Biography of Anders Zorn 1860-1920

Anders Zorn 1860-1920 is in Painters.

On 18 Feb 1860 Anders Zorn was born.

1882. Anders Zorn (age 21). Self-Portrait.

1893. Anders Zorn (age 32). Portrait of Mrs Potter Palmer (age 66) ie Bertha "Cissie" Honoré (age 43).

Potter Palmer: On 20 May 1826 he was born. In 1871 he and Bertha "Cissie" Honoré were married. The difference in their ages was 23 years.

Bertha "Cissie" Honoré: On 22 May 1849 she was born to Henry Hamilton Honoré and Eliza Jane Carr. On 05 May 1918 she died.

1896. Anders Zorn (age 35). Self-Portrait with Model.

1897. Anders Zorn (age 36). Portrait of Mrs Walter Rathbone Bacon aka Virginia Purdy Barker (age 34). In 1917 American Art News described the painting as "the finest woman's portrait the Swedish modern master ever produced." When exhibited in 1897 at the Paris Salon it was admired by James Abbott McNeill Whistler (age 62) and John Singer Sargent (age 40).

Virginia Purdy Barker: On 20 Feb 1862 she was born to Smith Barker and Catherine Vanderbilt. On 16 Feb 1882 Walter Rathbone Bacon and she were married at Bordeaux. There was no issue from the marriage. On 07 Apr 1919 she died.

1898. Anders Zorn (age 37). Portrait of King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway (age 68).

King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway: On 21 Jan 1829 he was born to Oscar I King Sweden and Norway. On 06 Jun 1857 King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway and Queen Sophia of Sweden and Norway were married. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland. On 18 Sep 1872 Charles XV King Sweden IV King Norway died. His brother King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway succeeded King Sweden and King Norway. Queen Sophia of Sweden and Norway by marriage Queen Sweden and Queen Norway. On 08 Dec 1907 King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway died. His son Gustav V King Sweden succeeded V King Sweden.

1899. Anders Zorn (age 38). Portrait of Henry Clay Pierce (age 49).

Henry Clay Pierce: On 07 Apr 1849 he was born to Dyer Ensworth Pierce at Saint Lawrence, Jefferson County. Before 27 Jun 1927 Henry Clay Pierce was Founder & President of Waters-Pierce Oil Company, Pierce was considered one of the four richest men in the country. On 27 Jun 1927 he died.

1907. Anders Zorn (age 46). Self-Portrait with Hat.

1915. Anders Zorn (age 54). Self-Portrait with Fur.

1915. Anders Zorn (age 54). Self-Portrait in Red.

On 22 Aug 1920 Anders Zorn (age 60) died.