeland Holland Avesnes and Hainault (age 32), and thanked them greatly of their honour, feast and good cheer that they had made her, kissing them at her departing. Thus this lady (age 31) departed and her son (age 13) and all her company with Sir John of Hainault (age 38), who with great pain gat leave of his brother, saying to him: 'My lord and brother, I am young and think that God hath purveyed for me this enterprise for mine advancement. I believe and think verily that wrongfully and sinfully this lady hath been chased out of England, and also her son. It is alms and glory to God and to the world to comfort and help them that be comfortless, and specially so high and so noble a lady as this is, who is daughter to a king and descended of a royal king; we be of her blood and she of ours. I had rather renounce and forsake all that I have and go serve God over the sea and never to return into this country, rather than this good lady should have departed from us without comfort and help. Therefore, dear brother, suffer me to go with your good-will, wherein ye shall do nobly, and I shall humbly thank you thereof, and the better thereby I shall accomplish all the voyage.' And when the good earl of Hainault had well heard his brother (age 38), and perceived the great desire that he had to his enterprise, and saw well it might turn him and his heirs to great honour hereafter, said to him: 'My fair brother, God forbid that your good purpose should be broken or let: therefore in the name of God I give you leave'; and kissed him, straining him by the hand in sign of great love. Thus he departed and rode the same night to Mons in Hainault with the queen of England (age 31). What should I make long process? They did so much by their journeys that they came to Dordrecht in Holland, whereas their special assembly was made. And there they purveyed for ships great and small, such as they could get, and shipped their horses and harness and purveyance, and so commended themselves into the keeping of God and took their passage by sea. In Sanses de Boussoit, the lord of Vertaing, the lord of Potelle, the lord Villers, the' lord of Hennin, the lord of Sars, the lord of Bousies, the lord of Aubrecicourt, the lord of Estrumel, and sir Wulfart of Ghistelles, and divers other knights and squires, all in great desire to serve their master. And when they were all departed from the haven of Dordrecht, it was a fair fleet as for the quantity, and well ordered, the season was fair and clear and right temperate, and at their departing with the first flood they came before the dikes of Holland; and the next day they drew up their sails and took their way in coasting Zealand; and their intents were to have, taken land at Dongport;1 but they could not, for a tempest took them in the sea, that put them so far out of their course that they wist not of two days where they were: of the which God did them great grace, for if they had taken land at the port whereas they had thought, they had been all lost, for they had fallen in the hands of their enemies, who knew well of their coming, and abode them there to have put them all to death. So it was that about the end of two days the tempest ceased, and the mariners perceived land in England and drew to that part right joyously, and there took land on the sands without any right haven or port at Harwich [Map], as the English chronicle saith, the 24th day of September, the year of our Lord MCCCXXVI., and so abode on the sands three days with little purveyance of victual, and unshipped their horses and harness, nor they wist not in what part of England they were in, other in the power of their friends or in the power of their enemies. On the fourth day they took forth their way in the adventure of God and of Saint George, as such people as had suffered great disease of cold by night and hunger and great fear, whereof they were not as then clean rid. And so they rode forth by hills and dales on the one side and on the other, till at the last they found villages and a great abbey of black monks, the which is called SaintEdmund [Map], whereas they three days refreshed themselves.

On 24 Sep 1332 Edward Balliol I King Scotland (age 49) was crowned I King Scotland at Scone.

On 24 Sep 1459 Eric King Norway King Denmark King Sweden (age 78) died.

On 24 Sep 1464 John Clinton 5th Baron Clinton (age 54) died. His son John Clinton 6th Baron Clinton (age 35) succeeded 6th Baron Clinton. Elizabeth Fiennes Baroness Clinton (age 9) by marriage Baroness Clinton.

Birth and Christening of Arthur Prince of Wales

Around 24 Sep 1490 Bishop John Hales (age 90) died. He was buried in Lichfield Cathedral [Map].

