1540 Anne of Cleves

1540 Anne of Cleves is in 16th Century Events.

2nd Millennium, 16th Century Events, 1540 Anne of Cleves, Anne of Cleves Arrival at Calais

Holinshed's Chronicle 1539. 11 Dec 1539. The eleuenth daie of December at the turne pike on this side Graueling, was the ladie Anne of Cleue (age 24) receiued by the lord deputie (age 75) of the towne of Calis, and with the speares and horssemen belonging to the retinue there. When she came within little more than a mile of the towne of Calis, she was met by the erle of Southampton (age 49) high admerall of England, who had in his companie thirtie gentlemen of the kings houshold, as sir Francis Brian (age 49), sir Thomas Seimer (age 31), and others, beside a great number of gentlemen of his owne retinue clad in blue veluet, and crimsin satin, and his yeomen in damaske of the same colours. The mariners of his ship were apparelled in satin of Bridges, cotes & slops of the same colour. The lord admerall brought hir into Calis by Lanterne gate. There was such a peale of ordinance shot off at hir entrie, as was maruellous to the hearers. The maior presented hir with an hundred markes in gold, the merchants of the staple with an hundred souereignes of gold in a rich purse. She was lodged in the kings place called the Checker, and there she laie fifteene daies for want of prosperous wind.

Chronicle of Greyfriars. 27 Dec 1539. This yere the 27th day of December came in lady Anne of Cleves (age 24) into England, ...

2nd Millennium, 16th Century Events, 1540 Anne of Cleves, Dissolution of the Monasteries

On 04 Sep 1536 Flaxby Abbey [Map] was dissolved as part of the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

In 1542 Llanthony Priory [Map] was given to Arthur Porter (age 37) during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

2nd Millennium, 16th Century Events, 1540 Anne of Cleves, Anne of Cleves Arrival at London

2nd Millennium, 16th Century Events, 1540 Anne of Cleves, Marriage of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves

On 06 Jan 1540 Henry VIII (age 48) and Anne of Cleves (age 24) were married by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer (age 50) at the Palace of Placentia, Greenwich [Map]. Anne of Cleves (age 24) was crowned Queen Consort England. The difference in their ages was 24 years. She the daughter of John La Marck III Duke Cleves and Maria Jülich Berg Duchess Cleves. He the son of King Henry VII of England and Ireland and Elizabeth York Queen Consort England.

Catherine Carey (age 16) and Eleanor Paston Countess Rutland (age 45) were appointed Lady in Waiting to Anne of Cleves Queen Consort England (age 24).

2nd Millennium, 16th Century Events, 1540 Anne of Cleves, Coronation of Mary of Guise Queen Consort Scotland

On 22 Feb 1540 Mary of Guise Queen Consort Scotland (age 24) was crowned Queen Consort Scotland at Holyrood House, Holyrood.

The Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland Volume 7 1538-1541 records payments associated with a gun salute and fireworks that are likely to be for the Queen Coronation ...

Item, the vi and vij dayis of Februar, gevin to Johnne Gogar, carter, and his collegis for xvij draucht of munitioun fra Leith to the castell agane the Quenis coronatioun, price of the draucht ij S. v. jdd.; summa xlij S. v.jd.

Item, gevin to the sledderis for xvij draucht of gun chalmeris fra Leith to the castell, price of the draucht vj d.; summa . • - - viij S. v.j d.

Item, gevin to twa pynouris for dountaking of xxx chalmeris of the heid of Davidis towris, and carting of the samin, witht uthir chalmeris and munitioun eftir the coronatioun to be had agane to Leith, X S.

Item, gevin to the carteris for dountaking of the samin to Leith, extending to viij draucht, price of the draucht ij S. v.jd.; summa . - - . XX Š.

Item, gevin to the pynouris of Leith the xvij and xviij dayis of Februar for the cariage of the munitioun quhilk Johne Bog brocht hame fra the sandis begond the bulwerk to the Kingis werk, and housing thairof in the samin, ilk man havand in the day Xviij d.; Sulin IIla, .

Item, gevin to Andro Michelsoun, Archibald Roule, and Walter Byning, payntouris, for paynting and ourlaying of the samin artalgery, to the noumer of xlix pece, witht reid leid, price of the pece ourlaying, witht thair chalmeris, slottis, and bandis v S.; summa xij li. v Š.

Item, gevin for tarring of the towis that bindis on the samin artalgery upoun the stokkis, xxxiij S. viijd.

Item, gevin for ourlaying 1 bass withf reid leid, price of the pece ourlaying iſ S. v.j d.; summa vili v Š.

Item, the xx day of Februar, gevin to four pynouris for uphaving of certane bullettis to the loft in Leith, quhar the small munitionis lyis, and for changeing of the samin munitionis and bullettis within the hous, wirkand thairon fra morn to evin, ilk man havand xviij d.; summa . - - vj Š.

