Biography of Roger Maine I Count Maine -900

Roger Maine I Count Maine succeeded I Count Maine.

Before 900 Roger Maine I Count Maine and Rotrude Carolingian Abbess Saint Radegunde 852-912 (age 47) were married. She by marriage Countess Maine. She the daughter of Charles "Bald" I King West Francia and .

In 900 Roger Maine I Count Maine died.

In 900 [his son]  was born to Roger Maine I Count Maine and [his wife] Rotrude Carolingian Abbess Saint Radegunde 852-912 (age 48).

In 912 [his former wife] Rotrude Carolingian Abbess Saint Radegunde 852-912 (age 60) died.

[his daughter] Judith Maine was born to Roger Maine I Count Maine and Rotrude Carolingian Abbess Saint Radegunde 852-912.

Royal Descendants of Roger Maine I Count Maine -900

Agnes La Marck Queen Consort Navarre x 69

Blanche Capet Queen Consort Aragon x 3

Eleanor Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal x 24

Eleanor Barcelona Queen Consort Aragon x 3

Eleanor Ivrea Queen Consort Aragon -1244 x 1

Isabella Burgundy Queen Consort Germany x 1

King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England x 1

King Richard "Lionheart" I of England x 1

Eleanor Plantagenet Queen Consort Castile 1161-1214 x 1

King Philip II of France x 1

King John "Lackland" of England x 1

Isabelle Flanders Queen Consort France 1170-1190 x 1

Otto Welf IV Holy Roman Emperor 1175-1218 x 1

Berengaria Ivrea I Queen Castile 1179-1246 x 1

Urraca Ivrea Queen Consort Portugal 1187-1220 x 1

Louis "Lion" VIII King France x 2

Blanche Ivrea Queen Consort France x 1

Ferdinand III King Castile III King Leon x 1

Theobald IV King Navarre x 1

Matilda Dammartin Queen Consort Portugal x 2

Henry I King Castile 1204-1217 x 1

King Henry III of England x 1

Sancho "Pious" II King Portugal 1209-1248 x 1

Alfonso III King Portugal x 1

Joan Plantagenet Queen of Scotland 1210-1238 x 1

Isabella Plantagenet Holy Roman Empress 1214-1241 x 1

King Louis IX of France x 3

Alfonso X King Castile X King Leon x 1

King Edward "Longshanks" I of England x 1

Theobald "Young" II King Navarre 1239-1270 x 1

Margaret Queen of Scotland x 1

Eleanor of Castile Queen Consort England x 1

Beatrice Queen Consort Portugal 1242-1303 x 1

Henry I King Navarre 1244-1274 x 1

Philip "Bold" III King France x 3

Blanche Capet Queen Navarre 1248-1302 x 5

Constance Hohenstaufen Queen Consort Aragon 1249-1302 x 1

Charles II King Naples 1254-1309 x 3

Maria Reginar Queen Consort France 1256-1321 x 3

Sancho IV King Castile IV King Leon 1258-1295 x 1

Margaret Dunkeld Queen Consort Norway 1261-1283 x 1

Denis I King Portugal 1261-1325 x 2

Alexander Dunkeld Prince Scotland 1264-1284 x 1

Alfonso III King Aragon 1265-1291 x 1

James "The Just" II King Aragon x 1

Philip "The Fair" IV King France x 3

Elisabeth Barcelona Queen Consort Portugal 1271-1336 x 1

Charles Martel King Hungary 1271-1295 x 3

Joan Blois I Queen Navarre 1273-1305 x 6

Henry Luxemburg VII Holy Roman Emperor 1275-1313 x 3

Robert "Wise" King Naples 1275-1343 x 3

Margaret of France Queen Consort England 1279-1318 x 6

Louis Wittelsbach IV Holy Roman Emperor x 1

Isabella Ivrea Queen Consort Aragon 1283-1328 x 1

