On this Day in History ... 26 July

26 Jul is in July.

1346 Battle of Caen

1461 Edward IV Rewards his Followers

1469 Battle of Edgecote Moor

1469 Capture of Edward IV

1575 Jul 1575 Rathlin Island Massacre

1588 Spanish Armada

1603 Coronation of James I

1665 Great Plague of London

On 26 Jul 1139 Afonso "Conqueror Founder Great" I King Portugal (age 30) was appointed I King Portugal: Burgundy.

On 26 Jul 1158 Geoffrey Plantagenet Count Nantes (age 24) died at Nantes [Map].

On 26 Jul 1224 John Courtenay 2nd Baron Okehampton was born to Robert Courtenay 1st Baron Okehampton (age 54) and Mary Vernon Redvers Baroness Okehampton (age 28). He a great x 3 grandson of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England.

On 26 Jul 1242 Robert Courtenay 1st Baron Okehampton (age 72) died. His son John Courtenay 2nd Baron Okehampton (age 18) succeeded 2nd Baron Okehampton.

Battle of Caen

On 26 Jul 1346 the English army attacked and took Caen [Map] killing around 5000 French soldiers and militia. Otho Holland (age 30) fought.

Archaeologia Volume 35 1853 XXXIII. On the 26th [Jul 1358], Isabella (age 63) and her daughter the Queen of Scotland (age 37) spent the day at Almesho Park; and the following day at Madecroft Park.

On 26 Jul 1375 Richard Pembridge (age 55) died. Hereford Cathedral [Map]. Alabaster altar-tomb and effigy, altar-tomb with moulded base and capping, sides and ends panelled with alternate quatrefoils enclosing shields of his arms and trefoil-headed panels; effigy in bascinet, Camail and Jupon Period. His jupon with same arms as his shield. Hip Belt, Leg Garter, right leg modern, head on helm crested with a Feathered Crest, feet on hound.

On 26 Jul 1400 Isabel Despencer Countess Warwick and Worcester was born to Thomas Despencer 1st Earl Gloucester and Constance York Countess Gloucester (age 26) some six months after her father had been beheaded during the Epiphany Rising. She a great granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Edward IV Rewards his Followers

On 26 Jul 1461 William Hastings 1st Baron Hastings (age 30) was created 1st Baron Hastings 2C 1461 for supporting King Edward IV of England (age 19) in his claim to the throne.

Robert Ogle 1st Baron Ogle (age 55) was created 1st Baron Ogle by King Edward IV of England (age 19) for having been the principal Northumbrian gentleman to support the Yorkist cause.

Battle of Edgecote Moor

On 26 Jul 1469 the Yorkist army suffered a defeat against a Lancastrian army led by Robin of Redesdale at the Battle of Edgecote Moor. The Yorkist army was commanded by John Courtenay 15th Earl Devon (age 34) and William "Black William" Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke (age 46).

Thomas Vaughan (age 69), John Wogan, Henry Neville (age 32), John Conyers (age 36) and Oliver Dudley (age 32) were killed. Humphrey Stafford 1st Earl Devon (age 30), John Conyers Sheriff of Yorkshire (age 58) and William Parr (age 35) fought. Richard Woodville 1st Earl Rivers (age 64) and John Woodville (age 24) were captured.

Richard Herbert (age 46) was beheaded.

After 26 Jul 1469. St Mary's Church Kington [Map]. Thomas Vaughan killed 26 Jul 1469 at the Battle of Edgecote Moor and wife Elena "Terrible" Gethen so called because she murdered her cousin who had murdered her brother. Alabaster. Early Plate Bascinet Period. Tassets. Believed to have been moved from the Chancel since it is decorated on all sides. Possible Harpur and Moorecock of Burton on Trent - see the folds at the base of her dress and the possible little dog between them. Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings holding Shields.

Capture of Edward IV

After 26 Jul 1469 King Edward IV of England (age 27) was captured by his brother George (age 19) at Olney [Map] after the Battle of Edgecote Moor.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 26 Jul 1553. The xxix day of July was a felow s[et in the pillory] for spykyng agaynst the good qwen Mare (age 37).

PAINTINGS/MOR/Mary_I_of_England.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Mary1_Eworth_1556.jpg

Henry Machyn's Diary. 26 Jul 1553. The sam day cam rydyng thrugh London my lade Elssabeth (age 19) grace, and thrugh Fletstrett, and so to my [lord of] Somersett('s) place that was, and yt ys my lade grasys [place; attended] with ij Ml. horse, with speres and bowes and gunes, and odur .... and spesyall sir John Wylliam, sir John Brygys, master Chamb[urlain,] all in gren gardyd with whytt welvett saten taffaty ...