Item, gevin to Hannis Cochrane for expens debursit be him for the making of ij pece of artalgery in complete payment of his comptis, vj ti. ij Ś. x d

Item, gevin to him to pay vij werkmennis waigis wirk and witht him be the said space, takand oulklie xlij Ś.; summa . - - - . viij li. viij Š.

The Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland Volume 7 1538-1541 also record payments for clothing ...

The expensis debursit upoun the King and Quenis cariage the said moneth.

Item, gevin to the sacristane of the Kingis chapell for cariage of the chapell gair fra Striveling to Linlythqw at 3ule, and fra Linlithgw to Edinburgh at the Quenis coronatioun, as his byll of compt beris, v fi vj S. viij d. [And other items relating to the carriage of the wardrope, etc., amounting to £6 1S.].

The expensis debursit be speciall preceptis, and at the Kingis command, the said moneth.

Gifts of clothing were made to the following persons:-Lord Robert's minstrel, Bad man, David Kirkcaldy, groom in the kitchen; Gilzem in the King's chamber, Bessie Lundy; Wedell, footman; Christian Baxter, Lady Jane's nurse; Alexander Whitelaw; Robert Stewart, brother to the Earl of Lennox.

Item, gevin to Hanis Andersoun in Leith in part of payment of his comptis for mending of the Mare Willibe, . - - - - ... xl li.

Item, gevin to Williame Purves for dog chengeis, rache cuppelis, and mending of the knok, as his compt bers, vijfi. xiiij S.

Item, gevin to Lady Jane's servand to by him clathis, v ii.

Item, gevin to ane servand of the secretaris that he haid debursit, at the Kingis command, - ... x fi.

Item, gevin to Johnne Dowglas of Authornden for certane treis tane fra him to the Kingis schippis furtht of his wod, . - - - . xx li.

Item, gevin to the maister cuke, . - - x fi,

Item, gevin to Thomas Schort, armorar, for iiij chafferonis tane fra him to the grete hors, at the Kingis com mand, . - - - - - viij fi.

Item, gevin to Ormond, pursewant, and Alexander Hutoun, messinger, for passing with clos writtingis to the lordis and ladyis to come to the Quenis coronatioun the xxv day of Januar, .. iiij li. viij Š.

Item, gevin to Williame Hardy, messinger, for passing witht siclyke lettres to the Erle of Huntlie and his lady, the Erle Marschell and his lady, in the North land, . - - - - - . xxijS.

Item, gevin to Maister David Balfour and Archibald Heriot, messinger, for thair expensis passing to Dun bertane to resave sourteis and mak compositioun witht the men that wer put in the castell the tyme of the air, - - - - iij li.

Item, gevin to twa officiaris of armes that passit in Angus, the Westland, Northland, and uther partis to warne the dammes to cum to the coronatioun, iijli vj S.

Item, the vi day of Februar, gevin to Johnne Mosman to gilt the Quenis septur, iiij rois nobillis; summa x fi, xijs.

Item, deliverit to him to be the samin septur, xxx; unces half unce of silver, price of the unce xv Š. x d.; Sunnina . - - - xxiiijti. xviij Š. ix d.

Item, for the fassoun of the samyn septur, ilk unce v Š.; summa - - - vijli. xv Š.

Item, the xiiij day of Februar, gevin to him for ane tabulat of gold to the Kingis grace, weyand thre crounis of the Sone, . - - - iij li. x Š.

2nd Millennium, 16th Century Events, 1540 Anne of Cleves, 1540 Creation of Garter Knights

On 24 Apr 1540 Thomas Audley 1st Baron Audley Walden (age 52) was appointed 304th Knight of the Garter by King Henry VIII of England and Ireland (age 48).

In 1540 Anthony Browne (age 40) was appointed 305th Knight of the Garter by King Henry VIII of England and Ireland (age 48).

2nd Millennium, 16th Century Events, 1540 Anne of Cleves, May Day Jousting

On 01 May 1540 a tournament was held at Westminster [Map]. Gregory Cromwell 1st Baron Cromwell Oakham (age 20), Thomas Poynings 1st Baron Poynings (age 28), Thomas Seymour 1st Baron Seymour (age 32), John Dudley 1st Duke Northumberland (age 36), Richard Cromwell (age 45) and George Carew (age 36) were challengers.

2nd Millennium, 16th Century Events, 1540 Anne of Cleves, Anne of Cleves Annulment

On 09 Jul 1540 Henry VIII's (age 49) marriage to Anne of Cleves (age 24) was annulled. He gave her a generours settlement including Richmond Palace [Map] and Hever Castle, Kent [Map]. Bishop Robert Parfew aka Warton signed the delcaration. She was given precedence above all other women other than the King's wife future wives and daughters, referring to her thereafter as The King's Sister. She lived seventeen more years outliving Henry's two next wives Queen Catherine Howard of England (age 17) and Catherine Parr Queen Consort England (age 27), and King Edward VI of England and Ireland (age 2).