On this Day in History ... 25 August

25 Aug is in August.

1330 Battle of Teba

1345 Battle of Bergerac

1580 Battle of Glenmalure

1665 Great Plague of London

1689 Siege of Londonderry

1942 Dunbeath Air Crash

On 25 Aug 1192 Hugh III Duke Burgundy (age 50) died. His son Odo III Duke Burgundy (age 26) succeeded III Duke Burgundy.

On 25 Aug 1270 Alphonse Brienne Count Eu (age 42) died. His son John Brienne I Count Eu succeeded I Count Eu.

On 25 Aug 1270 King Louis IX of France (age 56) died. His son Philip "Bold" III King France (age 25) succeeded III King France: Capet. Isabella Barcelona Queen Consort France (age 22) by marriage Queen Consort France.

On 25 Aug 1282 Bishop Thomas Cantilupe (age 64) died in Ferento, Orvieto. Monument in the North Transept of Hereford Cathedral [Map] in the form of a shrine-pedestal and consisting of an altar-tomb and open superstructure (Plate 134), altar-tomb possibly slightly earlier than the rest, tapering on plan and re-assembled, long sides with six bays and W. end with two bays of cinque-foiled arcading on attached shafts with foliated capitals and moulded bases, spandrels carved with varying naturalistic foliage; each bay filled with figure of knight (Plate 136) with long surcoat, heater-shaped shield and feet on lions and other beasts, faces all defaced; on slab, indent of brass figure of bishop with mitre and crozier and canopy; small brass figure of St. Ethelbert now in library; superstructure with six bays on long sides and two at W. end of open trefoiled arcading resting on shafts with moulded capitals and bases, spandrels carved with naturalistic foliage and winged beasts, moulded cornice at top and plain top slab; E. end of tomb, plain and not intended to be seen, with part of carved spandrel set in it.

Battle of Teba

On 25 Aug 1330 James "Black" Douglas (age 44) was killed during the Battle of Teba at Teba whilst en route to the Holy Land with the heart of Robert "The Bruce" I King Scotland.

Froissart. 25 Aug 1330. Battle of Teba. And within a while after that this knight sir William Douglas (age 44) was come to the king of Spain (age 19), on a day the king issued out into the field to approach near to his enemies. And the king of Granade issued out in like wise on his part, so that each king might see other with all their banners displayed. Then they arranged their battles each against other. Then sir William Douglas (age 44) drew out on the one side with all his company, to the intent to shew his prowess the better. And when he saw these battles thus ranged on both parties, and saw that the battle of the king of Spain (age 19) began somewhat to advance toward their enemies, he thought then verily that they should soon assemble together to fight at hand strokes; and then he thought rather to be with the foremost than with the hindermost, and strake his horse with the spurs, and all his company also, and dashed into the battle of the king of Granade, crying, 'Douglas! Douglas!' weening to him the king of Spain (age 19) and his host had followed, but they did not; wherefore he was deceived, for the Spanish host stood still. And so this gentle knight (age 44) was enclosed, and all his company, with the Saracens, whereas he did marvels in arms, but finally he could not endure, so that he and all his company were slain. The which was great damage, that the Spaniards would not rescue them. Also in this season there were certain lords that treated for peace between England and Scotland. So that at the last there was a marriage made and solemnised between the young king of Scotland (age 4) and dame Joan of the Tower (age 7), sister to king Edward of England (age 15), at Berwick [Map], as the English chronicle saith, on Mary Maudlin day [Note. the Feast of Mary Magdalen is 22 Jul?], the year 'of our Lord MCCCXXVIII., against the assent of many of the nobles of the realm. But queen Isabel (age 35) the king's mother and the earl Mortimer (age 43) made that marriage; at the which, as mine author saith, there was great feast made on both parties.

On 25 Aug 1339 Henry Cobham 1st Baron Cobham (age 79) died at Hache. His son John Cobham 2nd Baron Cobham (age 54) succeeded 2nd Baron Cobham 1C 1313. Agnes Stone Baroness Cobham by marriage Baroness Cobham.