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1535. 24 Sep 1535. 431. Randall Tytley to Cromwell.

Petition stating that he has been a prisoner five years in Bread Street Counter [Map]; "and now of late one Mr. Broke was at the said Counter with charity from your good mastership, demanding of the prisoners how they were ordered, and commanded them, if they were not well ordered, to write to your good mastership for remedy."

Wrote accordingly the constitutions of the same Counter, and sent it to Mr. Brooke, to present to Cromwell; for doing which the keeper sent him to Newgate, where he is likely to die of the sickness of the house. At Bread Street every man pays for his bed, "some 4d., some 2d., if they be feather beds, and a mattress 1d.; " and if the prisoner wear any irons, he pays double; so that his beds, one week with another, amount to 30s. a year; although all the beds in the prison are scarcely worth one week's lodging; whereas the custom of the city is but a penny for the best feather bed within the prison, and ½d. for a mattrass, and if they complain they are sent to Newgate. If the friends of the prisoners bring them any charity, as bread, drink, cheese, &c., the keeper will suffer none to come to them, lest it hinder his own custom. If a prisoner come in for debt for £5 or above, he is forced to agree with his keeper at an exorbitant rate beyond his power; and if any one be in arrear for one night's lodging, and though he be able to pay when his friends come to him, he is thrust into the hole, and kept till he has sold all his clothes, and then there is no remedy but to Newgate with him, which has been the murder of many a tall man and true, able to do the King service. Moreover, if a man, after remaining long in prison, be released by the pity of his creditors, he is still detained for 8d., the keeper's fee of the door. The tapster also pays 6s. 8d. on every barrel, and is compelled to find the prisoners candles, which, on an average, cost 12d. a week; but the keeper pays only 3s. a barrel.

Large paper, pp. 2. Add.: Secretary.

On 24 Sep 1558 Ralph Eure 3rd Baron Eure was born to William Eure 2nd Baron Eure (age 29) and Margaret Dymoke.

On 24 Sep 1562 Henry Grey 4th Earl Kent (age 67) died. His grandson Reginald Grey 5th Earl Kent (age 22) succeeded 5th Earl Kent 8C 1465, 8th Baron Grey of Ruthyn 1324.

Robert Devereux Earl Essex loses the Plot

On 24 Sep 1599 Robert Devereux 2nd Earl Essex (age 33) sailed from Ireland reaching London four days later.

PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Robert_Devereux_essex.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Robert_Devereux_2nd_Earl_of_Essex.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Robert_Devereux_2nd_Earl_of_Essex_Garter.jpg

Clement Spelman of Narborough: He was born to John Spelman of and Margaret Blennerhasset. The mother assumed based on his father having married Margaret but not certain she is his only wife. In 1602 Clement Spelman of Narborough and Anne Carvill were married. Before 12 Sep 1606 Clement Spelman of Narborough and Ursula Willoughby (age 13) were married.

Ursula Willoughby: Around 1593 she was born to John Willoughby of Risley (age 38).

Sep 1611 Creation of Baronets

On 24 Sep 1611 a further tranche of Baronets was created by King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 45) ...

Robert Napier 1st Baronet (age 51) was created 1st Baronet Napier of Luton Hoo in Bedfordshire.

Thomas Penyston 1st Baronet (age 20) was created 1st Baronet Penyston of Leigh in Iden in Sussex. Martha Temple Lady Penyston (age 16) by marriage Lady Penyston of Leigh in Iden in Sussex.


On 24 Sep 1621 Henry Stafford 5th Baron Stafford was born to Edward Stafford and Ann Wilford.


Battle of Rowton Heath aka Moor

Archaeologia Cambrensis 1820 Page 464. Sept. 24. "Being Wednesday, the King's forces were routed by the Parlm army in a place called Rowton Moor.

"From Chester the King retreated to Denbigh Castle, and, having layed there two or three nights, retourned to Chirk Castle [Map]. The next morning, viz. 29th, he advanced from thence with his army through Llan-Silin, and quartered that night in Halchdyn1 and so passed through Mountgomeryshyre towards Ludlow.

