Second Cousin

Second Cousin is in Second Cousin Succession Heading.

On 14 Jul 1526 John de Vere 14th Earl of Oxford (age 26) died. He was buried at Colne Priory [Map]. His second cousin John de Vere 15th Earl of Oxford (age 55) succeeded 15th Earl of Oxford.

On 12 May 1575 Henry III King France (age 23) Abdicated III King France: Capet Valois Angoulême. His second cousin Henry IV King France (age 21) succeeded IV King France: Capet Valois Bourbon.

In Jun 1625 Henry de Vere 18th Earl of Oxford (age 32) died. His second cousin Robert de Vere 19th Earl of Oxford (age 49) succeeded 19th Earl of Oxford.

On 24 May 1694 Anthony Carey 5th Viscount Falkland (age 38) died of smallpox. He was buried at Westminster Abbey [Map]. His second cousin Lucius Carey 6th Viscount Falkland (age 6) succeeded 6th Viscount Falkland.

In Jun 1701 Charles Hamilton 5th Earl Abercorn (age 41) died in Strabane without issue. His second cousin James Hamilton 6th Earl Abercorn (age 40) succeeded 6th Earl Abercorn.

Death of Queen Anne

On 16 Aug 1721 Edward Rich 7th Earl Warwick 4th Earl Holland (age 23) died. His second cousin Edward Richard 8th Earl Warwick 5th Earl Holland (age 26) succeeded 8th Earl Warwick, 5th Earl Holland, 10th Baron Rich of Leez. Mary Stanton Countess Warwick and Holland by marriage Countess Warwick, Countess Holland.

On 17 Apr 1731 Baldwin Conyers 4th Baronet (age 51) died. His second cousin Ralph Conyers 5th Baronet (age 33) succeeded 5th Baronet Conyers of Horden in County Durham. Jane Blakiston Lady Conyers by marriage Lady Conyers of Horden in County Durham.

On 22 Feb 1739 Charles Graham 3rd Viscount Preston (age 32) died. Viscount Preston extinct. His second cousin William Graham 6th Baronet (age 9) succeeded 6th Baronet Graham of Esk in Cumberland

In 1740 John Stonhouse 6th Baronet died. His second cousin John Stonhouse 7th and 4th Baronet (age 30) succeeded 7th Baronet Stonhouse of Radley.

On 22 Dec 1741 William Leman 3rd Baronet (age 56) died. His second cousin Tanfield Leman 4th Baronet (age 27) succeeded 4th Baronet Leman of Northaw in Hertfordshire.

On 29 Jul 1748 Price Devereux 10th Viscount Hereford (age 54) died. His second cousin Edward Devereux 11th Viscount Hereford (age 38) succeeded 11th Viscount Hereford, 8th Baronet Devereux of Castle Bromwich

On 16 Jan 1758 William Russell 7th Baronet (age 32) died. His second cousin John John Russell 8th Baronet (age 16) succeeded 8th Baronet Russell of Chippenham in Wiltshire.

On 14 Mar 1760 Margaret Fortescue died unmarried. Her second cousin Margaret Rolle Countess Orford (age 51) abeyance terminated 15th Baroness Clinton.

On 09 Jan 1770 Nathaniel Booth 4th Baron Delamer (age 60) died. Baron Delamer extinct. His second cousin George Booth 6th Baronet (age 45) succeeded 6th Baronet Booth of Dunham Massey.

On 08 Oct 1776 Richard Onslow 3rd Baron Onslow (age 63) died. His second cousin George Onslow 1st Earl Onslow (age 45) succeeded 4th Baron Onslow, 5th Baronet Onslow of West Clandon in Surrey, 6th Baronet Foote of London.

On 23 Nov 1792 John Baptist Hicks 5th Baronet (age 71) died. His second cousin Howe Hicks 6th Baronet (age 70) succeeded 6th Baronet Hicks of Beverston in Gloucestershire.

On 23 Mar 1802 Henry Belasyse 2nd Earl Fauconberg (age 59) died without male issue. Earl Fauconberg extinct. His second cousin Rowland Belasyse 6th Viscount Fauconberg (age 52) succeeded 6th Viscount Faunconberg, 7th Baronet Belasyse of Newborough.

On 08 Jun 1804 Ferdinando Poole 4th Baronet died. His second cousin Henry Poole 5th Baronet (age 60) succeeded 5th Baronet Poole of Poole in Cheshire.

On 21 Mar 1810 Charles Cave 8th Baronet (age 63) died unmarried. His second cousin William Cave-Browne-Cave 9th Baronet (age 45) succeeded 9th Baronet Cave of Stanford in Northamptonshire. Louisa Wilmot Lady Cave (age 39) by marriage Lady Cave of Stanford in Northamptonshire.

On 26 May 1835 William "Kitty" Courtenay 9th Earl Devon (age 66) died at Paris [Map]. His second cousin William Courtenay 10th Earl Devon (age 57) succeeded 10th Earl Devon. Viscount Courtenay extinct. Henrietta Leslie Pepys Countess Devon (age 57) by marriage Countess Devon.