Battle of Bergerac

Around 25 Aug 1345 Henry of Grosmont 1st Duke Lancaster (age 35) commanded the English forces at Bergerac, Dordogne during the Battle of Bergerac. The English army including Walter Manny 1st Baron Manny (age 35) won a decisive victory over the French with Henri Montigny captured.

On 25 Aug 1390 Maurice Fitzgerald 4th Earl of Kildare (age 72) died. His son Gerald Fitzgerald 5th Earl of Kildare succeeded 5th Earl Kildare.

On 25 Aug 1394 Mary Percy Baroness Ros Helmsley (age 27) died. Her late husband's brother John Ros 5th Baron Ros Helmsley received her dower lands which included Helmsley [Map].

On 25 Aug 1482 Margaret of Anjou Queen Consort England (age 52) died at Chateau Dampierre-sur-Loire, Dampierre-sur-Loire, Saumur. She was buried at Angers Cathedral [Map].

On 25 Aug 1498 Giovanni de Gigli died in Rome.


Battle of Glenmalure

On 25 Aug 1580 the Irish forces ambushed the forces of Arthur Grey 14th Baron Grey of Wilton (age 44) at the Battle of Glenmalure fought at Glenmalure, County Wicklow. Around 800 English soldiers, including, Peter Carew were killed.

On 25 Aug 1595 John Stewart 5th Earl Atholl (age 32) died.

On 25 Aug 1595 William Courtenay 3rd Earl Devon (age 42) and Elizabeth Sydenham were married. He the son of William Courtenay 2nd Earl Devon and Elizabeth Paulett Countess Devon.

After 25 Aug 1595 William Courtenay 3rd Earl Devon (age 42) and Jane Hill Countess Devon (age 30) were married. She by marriage Countess Devon. He the son of William Courtenay 2nd Earl Devon and Elizabeth Paulett Countess Devon.

Autobiograph Simon D'Ewes. 25 Aug 1622. On Sunday, the 25th day of this month, preached one Mr. Claydon, (minister of Hackney, near London,) at St. Paul's Cross [Map]; and cited a story out of our Chronicles, of a Spanish sheep, brought into England in Edward the First's time, which infected most of the sheep of England with a murrain, and prayed God no more such sheep might be brought over from thence hither; at which many of his bearers cried out "Amen." So much generally did all men fear that Prince Charles should marry1 the King of Spain's (age 17) sister (age 16), as they ever hated that nation. He lay awhile in prison for his sermon, but was soon after set at liberty by the mediation of Sir John Ramsey (age 42), Knt., a Scotchman, Earl of Holderness, whose chaplain he was.

Note 1. In MS. Egerton 783, is a curious paper, entitled "A Private Consideration of the intended Marriage between Charles, Prince of Woles, and Mary of Austria, Daughter of the late Phillip the Third king of Spain."It commences as follows: - "The House of Parliament should once have been blown up, and now is supposed to be broken up for the averseness of the Commons to the Spanish match, for expressing their fears of danger and loss to the kingdom, both daily confirmed and increased by the acquires of the King of Spain, and prooeedings of the Spanish action; by our treative complements with Spain, and for protesting to preserve their rights and privileges." The proposed articles of marriage are given in the same volume.


Great Plague of London

On 25 Aug 1665 Charles Seymour 2nd Baron Seymour Trowbridge (age 44) died, possibly of plague. His son Francis Seymour 5th Duke Somerset (age 7) succeeded 3rd Baron Seymour Trowbridge.

Pepy's Diary. 25 Aug 1665. Up betimes to the office, and there, as well as all the afternoon, saving a little dinner time, all alone till late at night writing letters and doing business, that I may get beforehand with my business again, which hath run behind a great while, and then home to supper and to bed. This day I am told that Dr. Burnett, my physician, is this morning dead of the plague; which is strange, his man dying so long ago, and his house this month open again. Now himself dead. Poor unfortunate man!

On 25 Aug 1679 Charles Kirkoven 1st Earl Bellomont (age 36) and Frances Willoughby Countess Bellomont (age 36) were married. She by marriage Baroness Wotton. He the son of Jehan Lord of Heenvliet and Katherine Wotton Countess Chesterfield.

