On this Day in History ... 30 August

30 Aug is in August.

On 30 Aug 1334 Peter "Cruel" I King Castile was born to Alfonso "Avenger" XI King Castile (age 23) and Maria Burgundy Queen Consort Castile (age 21). Coefficient of inbreeding 14.45%.

Before 30 Aug 1349 Fulk Strange 3rd Baron Strange Blackmere (age 17) and Elizabeth Stafford Baroness Cobham, Ferrers and Strange (age 9) were married. She by marriage Baroness Strange Blackmere. She the daughter of Ralph Stafford 1st Earl Stafford (age 47) and Margaret Audley Countess Stafford. They were fourth cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King John "Lackland" of England. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 30 Aug 1471 John Valois II Count of Nevers, Etampes, Rethel and Eu (age 56) and Pauline Brosse Countess Nevers were married. She by marriage Countess Nevers. He the son of Philip Valois II Count Nevers and Bonne Artois Duchess Burgundy. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 30 Aug 1483 Louis "Father of the People" XI King France (age 60) died. His son Charles VIII King France (age 13) succeeded VIII King France: Capet Valois.

On 30 Aug 1497 Maud Stanhope 4th Baroness Cromwell Baroness Willoughby Eresby died. She was buried at Collegiate Church Tattershall. Baron Cromwell 2C 1375 abeyant between the daughters of the 1st Baron Cromwell Elizabeth Cromwell and Avice Cromwell Baroness Bardolf and their heirs.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 30 Aug 1561. The xxx day of August tydans cam that the kyng of Sweden (age 27) was sendyng (blank) of waganns laden with massé bol [lion.]

On 30 Aug 1580 Emmanuel Philibert Duke of Savoy (age 52) died. His son Charles Emmanuel Savoy I Duke Savoy (age 18) succeeded I Duke Savoy.

PAINTINGS/CRITZ/Henry_Wriothesley.jpg PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/Henry_Wriothesley.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Henry_Wriothesley.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_Vernon.jpg

On 30 Aug 1618 John Roper 1st Baron Teynham (age 84) died. His son Christopher Roper 2nd Baron Teynham (age 57) succeeded 2nd Baron Teynham of Teynham in Kent.

On 30 Aug 1640 Thomas Hamilton 2nd Earl Haddington (age 40) was killed by an explosion at Dunglass Castle, Dunglass. His son Thomas Hamilton 3rd Earl Haddington (age 14) succeeded 3rd Earl Haddington.

Evelyn's Diary. 30 Aug 1654. Taking leave of my friends, who had now feasted me more than a month, I, with my wife (age 19), etc., set our faces toward home, and got this evening to Peterborough [Map], passing by a stately palace (Thorpe) of St. John's (one deep in the blood of our good king), built out of the ruins of the Bishop's palace and cloister. The church is exceeding fair, full of. Monuments of great antiquity. Here lies Queen Catherine, the unhappy wife of Henry VIII, and the no less unfortunate Mary, Queen of Scots. On the steeple, we viewed the fens of Lincolnshire, now much inclosed and drained with infinite expense, and by many sluices, cuts, mounds, and ingenious mills, and the like inventions; at which the city and country about it consisting of a poor and very lazy sort of people, were much displeased.

On 30 Aug 1655 Anthony Ashley-Cooper 1st Earl Shaftesbury (age 34) and Margaret Spencer Countess Shaftesbury (age 30) were married.

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On 30 Aug 1659 Andrew Lindsay 1st Earl Balcarres (age 41) died. His son Charles Lindsay 2nd Earl Balcarres (age 9) succeeded 2nd Earl Balcarres.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 30 Aug 1665. Up betimes and to my business of settling my house and papers, and then abroad and met with Hadley, our clerke, who, upon my asking how the plague goes, he told me it encreases much, and much in our parish; for, says he, there died nine this week, though I have returned but six: which is a very ill practice, and makes me think it is so in other places; and therefore the plague much greater than people take it to be.

After 30 Aug 1688 William Tracy 4th Viscount Tracy (age 31) and Jane Leigh Viscountess Tracy (age 23) were married. They were first cousins.

PAINTINGS/CRADOCK/John_Lake.jpgBefore 30 Aug 1689 Mary Beale aka Cradock (age 56). Portrait of John Lake Bishop Sodor and Man.

On 30 Aug 1689 John Lake Bishop (age 65) died.

On 30 Aug 1696 Philip Meadowes (age 24) and Dorothy Boscawen were married by Archbishop Thomas Tenison (age 59) at Lambeth Palace [Map].

On 30 Aug 1710 John Maitland 5th Earl Lauderdale (age 55) died. His son Charles Maitland 6th Earl Lauderdale (age 22) succeeded 6th Earl Lauderdale. Elizabeth Ogilvy Countess Lauderdale (age 18) by marriage Countess Lauderdale.