On 09 Nov 1852 John "Good Earl" Talbot 16th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 61) died. His second cousin Bertrand Arthur Talbot 17th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 20) succeeded 17th Earl of Shrewsbury, 17th Earl Waterford.

On 01 Dec 1858 Thomas Haddington 9th Earl Haddington (age 78) died. His second cousin George Baillie-Hamilton 10th Earl of Haddington (age 56) succeeded 10th Earl Haddington.

On 23 Jul 1879 Thomas Charles Style 8th Baronet (age 81) died. His second cousin William Henry Marsham Style 9th Baronet (age 52) succeeded 9th Baronet Style of Wateringbury in Kent.

On 07 Sep 1884 John Lewis Duntze 3rd Baronet (age 75) died. His second cousin George Alexander Duntze 4th Baronet (age 45) succeeded 4th Baronet Duntze of Tiverton in Devon.

On 07 Sep 1933 Edward Grey 1st Viscount Fallodon (age 71) died. Viscount Grey of Fallodon in Northumberland extinct. His second cousin Charles George Grey 4th Baronet (age 53) succeeded 4th Baronet Grey of Fallodon.

On 13 Oct 1934 Robert Boyle 11th Earl Cork (age 69) died without issue. His second cousin William Henry Dudley Boyle 12th Earl Cork (age 60) succeeded 12th Earl Cork. Florence Cecilia Keppel Countess Cork (age 63) by marriage Countess Cork.

On 22 Nov 1935 William Tolemache 9th Earl Dysart (age 76) died. His nephew Wenefryde Agatha Scott 10th Countess of Dysart (age 46) succeeded 9th Earl Dysart. His second cousin Lyonel Felix Carteret Eugene Tollemache 4th Baronet (age 81) succeeded 4th Baronet Tollemache of Hanby Hall in Lincolnshire.

On 07 Jun 1945 Charles Pellew 7th Viscount Exmouth (age 82) died. His second cousin Edward Pellew 8th Viscount Exmouth (age 77) succeeded 8th Viscount Exmouth, 8th Baron Exmouth of Canonteign, 8th Baronet Pellew of Treverry in Cornwall. Frances Edwards Viscountess Exmouth by marriage Viscountess Exmouth.

On 20 Apr 1947 Wathen Arthur Waller 5th Baronet (age 65) died. His second cousin Edmund Waller 6th Baronet (age 75) succeeded 6th Baronet Waller of Braywick Lodge in Berkshire. Muriel Grace Adderley Lady Waller (age 64) by marriage Lady Waller of Braywick Lodge in Berkshire.

On 08 May 1947 Drummond Cunliffe Smith 4th Baronet (age 86) died. His second cousin Drummond Cospatric Hamilton-Spencer-Smith 5th Baronet (age 70) succeeded 5th Baronet Hamilton-Spencer-Smith of Tring Park in Hertfordshire.

On 13 Jan 1955 Bentley Tollemache 3rd Baron Tollemache (age 71) died. He was buried at the Church of St Mary, Helmingham [Map]. His second cousin John Tollemache 4th Baron Tollemache (age 44) succeeded 4th Baron Tollemache of Helmingham in Suffolk.

On 02 Jan 1963 John Hampden Mercer-Henderson 8th Earl Buckinghamshire (age 56) died unmarried at Edward VII's Royal Hospital, Marylebone. His second cousin Vere Hobart-Hampden 9th Earl of Buckinghamshire (age 61) succeeded 9th Earl Buckinghamshire, 9th Baron Hobart, 13th Baronet Hobart of Intwood in Norfolk.

On 02 Mar 1964 Osborne De Vere Beauclerk 12th Duke St Albans (age 89) died. His second cousin Charles Beauclerk 13th Duke St Albans (age 48) succeeded 13th Duke St Albans, 13th Earl Burford, 13th Baron Heddington, 10th Baron Vere of Hanworth in Middlesex. Suzanne Marie Fesq Duchess St Albans (age 42) by marriage Duchess St Albans.

On 09 Jan 1969 Robert Fitzpatrick Courtenay Vernon 4th Baron Lyveden (age 76) died. His second cousin Sidney Munroe Archibald Vernon 5th Baron Lyveden (age 80) succeeded 5th Baron Lyveden.

On 26 Aug 1975 George Fitzclarence 5th Earl Munster (age 69) died. His second cousin Edward FitzClarence 6th Earl of Munster (age 75) succeeded 6th Earl Munster, 6th Viscount Fitzclarence, 6th Baron Tewkesbury.

In 1986 Nigel Reginald Victor Glyn 5th Baron Wolverton (age 81) died unmarried. His second cousin John Patrick Riversdale Glyn 6th Baron Wolverton (age 72) succeeded 6th Baron Wolverton.

On 07 Oct 1988 Christian Herbert 6th Earl of Powis (age 84) died. His second cousin George Herbert 7th Earl of Powis (age 63) succeeded 7th Earl Powis.

In 2008 Philip John Caledon Grey-Egerton 15th Baronet (age 88) died. His second cousin David Boswell Egerton 16th Baronet (age 93) succeeded 16th Baronet Egerton and Oulton.