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1478 Execution of George Duke of Clarence

1537 Bigod's Rebellion

1793 Execution of Louis XVI

Culture, General Things, Death and Illness, Death, Executions, Boiled

Holinshed's Chronicle 1542. The occasion of his trouble for the which he was committed to the towre, rose vpon suspicion that he should be priuie to a practise, which some of his men (as Philpot and Brindholme executed the last yeare as before ye haue heard) had consented vnto, for the betraieng of Calis to the French, whilest he was the kings lieutenant there. But after that by due triall it was knowne that he was nothing guiltie to the matter, the king appointed sir Thomas Wriotheslie his maiesties secretarie, to go vnto him, and to deliuer to him a ring, with a rich diamond for a token from him, & to will him to be of good chéere. For although in that so weightie a matter, he would not haue doone lesse to him if he had béene his owne son; yet now vpon through triall had, sith it was manifestlie proued that he was void of all offense, he was sorie that he had béene occasioned so farre to trie his truth: and therefore willed him to be of good chéere and comfort, for he should find that he would make accompt of him as of his most true and faithfull kinsman, and not onelie restore him to his former libertie, but otherwise forth he readie to pleasure him in what he could. Master secretarie set foorth this message with such effectuall words, as he was an eloquent and well spoken man, that the lord Lisle tooke such immoderate ioy thereof, that his hart being oppressed therwith, he died the night following through too much reioising. After his deceasse, the twelfe of the same moneth of March, sir Iohn Audeleie sonne and heire to the said lord Lisles Elizabeth Grey Viscountess Lisle, was at Westminster created vicount Lisle. The seuenteenth of March one Margaret Dauie a yoong woman, being a servant, was boiled in Smithfield for poisoning of hir mistres with whome she dwelt, and diuerse other persons.

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In 534 Muirchertach mac Muiredaig High King of Ireland was drowned in a butt of wine. The Annals of Ulster report ... The drowning of Muirchertach mac Muiredaig High King of Ireland in a vat full of wine on the hilltop of Cleitech above Bóinn ie at Newgrange Passage Tomb [Map].

On 18 Feb 1478 George York 1st Duke of Clarence (age 28) was drowned in a butt of wine (Malmsey) wine in the Bowyer Tower in the Tower of London [Map]. Duke Clarence 3C 1461, Earl Salisbury 3C 1472 extinct. "in a butt of Malmsey wine" may refer to 1 a butt full of Malmsey wine or 2 a butt that once contained Malmsey wine that was subsequently re-used for another purpose such as washing or bathing.

William Hussey (age 35) conducted the impeachment of the Duke of Clarence for treason.

Richard, Duke of Gloucester (age 25) succeeded 2nd Earl Richmond 8C 1461.

The only other person known to have been executed, or ritually killed, by drowning in a butt of wine is Muirchertach mac Muiredaig High King of Ireland (as reported by the Annals of Ulster) in his case at Newgrange Passage Tomb [Map].

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On 21 Jan 1793 Louis XVI King France (age 38) was guillotined in Paris [Map]. His son Louis XVII King France (age 7) de jure XVII King France: Capet Valois Bourbon.


On 16 Oct 1793 at 12:15 Queen Marie Antoinette of France (age 37) was guillotined at the Place de la Révolution. Her last words were "Pardonnez-moi, monsieur. Je ne l'ai pas fait exprès" or "Pardon me, sir, I did not do it on purpose" after she accidentally stepped on the executioners shoe.

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On 13 Apr 1794 Arthur Dillon (age 43) guillotined.

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On 12 Jul 1537 Robert Aske (age 37) was hanged in chains at Clifford's Tower. The date may have been Friday 06 Jul as implied by the letters of the Duke of Norfolk?

George aka William Lumley and Nicholas Tempest (age 57) were hanged at Tyburn [Map].

Culture, General Things, Death and Illness, Death, Executions, Stoned to death

In 34 Saint Stephen (age 29) was stoned to death.

Culture, General Things, Death and Illness, Death, Executions, Strangled

On 26 Jul 1518 John Cotell was strangled by his wife Alice aka Agnes Cotell (age 33) at Farleigh Hungreford Castle [Map] with the aid of William Mathewe and William Inges, yeomen of Heytesbury, Wiltshire [Map]. He, John, was steward to Edward Hungerford who she subsequently married.

Around 06 Oct 1536 William Tyndale (age 42) was strangled to death after which his body was burned at the stake.