On 25 Aug 1686 James Douglas 10th Earl Morton died. His son James Douglas 11th Earl Morton (age 26) succeeded 11th Earl Morton.

Siege of Londonderry

Evelyn's Diary. 25 Aug 1689. Hitherto it has been a most seasonable summer. Derry aka Londonderry relieved after a brave and wonderful holding out.

On 25 Aug 1699 Christian V King Denmark and Norway (age 53) died. His son Frederick IV King Denmark and Norway (age 27) succeeded IV King Denmark and Norway. Louise of Mecklenburg Güstrow Queen Consort Denmark and Norway (age 31) by marriage Queen Consort Denmark and Norway.

On 25 Aug 1707 Louis I King Spain was born to Philippe V King Spain (age 23) and Maria Luisa Savoy (age 18). He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland. Coefficient of inbreeding 5.04%.


PAINTINGS/KNELLER/Edward_Villiers.jpgBefore 25 Aug 1711 Godfrey Kneller (age 65). Portrait of Edward Villiers 1st Earl Jersey (age 55).

On 25 Aug 1711 Edward Villiers 1st Earl Jersey (age 55) died. His son William Villiers 2nd Earl Jersey (age 29) succeeded 2nd Earl Jersey, 2nd Viscount Villiers, 2nd Baron Villiers.


After 25 Aug 1721. All Saints Church Hough-on-the-Hill [Map]. Grave slab of Anthony Thorold 6th Baronet (deceased).

Anthony Thorold 6th Baronet: Around 1710 he was born to William Thorold 5th Baronet. In 1720 William Thorold 5th Baronet died. His son Anthony Thorold 6th Baronet (age 10) succeeded 6th Baronet Thorold of Marston in Lincolnshire. On 25 Aug 1721 Anthony Thorold 6th Baronet (age 11) died. His uncle John Thorold 7th Baronet (age 45) succeeded 7th Baronet Thorold of Marston in Lincolnshire.

On 25 Aug 1750 Gertrude Trevor Roper 19th Baroness Dacre Gilsland was born to Charles Trevor Roper (age 29) and Gertrude Trevor. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 25 Aug 1769 Clotworthy Upton 1st Baron Templetown (age 48) and Elizabeth Boughton Baroness Templetown (age 16) were married. The difference in their ages was 31 years.

The Early Diaries of Frances Burney May 1775. Mr. Jones, a Welsh harper, a silly young man, was also present. We had a great deal of conversation in parties, before the Concert began. I had the satisfaction to sit next to Mr. Harris (age 62), who is very cheerful and communicative, and his conversation was instructive and agreeable58.5. Mr. Jones, the harper, began the Concert. He has a fine instrument of Merlin's construction; he plays with great neatness and delicacy; but as expression must have meaning, he does not abound in that commodity. After him, at the request of the Baronness Deiden, Mr. Burney went to the harpsichord. He played with his usual successful velocity and his usual applause. When he had received the compliments of the nobility and gentry, my father begged the Baronness to take his place; but she would not at first hear of it. She said in French, which she almost always speaks, that it was quite out of the question; and that it would be like a figurante's dancing after Heinel59.1. However, Miss Phipps joined so warmly in my father's request, that she was at length prevailed with. The character she has acquired of being the first of lady harpsichord players, as far as I have heard or can judge, is well merited. She has a great deal of execution and fire, and plays with much meaning. She is, besides, extremely modest and unconscious. She declared she had never been so much frightened before in her life59.2. When she had played a Lesson of Schobert's, my father asked her for another German composition, which he had heard her play at Lord Mulgrave's. She was going very obligingly to comply, when the Baron Deiden, looking at my sister, said, "Mais après, ma chère." "Eh bien!" cried Miss Phipps, "après Mrs. Burney."