Note 1. Halchdyn is in Deuddwr, between the rivers Havren and Vyrnwy, aad near Llandrinio. The name of the place has been anglicised into Haughton.

On 24 Sep 1645 the Battle of Rowton Heath aka Moor was a significant defeat for the Royalists, commanded in person by King Charles (age 44) with heavy losses and prevented Charles from relieving the siege of Chester.


On 24 Sep 1649 Richard Graham 1st Viscount Preston was born to George Graham 2nd Baronet (age 25).

On 24 Sep 1650 Charles Valois Duke Angoulême (age 77) died.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 24 Sep 1664. So home and to my office, and business being done home to supper and so to bed, my head and throat being still out of order mightily. This night Prior of Brampton came and paid me £40, and I find this poor painful man is the only thriving and purchasing man in the town almost. We were told to-day of a Dutch ship of 3 or 400 tons, where all the men were dead of the plague, and the ship cast ashore at Gottenburgh.

On 24 Sep 1710 Charles Berkeley 2nd Earl Berkeley (age 61) died. His son James Berkeley 3rd Earl Berkeley (age 31) succeeded 3rd Earl Berkeley, 3rd Viscount Dursley, 11th Baron Berkeley 2C 1421.


On 24 Sep 1776 Charles Maynard 2nd Viscount Maynard (age 24) and Anne aka Nancy Parsons Viscountess Maynard (age 41) were married.


On 24 Sep 1776 Charles Cadogan 2nd Baron Cadogan (age 91) died.

On 24 Sep 1786 Vice Admiral Granville Waldegrave 2nd Baron Radstock was born to William Waldegrave 1st Baron Radstock (age 33). He a great x 3 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.


After 24 Sep 1790. Monument at St Mary the Virgin Church, Overton to Kenrick Price.

On 24 Sep 1835 John Pitt 2nd Earl Chatham (age 78) died. Earl Chatham extinct.

On 24 Sep 1844 Reverend Edgell Wyatt-Edgell Baron Braye (age 43) and Henrietta Otway 4th Baroness Braye (age 35) were married.

On 24 Sep 1884 Rudolph Feilding 9th Earl of Denbigh (age 25) and Cecilia Mary Clifford Countess Denbigh (age 24) were married. He the son of Rudolph Feilding 8th Earl of Denbigh 7th Earl Desmond (age 61) and Mary Berkeley Countess Denbigh. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 24 Sep 1887 Victor Alexander John Hope 2nd Marquess Linlithgow was born to John Hope 1st Marquess Linlithgow (age 26) at Hopetoun House, South Queensferry.

On 24 Sep 1905 Richard Duke Coleridge 4th Baron Coleridge was born to Geoffrey Duke Coleridge 3rd Baron Coleridge (age 28) and Mary aka Jessie Alethea Mackarness Baroness Coleridge (age 25).

PAINTINGS/BASSANO/Edith_Winn.jpg24 Sep 1910. Bassano Ltd. Photograph of Edith Victoria Blanche Winn (age 15).

Edith Victoria Blanche Winn: On 12 Jan 1895 she was born. On 10 Jul 1916 Guy Randolph Westmacott (age 24) and Edith Victoria Blanche Winn (age 21) were married. On 05 Jun 1966 Edith Victoria Blanche Winn (age 71) died.

PAINTINGS/BASSANO/Hugh_Clifford_1.jpg24 Sep 1910. Bassano Ltd. Photograph of Hugh Charles Clifford (age 44).

Hugh Charles Clifford: On 05 Mar 1866 he was born to Henry Hugh Clifford (age 39). On 18 Dec 1941 Hugh Charles Clifford (age 75) died.

PAINTINGS/BASSANO/Edith_Winn_2.jpg24 Sep 1910. Bassano Ltd. Photograph of Edith Victoria Blanche Winn (age 15).