Edward Balliol I King Scotland x 1

Margaret "Maid of Norway" I Queen Scotland 1283-1290 x 1

King Edward II of England x 2

Ferdinand IV King Castile IV King Leon 1285-1312 x 1

Charles I King Hungary 1288-1342 x 3

Louis X King France I Navarre x 9

Margaret of Burgundy Queen Consort France 1290-1315 x 4

Constance Burgundy Queen Consort Castile Queen Consort Leon 1290-1313 x 3

Alfonso "Brave" IV King Portugal 1291-1357 x 3

Joan of Burgundy Queen Consort France 1292-1330 x 6

Beatrice Ivrea Queen Consort Portugal 1293-1359 x 1

Philip V King France I King Navarre 1293-1322 x 9

Clementia Hungary Queen Consort France 1293-1328 x 3

Joan "Lame" Burgundy Queen Consort France 1293-1349 x 4

King Philip "Fortunate" VI of France x 6

Charles IV King France I King Navarre x 9

Isabella of France Queen Consort England x 9

King John I of Bohemia x 3

Blanche of Burgundy Queen Consort France x 6

Alfonso IV King Aragon 1299-1336 x 4

Marie Luxemburg Queen Consort France 1304-1324 x 3

Philip "Noble" III King Navarre x 13

Eleanor Ivrea Queen Consort Aragon 1307-1359 x 4

Joan Évreux Queen Consort France 1310-1371 x 13

Alfonso "Avenger" XI King Castile x 4

Margaret Hainault Holy Roman Empress x 11

Joan Capet II Queen Navarre x 13

King Edward III of England x 11

Maria Burgundy Queen Consort Castile 1313-1357 x 4

Philippa of Hainault Queen Consort England x 11

Bonne Luxemburg Queen Consort France 1315-1349 x 3

Constanza Manuel Queen Consort Castile 1316-1349 x 5

King Robert II of Scotland x 2

Charles IV King Bohemia Holy Roman Emperor Luxemburg x 3

John "The Posthumous" I King France 1316-1316 x 12

Blanche Valois Holy Roman Empress Luxemburg 1317-1348 x 8

King John "The Good" II of France x 10

Peter IV King Aragon x 4

Blanche Dampierre Queen Consort Norway and Sweden 1320-1363 x 10

Peter I King Portugal x 4

Joan of the Tower Queen Consort Scotland x 11

Louis I King Hungary King Poland x 3

Joan Auvergne Queen Consort France 1326-1360 x 13

Eleanor Burgundy Queen Consort Aragon 1328-1348 x 4

Maria Évreux Queen Consort Aragon 1329-1347 x 26

Blanche Évreux Queen Consort France 1331-1398 x 26

Charles "Bad" II King Navarre x 26

Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile x 4

Peter "Cruel" I King Castile x 8

King Robert III of Scotland 1337-1406 x 2

Joanna Bourbon Queen Consort France 1338-1378 x 17

King Charles V of France x 13

Blanche Bourbon Queen Consort Castile 1339-1361 x 17

Joan Valois Queen Consort Navarre 1343-1373 x 13

Ferdinand I King Portugal 1345-1383 x 9

King John I of Aragon 1350-1396 x 7

King John I of Portugal 1352-1433 x 4

Rupert King Germany 1352-1410 x 1

Martin I King Aragon 1356-1410 x 7

Eleanor Barcelona Queen Consort Castile 1358-1382 x 7

John I King Castile 1358-1390 x 9

Philippa Lancaster Queen Consort Portugal 1360-1415 x 29

Charles III King Navarre 1361-1425 x 39

Eleanor of Castile Queen Consort Navarre 1363-1425 x 9

Yolande of Bar Queen Consort Aragon 1365-1431 x 25

Anne of Bohemia Queen Consort England x 3

King Richard II of England x 32

King Henry IV of England x 29

Sigismund I King Hungary I King Germany I King Bohemia Holy Roman Emperor Luxemburg x 3