Note. Arrival of the lady Elizabeth. In this passage read, "and odur [weapons,]" and add to it, "and cloth, according to their qualities." (Strype.) The "green garded with white" was then the royal livery.

PAINTINGS/SCROTS/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/MEULEN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Elizabeth_I_Hans_Eworth.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Queen_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Phoenix.jpg PAINTINGS/GOWER/George_Gower_Elizabeth_Sieve_Portrait.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Queen_Elizabeth_I_The_Ditchley_portrait_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpg

Henry Machyn's Diary. 26 Jul 1559. The xxvj day of July cam tydynges in-to London the yonge Frenche kyng (age 15) has proclamyd ym-seyllff kyng of Skottland and England and Franse and (unfinished) .... and the morow a grett dener ... chylderyn of the hospetalle, and a-for and after .... unyalles, and ther was a goodly compene of ....


Jul 1575 Rathlin Island Massacre

On 26 Jul 1575 the English forces killed more than six hundred Scots and Irish men, women and children. The entire family of Sorley Boy MacDonnell were killed.

After 26 Jul 1575 Walter Devereux 1st Earl Essex (age 33) wrote to Francis Walsingham (age 43) that Sorley Boy MacDonnell watched the massacre from the mainland helplessly and was "like to run mad from sorrow".


Spanish Armada

On 26 Jul 1588 Roger Townshend (age 44) was knighted.

Coronation of James I

On 25 Jul 1603 King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 37) was crowned I King England Scotland and Ireland at Westminster Abbey [Map].

Charles Howard 1st Earl Nottingham (age 67) was appointed Lord High Steward.NOTEXT

On 26 Jul 1603 Thomas Bennett (age 60) and Thomas Cambell (age 67) were knighted.

On 27 Jul 1603 William Wrey 1st Baronet was knighted at Whitehall Palace [Map].

On 30 Jul 1603 Richard Preston 1st Earl Desmond was knighted at Whitehall Palace [Map].

Bishop Thomas Bilson (age 56) gave the sermon. While the wording conceded something to the divine right of kings, it also included a caveat about lawful resistance to a monarch.

On 26 Jul 1614 Henry Grey 1st Baron Grey of Groby (age 67) died. His grandson Henry Grey 1st Earl Stamford (age 15) succeeded 2nd Baron Grey of Groby 1603.


On 26 Jul 1630 Charles Emmanuel Savoy I Duke Savoy (age 68) died.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 26 Jul 1665. Thence mighty full of the honour of this day, I took coach and to Kate Joyce's, but she not within, but spoke with Anthony, who tells me he likes well of my proposal for Pall to Harman (age 28), but I fear that less than £500 will not be taken, and that I shall not be able to give, though I did not say so to him. After a little other discourse and the sad news of the death of so many in the parish of the plague, forty last night, the bell always going, I back to the Exchange [Map], where I went up and sat talking with my beauty, Mrs. Batelier, a great while, who is indeed one of the finest women I ever saw in my life. After buying some small matter, I home, and there to the office and saw Sir J. Minnes (age 66) now come from Portsmouth [Map], I home to set my Journall for these four days in order, they being four days of as great content and honour and pleasure to me as ever I hope to live or desire, or think any body else can live. For methinks if a man would but reflect upon this, and think that all these things are ordered by God Almighty to make me contented, and even this very marriage now on foot is one of the things intended to find me content in, in my life and matter of mirth, methinks it should make one mightily more satisfied in the world than he is. This day poor Robin Shaw at Backewell's died, and Backewell himself now in Flanders. The King (age 35) himself asked about Shaw, and being told he was dead, said he was very sorry for it. The sicknesse is got into our parish this week, and is got, indeed, every where; so that I begin to think of setting things in order, which I pray God enable me to put both as to soul and body.

PAINTINGS/BLOCK/Leopold_Habsburg.jpg PAINTINGS/EGMONT/Eleonore_Neuburg.jpg

PAINTINGS/HUYSMANS/John_Wilmot.jpgBefore 26 Jul 1680 Jacob Huysmans (age 47). Portrait of John Wilmot 2nd Earl Rochester (age 33).

On 26 Jul 1680 John Wilmot 2nd Earl Rochester (age 33) died. His son Charles Wilmot 3rd Earl Rochester (age 9) succeeded 3rd Earl Rochester 1C 1652, 3rd Viscount Wilmot.


On 26 Jul 1712 Thomas Osborne 1st Duke Leeds (age 80) died. His son Peregrine Osborne 2nd Duke Leeds (age 53) succeeded 2nd Duke Leeds, 2nd Earl of Danby 2C 1674, 2nd Viscount Osborne, 2nd Viscount Latimer, 2nd Baron Osborne of Kinderton, 3rd Baronet Osborne of Kiveton. Bridget Hyde Duchess Leeds (age 50) by marriage Duchess Leeds.

