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Second Cousin is in Second Cousin Succession Heading.

On 02 Mar 1127 Charles Estrigen I Count Flanders (age 43) was murdered at Church of St Donatian. His second cousin William Clito Normandy Count Flanders (age 24) succeeded Count Flanders. Sibylla Anjou Countess Essex and Flanders (age 15) by marriage Countess Flanders.

On 14 Jul 1526 John de Vere 14th Earl of Oxford (age 26) died. He was buried at Colne Priory [Map]. His second cousin John de Vere 15th Earl of Oxford (age 55) succeeded 15th Earl of Oxford 2C 1141.


Frances Montagu Countess Rutland: Around 1614 she was born to Edward Montagu 1st Baron Montagu (age 51) and Frances Cotton (age 36) at Boughton House. Before 02 Jun 1629 John Manners 8th Earl of Rutland (age 24) and Frances Montagu Countess Rutland (age 15) were married. On 19 May 1671 Frances Montagu Countess Rutland (age 57) died at Bottesford, Leicestershire.

Death of Queen Anne


On 16 Aug 1721 Edward Rich 7th Earl Warwick 4th Earl Holland (age 23) died. His second cousin Edward Richard 8th Earl Warwick 5th Earl Holland (age 26) succeeded 8th Earl Warwick 3C 1618, 5th Earl Holland. Mary Stanton Countess Warwick and Holland by marriage Countess Warwick, Countess Holland.

On 22 Dec 1741 William Leman 3rd Baronet (age 56) died. His second cousin Tanfield Leman 4th Baronet (age 27) succeeded 4th Baronet Leman of Northaw in Hertfordshire.

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On 14 Mar 1760 Margaret Fortescue died unmarried. Her second cousin Margaret Rolle Countess Orford (age 51) abeyance terminated 15th Baroness Clinton.


On 13 Oct 1934 Robert Boyle 11th Earl Cork (age 69) died without issue. His second cousin William Henry Dudley Boyle 12th Earl Cork (age 60) succeeded 12th Earl Cork. Florence Cecilia Keppel Countess Cork (age 63) by marriage Countess Cork.

On 20 Apr 1947 Wathen Arthur Waller 5th Baronet (age 65) died. His second cousin Edmund Waller 6th Baronet (age 75) succeeded 6th Baronet Waller of Braywick Lodge in Berkshire. Muriel Grace Adderley Lady Waller (age 64) by marriage Lady Waller of Braywick Lodge in Berkshire.

On 08 May 1947 Drummond Cunliffe Smith 4th Baronet (age 86) died. His second cousin Drummond Cospatric Hamilton-Spencer-Smith 5th Baronet (age 70) succeeded 5th Baronet Hamilton-Spencer-Smith of Tring Park in Hertfordshire.

On 02 Mar 1964 Osborne De Vere Beauclerk 12th Duke St Albans (age 89) died. His second cousin Charles Beauclerk 13th Duke St Albans (age 48) succeeded 13th Duke St Albans 1C 1684, 13th Earl Burford, 13th Baron Heddington. Suzanne Marie Fesq Duchess St Albans (age 42) by marriage Duchess St Albans.