Charles "Beloved Mad" VI King France x 30

Joanna of Navarre Queen Consort England x 39

Isabeau Wittelsbach Queen Consort France 1370-1435 x 4

Mary Hungary I Queen Hungary x 3

Catherine of Lancaster Queen Consort Castile x 30

Eleanor of Alberquerque Queen Consort Aragon 1374-1465 x 8

King Louis of Naples x 28

Louis Wittelsbach III Elector Palatine 1378-1436 x 1

Henry III King Castile 1379-1406 x 16

Ferdinand I King Aragon 1380-1416 x 16

King Henry V of England x 43

Blanche Évreux Queen Consort Aragon 1388-1441 x 48

Isabella Valois Queen Consort England x 34

Edward "The Philosopher" I King Portugal 1391-1438 x 33

Philippa Lancaster Queen Consort Denmark 1394-1430 x 43

King James I of Scotland x 2

Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Castile 1396-1445 x 24

Alfonso V King Aragon 1396-1458 x 24

John II King Aragon 1398-1479 x 24

Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Aragon 1401-1458 x 46

Catherine of Valois Queen Consort England x 34

Charles "Victorious" VII King France x 34

Joan Beaufort Queen Consort Scotland x 43

Marie Valois Anjou Queen Consort France 1404-1463 x 60

John II King Castile x 46

Jacquetta of Luxemburg Duchess Bedford x 13

Charles "Viana" IV King Navarre 1421-1461 x 72

King Henry VI of England and II of France x 77

Ferdinand I King Naples x 24

Louis "Father of the People" XI King France x 94

Blanche Trastámara II Queen Navarre 1424-1464 x 72

Margaret Stewart Dauphine of France 1424-1445 x 45

Juana Enríquez Queen Consort Aragon 1425-1468 x 4

Henry IV King Castile 1425-1474 x 70

Eleanor Trastámara Queen Consort Navarre 1426-1479 x 72

Isabella Aviz Queen Consort Castile 1428-1496 x 37

Margaret of Anjou Queen Consort England x 74

King James II of Scotland x 45

Isabella Aviz Queen Consort Portugal 1432-1455 x 33

Alfonso "The African" V King Portugal x 57

Mary of Guelders Queen Consort Scotland 1434-1463 x 69

Eleanor Aviz Holy Roman Empress 1434-1467 x 57

Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England x 13

Joan Aviz Queen Consort Castile 1439-1475 x 57

Charlotte Savoy Queen Consort France 1441-1483 x 64

King Edward IV of England x 117

Alfonso II King Naples x 24

Isabella Queen Castile x 83

King James III of Scotland x 114

Ferdinand II King Aragon x 28

Frederick IV King Naples 1452-1504 x 24

King Richard III of England x 117

John II King Portugal x 90

x 15

Anne Neville Queen Consort England x 101

King Henry VII of England and Ireland x 82

Maximilian Habsburg I Holy Roman Emperor x 57

Christina Queen Consort Denmark Norway and Sweden x 9

Joanna "La Beltraneja" Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1462-1530 x 127

Louis XII King France x 112

Joan Valois Queen Consort France 1464-1505 x 158

Elizabeth York Queen Consort England x 130

Francis I King Navarre 1467-1483 x 166

Catherine Grailly I Queen Navarre 1468-1517 x 166

Jean III King Navarre 1469-1516 x 28

Manuel "Fortunate" I King Portugal x 94

Ferdinand II King Naples 1469-1496 x 24

Isabella Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1470-1498 x 111

Charles VIII King France x 158

King Edward V of England x 130

Bianca Maria Sforza Holy Roman Empress 1472-1510 x 64

King James IV of Scotland x 114

Anne of Brittany Queen Consort France x 159

Philip "Handsome Fair" King Castile x 246

Joanna "The Mad" Trastámara Queen Castile x 111

Christian II King Denmark II King Norway x 9

Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1482-1517 x 111

Joachim "Nestor" Hohenzollern Elector Brandenburg 1484-1535 x 16

Catherine of Aragon Queen Consort England x 111

Germaine Foix Queen Consort Aragon 1488-1538 x 184

Margaret Tudor Queen Scotland x 212

King Henry VIII of England and Ireland x 212

Marguerite Valois Orléans Queen Consort Navarre 1492-1549 x 200

King Francis I of France x 200

Mary Tudor Queen Consort France x 212

Eleanor of Austria Queen Consort France Queen Consort Portugal 1498-1558 x 357

Claude Valois Orléans Queen Consort France 1499-1524 x 271

Charles V Holy Roman Emperor x 357

Queen Anne Boleyn of England x 70

Isabella of Austria Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1501-1526 x 357

