Biography of Roger Fry 1866-1934

Roger Fry 1866-1934 is in Painters.

In 1859 [his father] Edward Fry (age 31) and [his mother] Mariabella Hodgkin (age 26) were married.

On 16 Dec 1866 Roger Fry was born to Edward Fry (age 39) and Mariabella Hodgkin (age 33).

1915. Roger Fry (age 48). Portrait of Edith Sitwell (age 27).

Edith Sitwell: On 07 Sep 1887 she was born to George Reresby Sitwell 4th Baronet and Ida Emily Augusta Denison Lady Sitwell in Scarborough. On 09 Dec 1964 Edith Sitwell died unmarried.

1918. Roger Fry (age 51). Portrait of Edith Sitwell (age 30).

On 19 Oct 1918 [his father] Edward Fry (age 90) died.

1928. Roger Fry (age 61). Self-Portrait.

In 1930 [his mother] Mariabella Hodgkin (age 97) died.

1931. Roger Fry (age 64). Portrait of his sister [his sister] Sara Margery Fry (age 56) as Principal of Somerville College, Oxford University.

Sara Margery Fry: On 11 Mar 1874 she was born to Edward Fry and Mariabella Hodgkin. On 21 Apr 1958 she died.

1932 to 1934. Roger Fry (age 65). Self-Portrait.

On 09 Sep 1934 Roger Fry (age 67) died.

Ancestors of Roger Fry 1866-1934

Father: Edward Fry

Roger Fry

GrandFather: John Hodgkin1800-1875

Mother: Mariabella Hodgkin

Great x 2 Grandfather: Robert Howard

Great x 1 Grandfather: Luke Howard Meteorologist

Great x 2 Grandmother: Elizabeth Leatham

GrandMother: Elizabeth Howard

Great x 1 Grandmother: Maria Eliot