Cherubs is in Architectural Detail.

Around 1624. St Mary's Church Preston on Stour [Map]. Monument to Nicholas Stour and his two wives. Said to have been brought from St Mary's Chapel, Islington, by the patron: bracketed shelf with kneeling figures, of front-facing man in armour with flanking women in profile, four Corinthian Columns of touch; entablature with armorial bearing and Cherubs holding skulls.

After 1702. Monument to Richard Francis Shireburn 1693-1702. Church of All Hallows, Great Mitton [Map]. Sculpted by William Stanton (age 63). Figure of boy against Reredos background, with Cherubs commissioned by Isabel Ingleby.

Isabel Ingleby: Richard Shireburn and she were married. In 1627 she was born to John Ingleby of Lawkland. On 02 Apr 1693 she died.

After 1708. All Saints Church, Maiden Bradley [Map]. Monument to Edward Seymour 4th Baronet (age 75). Sculpted by John Michael Rysbrack (age 13); white marble reclining figure in front of tablet with pediment with cherubs, scrolled pediment with arms over. Powdered Wig. Heeled Shoes. Buckled Shoes.

After 1713. St Andrew's Church, Denton [Map]. Monument to Richard Welby. Sculpted by Thomas Green of Camberwell (age 54). The fully wigged standing life sized figure of the deceased stands in an arched surround flanked by fluted Pilasters with acanthus scrolls and broken segmental pediment contaning a cherub and putti leaning down from heaven holding a metal coronet, surmounted by an achievement. Beneath is he inscription panel and to either side putti holding memento mori, and mourning, one with tears.

The inscription reads:


Here are deposited the Remains of

RICHARD WELBY of Denton Esqr

Lord of the Mannours of Welby Streglethorp Saperton and

Swinsted and High Sheriff of the County of Lincoln 1705

A Gentleman of an ancient & Virtuous Family, a good Christian

a Loyal Subject, a true lover of the Church

a sincere Respector of its Clergy and

a daily Frequentor of its Worship

In His private Character, Modest, Humble and Courteous

of great Probity and universal Charity

The Poor lost in him a liberal and silent Benefactor

his Tenants, a forbearing Landlord;

his Servants, a kind and prudent master;

his Relations, an invaluable Friend;

his Children, a most indulgent Father and

his Mournfull Wife ye Best of Husbands.

He marry'd MARY Daughter & Sole Heiress of JOHN TOWERS of

the Isle of Ely Esqr, by whom he had Issue;


After a tedious Sickness, which he bore with exemplary patience

and resignation, he dyed on Easter day 1713

In hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection; & lament his loss

the Righteous shall be had in everlasting Remembrance

MARY his once happy Wife now Sorrowfull Relict

??????? her own Affection

Erected this Monument Dec 10 1714.


Ob June 8 1759

Ae 74

Richard Welby: On 05 Apr 1713 he died.

After 1738. Monument to Joseph Ashley in Saint Leodegarius Church, Ashby St Ledgers [Map]. Grey and white marble architectural wall tablet with Pediment and winged Cherubs heads below. Signed by Nathaniel Hedges.

Joseph Ashley: In 1738 he died.