John III King Portugal x 205

Ferdinand I Holy Roman Emperor x 357

King Henry II of Navarre 1503-1555 x 194

Anne Jagiellon Holy Roman Empress x 122

Christian III King Denmark 1503-1559 x 16

Catherine of Austria Queen Consort Portugal x 357

Queen Jane Seymour x 73

King James V of Scotland x 326

Catherine Parr Queen Consort England x 82

Anne of Cleves Queen Consort England x 147

Mary of Guise Queen Consort Scotland x 386

Queen Mary I of England and Ireland x 323

Antoine King Navarre 1518-1562 x 339

King Henry II of France x 471

Queen Catherine Howard of England x 57

Augustus Wettin Elector of Saxony 1526-1586 x 1

Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain x 562

Maximilian Habsburg Spain II Holy Roman Emperor x 479

Maria of Spain Holy Roman Empress x 562

Jeanne Albret III Queen Navarre 1528-1572 x 394

Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland x 282

Frederick II King Denmark 1534-1588 x 16

Jane "Nine Days Queen" Grey I Queen England and Ireland x 351

King Edward VI of England and Ireland x 285

Louis VI Elector Palatine 1539-1583 x 70

Mary Queen of Scots x 712

Francis II King France King Consort Scotland x 471

Elizabeth Valois Queen Consort Spain x 471

Anna of Austria Queen Consort Spain x 1041

Charles IX King France x 471

Henry III King France x 471

Rudolf II Holy Roman Emperor 1552-1612 x 1041

Louise Lorraine Queen Consort France 1553-1601 x 263

Margaret Valois Queen Consort France 1553-1615 x 471

Henry IV King France x 733

Sebastian King Portugal 1554-1578 x 1124

Elisabeth of Austria Queen Consort France 1554-1592 x 1041

Matthias I Holy Roman Emperor x 1041

Sophie Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Denmark 1557-1631 x 16

Christian Wettin I Elector Saxony 1560-1591 x 17

King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland x 1087

Ferdinand King Asturias 1571-1578 x 1603

Maximilian "The Great" Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria I Elector Bavaria x 1295