After 26 Jul 1712. Monument to Thomas Osborne 1st Duke Leeds (deceased) in the Osborne Family Chapel at All Hallows' Church Harthill [Map]. Sad state of repair as is the case with most of the East Markham monuments.

On 26 Jul 1717 Charles Cadogan 2nd Baron Cadogan (age 32) and Elizabeth Sloane Baroness Cadogan (age 22) were married at Church of St George the Martyr, Queen Square. The marriage transferred the 250-acre (1.0 km2) Sloane estate in suburban Chelsea to the Cadogan family, which has been the basis of the family wealth ever since.

On or before 26 Jul 1719 Elizabeth Cuffe 1st Countess Longford was born to Michael Cuffe (age 25). She was baptised on 26 Jul 1719.

After 26 Jul 1723. Church of St Michael and All Angels Edenham [Map]. Monument to Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven (deceased) sculpted by Peter Scheemakers (age 32) and Henry Cheere 1st Baronet (age 20). A Classical Period with Corinthian Capitals supporting open dentilated pediment with garland, urns and putti. Before the Aedicule a rounded Pedestal supports a marble image of the deceased attired as a Roman General.

On 26 Jul 1738 James Fitz James 3rd Duke Berwick 10th Duke Veragua (age 19) and Maria Teresa Silva Duchess Berwick and Veragua (age 22) were married. She by marriage Duchess Berwick. He the son of James Fitz James 2nd Duke Berwick and Catalina Ventura Colón Duchess Berwick 9th Duchess Veragua (age 48). He a great grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 26 Jul 1785 Henry Monck 1st Earl of Rathdowne was born to Charles Stanley Monck 1st Viscount Monck (age 31) and Anne Quin.

On 26 Jul 1810 John Horsley Beresford 2nd Baron Decies (age 36) and Charlotte Philadelphia Horsley were married.

On 26 Jul 1825 Fletcher Norton 3rd Baron Grantley (age 27) and Charlotte Earle Beechey Baroness Grantley were married. She by marriage Baroness Grantley of Markenfield in Yorkshire.

On 26 Jul 1845 Elizabeth Howard Baroness Sherborne (age 42) died. She was buried in the Saint Mary Magdalene's Church, Sherborne [Map]. Monument sculpted by William "The Younger" Theed (age 41).NOTEXT

Elizabeth Howard Baroness Sherborne: In 1803 she was born to Thomas Howard 16th Earl Suffolk 9th Earl Berkshire (age 26) and Elizabeth Jane Dutton Countess Suffolk and Berkshire (age 28). On 22 Jun 1826 James Henry Legge Dutton 3rd Baron Sherborne (age 22) and Elizabeth Howard Baroness Sherborne (age 23) were married. She the daughter of Thomas Howard 16th Earl Suffolk 9th Earl Berkshire (age 49) and Elizabeth Jane Dutton Countess Suffolk and Berkshire (age 51). They were first cousins.

After 26 Jul 1856. Monument to Lucy Cust in St Peter and St Paul Church, Belton [Map].

On 26 Jul 1890 Arthur Walsh 3rd Baron Ormathwaite (age 31) and Clementine Pratt Baroness Ormathwaite (age 20) were married. She the daughter of John Charles Pratt 3rd Marquess Camden and Clementina Augusta Spencer-Churchill Countess Camden. They were fourth cousins.

On 26 Jul 1893 Charles Botolph Joseph Stourton 21st Baron Stourton 23rd Baron Segrave 22nd Baron Mowbray (age 26) and Mary Constable Baroness Stourton, Segrave and Mowbray (age 23) were married. She by marriage Baroness Stourton, Baroness Segrave and Baroness Mowbray. He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 26 Jul 1912 Sewallis Edward Shirley 10th Earl Ferrers (age 65) died. On His fourth cousin Walter Shirley 11th Earl Ferrers (age 48) succeeded 11th Earl Ferrers, 17th Baronet Shirley of Staunton Harold in Leicestershire. Mary Jane Moon Countess Ferrers by marriage Countess Ferrers.

On 26 Jul 1914 Henry Strutt 2nd Baron Belper (age 74) died. His son Algernon Strutt 3rd Baron Belper (age 31) succeeded 3rd Baron Belper. Eva Isabel Countess Rosebery (age 22) by marriage Baroness Belper.

On 26 Jul 1923 Thomas Brand 4th Viscount Hampden (age 23) and Leila Seely were married.

On 26 Jul 1949 George Herbert 7th Earl of Powis (age 24) and Katharine Odeyne de Grey Countess Powis were married.