Note 58.5. James Harris, of Salisbury (age 62), was nephew to that Earl of Shaftesbury who wrote "The Characteristics." He was First Lord of the Admiralty in 1762; a Lord of the Treasury afterwards. Dr. Johnson said that he was "a sound, solid scholar," but "a prig, and a bad prig," and "a coxcomb," who "did not understand his own system" in his own book, called "Hermes, an inquiry concerning universal grammar." We here see him in his pleasant, social aspect. Dr. Burney ranks him as a writer on music, in virtue of his three "Treatises on Art, Music, and History," 1774. When Mr. Harris took his seat in the House of Commons, Charles Townsend said to his next neighbour,-" Who is this man?"-" Who? why Harris that wrote one book about Grammar, and another about Virtue."-" What does he come here for? He will find neither Grammar nor Virtue here."

Note 59.1. Horace Walpole to Lord Strafford, August 25, 1771: "There is a finer dancer" (than Mlle. Guimard) "whom Mr. Hobart is to transport to London; a Mlle. Heinel or Ingle, a Fleming. She is tall, perfectly made, very handsome, and has a set of attitudes copied from the classics; she moves as gracefully slow as Pygmalion's statue when it was coming to life." She filled a before-deserted Opera House. The manager, Mr. Hobart, paid her six hundred pounds for the season, and the Maccaroni Club" complimented her with a regale of six hundred more."

Note 59.2. According to Horace Walpole, the Baron and Baroness Deiden were not personce gratis at the Court of St. James; being sent to England after the imprisonment of George III's (age 33) sister, Caroline Matilda, Queen of (age 20) Denmark. They were moved to the Papal Court, where Miss Berry met them a little later.


On 25 Aug 1800 John Vesey 2nd Viscount Vesci (age 29) and Frances Letitia Brownlow Viscountess Vesci were married. She by marriage Viscountess Vesci of Abbeyleix in Queen's County.

On 25 Aug 1802 Charles John Cary 9th Viscount Falkland (age 33) and Christiana Anton Viscountess Falkland were married. She by marriage Viscountess Falkland.

On 25 Aug 1802 George Charles Venables-Vernon 4th Baron Vernon (age 22) and Frances Maria Warren Baroness Vernon (age 18) were married.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Willliam_Henry_Duke_Gloucester.png PAINTINGS/OPIE/William_Frederick.jpg

On 25 Aug 1831 Thomas Charles Hanbury-Tracy 2nd Baron Sudeley (age 30) and Emma Elizabeth Alicia Dawkins-Pennant Baroness Sudeley were married.


On 25 Aug 1847 Henry Seymour Moore 3rd Marquess Drogheda (age 22) and Mary Caroline Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie Marchioness Drogheda (age 20) were married. She by marriage Marchioness Drogheda. They were third cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 25 Aug 1864 Balthazar Walter Foster 1st Baron Ilkeston (age 24) and Emily Martha Sargant were married.


On 25 Aug 1868 Walter Henry James 2nd Baron Northbourne (age 22) and Edith Emeline Mary Lane Baroness Northbourne were married.

After 25 Aug 1873. Memorial at St Andrew's Church, Kimbolton [Map] to husband and wife Benjamin Welstead and Mary Rowley (deceased).

Benjamin Welstead: On 25 Dec 1774 he was born to Charles Marion Welstead (age 31) and Ann Richards (age 31). On 10 Jul 1832 Benjamin Welstead (age 57) and Mary Rowley (age 33) were married at St Marylebone Church. The difference in their ages was 23 years. On 14 Mar 1858 Benjamin Welstead (age 83) died.

Mary Rowley: In 06 Oct 1798 she was born. On 25 Aug 1873 Mary Rowley (age 74) died at Littlehampston.

On 25 Aug 1925 the Heywood War Memorial [Map] was unveiled by the Very Reverend The Dean of Manchester. The memorial was sculpted by Walter Marsden (age 42).

Dunbeath Air Crash

On 25 Aug 1942 Prince George Windsor 1st Duke Kent (age 39) died in a plane crash at Dunbeath. His son Edward Windsor 2nd Duke Kent (age 6) succeeded 2nd Duke Kent 2C 1934.

Michael Strutt (age 28) was also killed.