Frederick IV Elector Palatine 1574-1610 x 70

Anne of Denmark Queen Consort Scotland England and Ireland x 32

Maria Anna Wittelsbach Holy Roman Empress 1574-1616 x 1295

Marie de Medici Queen Consort France x 479

Diego King Asturias 1575-1582 x 1603

Electress Louise Juliana of the Palatine Rhine 1576-1644 x 93

Christian IV King Denmark 1577-1648 x 32

Philip III King Spain x 1603

Ferdinand of Spain II Holy Roman Emperor 1578-1637 x 1120

Margaret of Austria Queen Consort Spain 1584-1611 x 1120

John George Wettin Elector Saxony 1585-1656 x 17

Anna of Austria Holy Roman Empress 1585-1618 x 966

Princess Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia x 1119

Frederick Palatinate Simmern V Elector Palatine Rhine x 163

King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland x 1119

Anne of Austria Spain Queen Consort France x 2723

Louis XIII King France x 1212

Elisabeth Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1602-1644 x 1212

John IV King Portugal x 196

Philip IV King Spain x 2723

Maria Anna of Spain Holy Roman Empress x 2723

Ferdinand King Bohemia III Holy Roman Emperor x 2415

Frederick III King Denmark x 32

Henrietta Maria Bourbon Queen Consort England x 1212

John George Wettin Elector Saxony 1613-1680 x 17

Frederick William "Great Elector" Hohenzollern Elector Brandenburg x 179

Sophie Amalie Hanover Queen Consort Denmark 1628-1685 x 17

Ernest Augustus Hanover Elector Brunswick-Lüneburg 1629-1698 x 17

Eleonora Gonzaga Queen Consort Bohemia 1630-1686 x 2762

King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland x 2331

Maria Leopoldine Habsburg Spain Queen Consort Bohemia 1632-1649 x 1120

Ferdinand King Bohemia IV King Romans 1633-1654 x 5138

King James II of England Scotland and Ireland x 2331

Mariana of Austria Queen Consort Spain x 5138

Louis "Sun King" XIV King France x 3935

Maria Theresa of Spain Queen Consort France x 3935

Catherine of Braganza Queen Consort England x 196

Leopold Habsburg Spain I Holy Roman Emperor x 5138

Christian V King Denmark and Norway x 49

Marie Françoise Élisabeth of Savoy Queen Consort of Portugal 1646-1683 x 1605

John George Wettin III Elector Saxony 1647-1691 x 17

Peter II King Portugal x 196

Charlotte Amalie Hesse-Kassel Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1650-1714 x 196

King William III of England, Scotland and Ireland x 2331

Charles Palatinate Simmern II Elector Palatine Rhine 1651-1685 x 1299

Margaret Theresa Habsburg Holy Roman Empress x 7861

Frederick I King Prussia x 179

King George I of Great Britain and Ireland x 1299

Charles "Bewitched" II King Spain x 7861

Marie Louise Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1662-1689 x 6266

Mary Stewart II Queen England Scotland and Ireland x 2331

Maximilian Wittelsbach II Elector Bavaria 1662-1726 x 3710

Queen Anne of England Scotland and Ireland x 2331

Victor Amadeus King Sardinia x 4605

Sophia Dorothea Hanover Queen Consort England 1666-1726 x 17

Louise of Mecklenburg Güstrow Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1667-1721 x 66

Maria Anna Neuburg Queen Consort Spain 1667-1740 x 645

John George Wettin IV Elector Saxony 1668-1694 x 66

Sophia Charlotte Hanover Queen Consort Prussia 1668-1705 x 1299

Anne Marie Bourbon Queen Consort Sardinia 1669-1728 x 6266

Frederick IV King Denmark and Norway x 245

Frederick I King Sweden 1676-1751 x 391

Joseph I Holy Roman Emperor 1678-1711 x 5783

Louis Bourbon Duke Burgundy 1682-1712 x 11580

Caroline Hohenzollern Queen Consort England x 16

King George II of Great Britain and Ireland x 1316

Philippe V King Spain x 11580

Charles Habsburg Spain VI Holy Roman Emperor 1685-1740 x 5783

Sophia Louise Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Prussia 1685-1735 x 50

Sophia Dorothea Hanover Queen Consort Prussia 1687-1757 x 1316

Ulrika Eleonora Palatinate Zweibrücken Queen Consort Sweden x 49

Frederick William "Soldier King" I King Prussia 1688-1740 x 1478

John V King Portugal 1689-1750 x 196

Christian VI King Denmark and Norway 1699-1746 x 311

Charles Emmanuel III King Sardinia x 10871

Polyxena Hesse Rotenburg Queen Consort Sardinia 1706-1735 x 17

Louis I King Spain 1707-1724 x 22451

Francis I Holy Roman Emperor 1708-1765 x 1125

Louise Élisabeth Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1709-1742 x 9169

Louis XV King France x 22451

Adolph Frederick King Sweden 1710-1771 x 17

Elisabeth Therese Lorraine Queen Consort Sardinia 1711-1741 x 6359

Barbara Queen Consort Spain 1711-1758 x 196

Frederick "The Great" I King Prussia 1712-1786 x 2794

Ferdinand VI King Spain 1713-1759 x 22451

Joseph I King Portugal 1714-1777 x 196

Charles III King Spain 1716-1788 x 11580

Maria Theresa Habsburg Spain Holy Roman Empress 1717-1780 x 5783

Frederick V King Denmark and Norway 1723-1766 x 311

Louise Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1724-1751 x 1332

Victor Amadeus III King Sardinia 1726-1796 x 10888

Juliana Maria Welf Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1729-1796 x 2

