New England

New England is in United States of America.

Evelyn's Diary. 26 May 1671. The first thing we did was, to settle the form of a circular letter to the Governors of all his Majesty's (age 40) Plantations and Territories in the West Indies and Islands thereof, to give them notice to whom they should apply themselves on all occasions, and to render us an account of their present state and government; but, what we most insisted on was, to know the condition of New England, which appearing to be very independent as to their regard to Old England, or his Majesty (age 40), rich and strong as they now were, there were great debates in what style to write to them; for the condition of that Colony was such, that they were able to contest with all other Plantations about them, and there was fear of their breaking from all dependence on this nation; his Majesty (age 40), therefore, commended this affair more expressly. We, therefore, thought fit, in the first place, to acquaint ourselves as well as we could of the state of that place, by some whom we heard of that were newly come from thence, and to be informed of their present posture and condition; some of our Council were for sending them a menacing letter, which those who better understood the peevish and touchy humor of that Colony, were utterly against.

Evelyn's Diary. 06 Jun 1671. I went to Council, where was produced a most exact and ample information of the state of Jamaica, and of the best expedients as to New England, on which there was a long debate; but at length it was concluded that, if any, it should be only a conciliating paper at first, or civil letter, till we had better information of the present face of things, since we understood they were a people almost upon the very brink of renouncing any dependence on the Crown.

Evelyn's Diary. 20 Jun 1671. To carry Colonel Middleton to Whitehall (age 63), to my Lord Sandwich (age 45), our President, for some information which he was able to give of the state of the Colony in New England.

Evelyn's Diary. 04 Jul 1671. To Council, where we drew up and agreed to a letter to be sent to New England, and made some proposal to Mr. Gorges, for his interest in a plantation there.

Evelyn's Diary. 03 Aug 1671. A full appearance at the Council. The matter in debate was, whether we should send a deputy to New England, requiring them of the Massachusetts to restore such to their limits and respective possessions, as had petitioned the Council; this to be the open commission only; but, in truth, with secret instructions to inform us of the condition of those Colonies, and whether they were of such power, as to be able to resist his Majesty (age 41) and declare for themselves as independent of the Crown, which we were told, and which of late years made them refractory. Colonel Middleton (age 63), being called in, assured us they might be curbed by a few of his Majesty's (age 41) first-rate frigates, to spoil their trade with the islands; but, though my Lord President (age 46) was not satisfied, the rest were, and we did resolve to advise his Majesty (age 41) to send Commissioners with a formal commission for adjusting boundaries, etc., with some other instructions.

Evelyn's Diary. 12 Feb 1672. At the Council, we entered on inquiries about improving the plantations by silks, galls, flax, senna, etc., and considered how nutmegs and cinnamon might be obtained and brought to Jamaica, that soil and climate promising success. Dr. Worsley being called in, spoke many considerable things to encourage it. We took order to send to the plantations, that none of their ships should adventure homeward single, but stay for company and convoys. We also deliberated on some fit person to go as commissioner to inspect their actions in New England, and, from time to time, report how that people stood affected. In future, to meet at Whitehall [Map].

Evelyn's Diary. 04 Feb 1693. Unheard of stories of the universal increase of witches in New England; men, women, and children, devoting themselves to the devil, so as to threaten the subversion of the government. At the same time there was a conspiracy among the negroes in Barbadoes to murder all their masters, discovered by overhearing a discourse of two of the slaves, and so preventing the execution of the design. Hitherto an exceedingly mild winter. France in the utmost misery and poverty for want of corn and subsistence, while the ambitious King is intent to pursue his conquests on the rest of his neighbors both by sea and land. Our Admiral, Russell (age 40), laid aside for not pursuing the advantage he had obtained over the French in the past summer; three others chosen in his place. Dr. Burnet (age 49), Bishop of Salisbury's book burned by the hangman for an expression of the King's title by conquest, on a complaint of Joseph How, a member of Parliament, little better than a madman.

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York County Maine

York, York County, Maine

On 24 Jan 1692 Shubael Dummer (age 56) was killed at York, York County, Maine during the Candlemas Massacre aka Raid on York.

York Harbour

On 18 Jul 1908 Algernon Edwyn Burnaby (age 40) and Minna Field were married at York Harbour.

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In 1633 Christopher Hussey (age 34) settled at New Hampshire.

Rockingham County New Hampshire

Hampton, Rockingham County

On 10 Apr 1678 Christopher Hussey (age 79) swore allegiance to King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 47) (the first to do so) at Hampton, Rockingham County.

In 1740 Huldah Hussey (age 97) died at Hampton, Rockingham County.

White Mountains, New Hampshire

Mount Washington, New Hampshire [Map]

On 20 Oct 1849 Frederick Strickland (age 29) died in a mountain climbing accident. He had climbed Mount Washington, New Hampshire [Map]. During his descent he fell into a stream and died from hypothermia. His body was recovered and buried at the Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge. His monument has the inscription: "Sacred to the memory of Frederick Strickland, an English traveller. who lost his life October 20, 1849, while walking upon the White Mountains. He was the second son of George Strickland (age 66), Bart., a member of the Parliament of England.”

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Newport, Rhode Island

On 12 Aug 1855 Elizabeth Livingston was born to Maturin Livingston (age 39) at Newport, Rhode Island.

On 19 Jul 1883 Beatrice Mills Countess of Granard was born at Newport, Rhode Island.