On 30 Aug 1717 Bishop William Lloyd (age 90) died in Hartlebury Castle, Worcestershire [Map]. he was buried in Fladbury Evesham.

On 30 Aug 1740 Thomas Orde-Powlett 1st Baron Bolton was born to John Orde (age 38) and Anne Marr (age 21).


On 30 Aug 1743 Henry Paget 1st Earl Uxbridge (age 80) died. His grandson Henry Paget 2nd Earl Uxbridge (age 24) succeeded 2nd Earl Uxbridge 1C 1714.

On 30 Aug 1776 Charles Marsham 1st Earl Romney (age 31) and Frances Wyndham Countess Romney (age 21) were married. She the daughter of Charles Wyndham 2nd Earl Egremont and Alicia Carpenter Countess Egremont (age 50).

On 30 Aug 1780 William Flower 2nd Viscount Ashbrook (age 36) died. His son William Flower 3rd Viscount Ashbrook (age 12) succeeded 3rd Viscount Ashbrook.

After 30 Aug 1780. Monument at St Mary the Virgin Church, Overton to Owen Wynne of Llwyn in Denbighshire (deceased).

Owen Wynne of Llwyn in Denbighshire: Around 1723 he was born to Maurice Wynne of Llwyn in Denbighshire (age 33) and Elizabeth Edwards of Penheskyn and Plas-yn-y-Coed. On 28 Jul 1752 Owen Wynne of Llwyn in Denbighshire (age 29) and Eleanor aka Helen Seel were married at Liverpool. In 1772 Owen Wynne of Llwyn in Denbighshire (age 49) and Susanna widow of John Lloyd of Broughton White Hall were married at St Mary the Virgin Church, Overton. On 30 Aug 1780 Owen Wynne of Llwyn in Denbighshire (age 57) died.

On 30 Aug 1786 George Wyndham 4th Earl Egremont was born to William Frederick Wyndham (age 23) and Frances Mary Harford (age 27).


On 30 Aug 1810 Reverend Henry Spelman (age 82) died. On 13 Jan 1795 Ann Harwick died. They were buried at All Saints Church Narborough [Map].

Reverend Henry Spelman: Around 1728 he was born to John Spelman (age 36). Before 13 Jan 1795 Reverend Henry Spelman (age 67) and Ann Harwick were married.

Ann Harwick: She was born to Edmund Harwick and Amy Goodwin.

On 30 Aug 1811 George Rushout 3rd Baron Northwick was born to Reverend George Rushout-Bowles (age 39) and Caroline Stewart (age 33).

On 30 Aug 1814 William Eliot 2nd Earl St Germans (age 47) and Susan Mordaunt Countess St Germans (age 34) were married at Walton.

On 30 Aug 1848 Hamilton John Agmondesham Cuffe 5th Earl of Desart was born to John Cuffe 3rd Earl Desart (age 29) and Elizabeth Lucy Campbell Countess Desart (age 26).

On 30 Aug 1864 Charles Knightley 2nd Baronet (age 83) died. His son Rainald Knightley 1st Baron Knightley (age 44) succeeded 3rd Baronet Knightley of Fawsley.

On 30 Aug 1893 Arthur William Hill-Trevor 2nd Baron Trevor (age 40) and Annie Mary Eleanor Fraser (age 36) were married.

On 30 Aug 1904 Bishop George Ridding (age 76) died. He was buried in Southwell Minster [Map]. Monument by Frederick William Pomeroy (age 47) in 1907.

Frederick William Pomeroy: On 09 Oct 1856 he was born. On 26 May 1924 Frederick William Pomeroy (age 67) died.

On 30 Aug 1911 Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Eric Dillon 20th Viscount Dillon was born to Brigadier Eric FitzGerald Dillon 19th Viscount Dillon (age 30) and Nora Juanita Muriel Beckett Viscountess Dillon.

On 30 Aug 1944 Charles Petty-Fitzmaurice 7th Marquess of Lansdowne (age 27) was killed in action. He was unmarried. His first cousin George Petty-Fitzmaurice 8th Marquess of Lansdowne (age 31) succeeded 8th Marquess Lansdowne, 9th Earl Shelburne in County Wexford 2C 1753, 9th Earl Kerry. His younger brother Lieutenant Edward Norman Petty-Fitzmaurice (deceased) had been killed nine days before.

On 30 Aug 1981 Gerald Bridgeman 6th Earl of Bradford (age 69) died. His son Richard Bridgeman 7th Earl of Bradford (age 33) succeeded 7th Earl Bradford 2C 1815, 8th Baron Bradford in Shropshire, 12th Baronet Bridgeman of Great Lever in Lancashire. Joanne Elizabeth Miller Countess Bradford by marriage Countess Bradford.