President George Washington x 33

King George III of Great Britain and Ireland x 2110

William Elector of Hesse x 1723

Charlotte Mecklenburg Strelitz Queen Consort England x 50

Frederick William II King Prussia 1744-1797 x 2794

Gustav III King Sweden x 2811

Queen Sophia of Sweden 1746-1813 x 1643

Electress Wilhelmina Caroline Oldenburg x 1643

Charles XIII King Sweden 1748-1818 x 2811

Charles IV King Spain x 11580

Christian VII King Denmark and Norway 1749-1808 x 1643

Caroline Matilda Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1751-1775 x 2110

Louis XVI King France x 29599

Louis XVIII King France 1755-1824 x 29599

King Charles X of France 1757-1836 x 29599

King George IV of Great Britain and Ireland x 2160

King William IV of the United Kingdom x 2110

Marie Sophie Hesse-Kassel Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1767-1852 x 3366

Frederick VI King Denmark and Norway 1768-1839 x 3753

Francis Lorraine II Holy Roman Emperor 1768- x 6908

Caroline of Brunswick Queen Consort England x 2112

Frederick William II King Prussia 1770-1840 x 2811

Ernest Augustus King Hanover x 2160

King Louis Philippe I of France x 9169

Frederica Mecklenburg Strelitz Queen Consort Hanover 1778-1841 x 67

Ferdinand VII King Spain x 45611

Louis XVII King France 1785-1795 x 36507

King Christian I of Norway and VIII of Denmark x 1836

Frederick William IV King Prussia 1795-1861 x 2811

Caroline Amalie Oldenburg Queen Norway 1796-1881 x 3793

William I King Prussia 1797-1888 x 2811

Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies Queen Consort Spain 1806-1878 x 71247

Frederick VII King Denmark 1808-1863 x 4137

Queen Louise Hesse-Kassel of Denmark 1817-1898 x 3559

King Christian IX of Denmark 1818-1906 x 3426

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom x 3701

George V King Hanover 1819-1878 x 2227

Isabella II Queen Spain x 116858

Frederick III King Prussia x 2811

x 6828

Victoria Empress Germany Queen Consort Prussia x 8321

King Edward VII of the United Kingdom x 8321

Frederick VIII King Denmark 1843-1912 x 6985

Alexandra Glücksburg Queen Consort England x 6985

George I King Greece 1845-1913 x 6985

Alfonso XII King Spain x 162469

Gustav V King Sweden 1858-1950 x 6828

Maria Christina of Austria Queen Consort Spain 1858-1929 x 18488

Wilhelm Hohenzollern x 11132

Maria de las Mercedes Unknown Queen Consort Spain 1860-1878 x 54780

George V King United Kingdom x 15306

Victoria Mary Teck Queen Consort England x 5606

Frederick Charles I King Finland 1868-1940 x 3559

Constantine I King Greece x 12855

Maud Windsor Queen Consort Norway x 15306

Christian X King Denmark 1870-1947 x 6985

Haakon VII King Norway x 6985

Alexandrine Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Denmark 1879-1952 x 8171

Gustaf Adolph VI King Sweden 1882-1973 x 6828

Alfonso XIII King Spain 1886-1941 x 180957

Victoria Eugénie Mountbatten Queen Consort Spain 1887-1969 x 8372

Louise Mountbatten Queen Consort Sweden x 8423

George II King Hellenes x 23987

Alexander I King Greece 1893-1920 x 23987

King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom x 20912

King George VI of the United Kingdom x 20912

Paul I King Greece 1901-1964 x 23987

Olav Glücksburg V King Norway 1903-1991 x 22291

Ingrid Bernadotte Queen Consort Denmark 1910-2000 x 17960

Philip Mountbatten Duke Edinburgh x 21278

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom x 34742

Sophia Glücksburg Queen Consort Spain 1938- x 48124

Juan Carlos I King Spain 1938- x 189329

Constantine II King Hellenes 1940- x 48124

Carl XVI King Sweden 1946- x 33500

King Charles III x 56020

Diana Spencer Princess Wales 1961-1997 x 59442

Catherine Middleton Princess of Wales x 135

William Windsor Prince of Wales 1982- x 115462