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On This Day in History: 14th April.

Translated Books

Anne Boleyn. Her Life as told by Lancelot's de Carle's 1536 Letter. We have published our translation of Lancelot de Carle's extraordinary letter, written two week's after Anne's death, describing her life and death. We have included numerous other contemporary sources to enrich the reading of the Letter including Letters, Hall's and Wriothesley's Chronicle, the Pamphlets of Wynkyn the Worde, the Spanish Chronicle, the Memorial of George Constantyne, and the Portuguese Letter. To download an electronic copy, or order the paperback, see Amazon.

Biography of George Boleyn. Translated from Edmond Bapst's "Deux Gentilshommes-Poètes of the Court of Henry VIII" originally published in 1871 in French. To download an electronic copy, or order the paperback, see Amazon.

Annals of Tewkesbury, Margam and Winchester. English translation of the Annals of Tewkesbury, Margam and Winchester from Henry Luard's Latin books of 1865.

Available on Amazon.

Recent Additions

6th March 2024. Added Gerald of Wales' The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales that describes Gerald's journey through Wales in 1188 accompanying Archabishop Baldwin on his tour to recruit for the Third Crusade.

1st March 2024. Added extracts from OGS Crawford and Alexander Keiller's 1928 Aerial Survey "Wessex from the Air". Some very early photos of Iron Age Hill Forts, and Avebury before Keiller's restoration.

Most of February 2024 has been spent adding Prehistory content, in particular Avebury and Stonehenge, and original sources such as Stukeley, Colt Hoare, and Alexander Keiller. See Prehistory of the British Isles, Avebury, and Stonehenge.

January 2024. New Around Me page added for members.

January 2024. We've received our first donation for 2024. Thank you Paul and Debbie from Frodsham: "Great website. Like Wikipedia; only better". £50 gratefully received to contribute to our running costs.

Oct 2023. New book published about four Prehistoric Peak District Monuments: Arbor Low and The Bull Ring Henges, and Minning Low and Five Wells Chambered Cairns. Lots of original sources included, and photos. Find it on Apple Books and Amazon and Apple Books.

18 Aug 2023. Added excerpts from Excerpta Historica which includes original sources describing the legitimisation of the Beauforts, and the execution of Queen Anne Boleyn. And added excerpts from Ellis' Original Letters Illustrative of English History which include letters from William Kingston, Lieutenant of the Tower of London, to Thomas Cromwell, describing the behaviour of Queen Anne Boleyn during her imprisonment before her execution.

13 Aug 2023. Added photos and history of Conisbrough Castle and photos of Conisbrough War Memorial.

23 Jul 2023. Added Baron Coleridge of Ottery St Mary, Devon, cousins of poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

22 Jul 2023. Added photographs and history of St Oswald's Church, Brereton, Cheshire.

17 Jul 2023. Added photographs of St Asaph Cathedral.

17 Jul 2023. Added photographs of All Saints Church, Old Rode, Cheshire.

03 Jul 2023. Updated Baron Decies of Decies in Waterford.

03 Jul 2023. Added photographs and plan of Rhuddlan Castle.

23 Jun 2023. Updates page of painter John Collier to include his portraits of Fellows of the Royal Society including Charles Darwin and James Joules.

23 Jun 2023. Added two pages related to Marriage. Marriage to Two Siblings and Marriage of Double First Cousins.

23 Jun 2023. Updated the Around Me Page to show only nearby places.

23 Jun 2023. Updated Biography of painter Frederick Leighton and added references to the sisters of Dorothy Dene

22 Jun 2023. Added photographs of Burial Chambers on Anglesey

15 Jun 2023. Added Chapters 88 to 121 of the Chronicles of Froissart Book 4 covering the Usurption of King Richard II and his death.

10 Jun 2023. Added photographs of Denbigh Castle and Denbigh Town Walls.

03 Jun 2023. Added photographs of St Winefred's Well at Holywell, Flintshire.

02 Jun 2023. Added photographs of the five Lancashire War Memorials of the Lancashire scuptor Walter Marsden.

01 Jun 2023. Added photographs and a plan of Lincoln Cathedral.

28 May 2023. Added photographs from a visit to Lincolshire: Heydour, Swaton, Threekingham and Branston.

13 May 2023. Added the a number of photos from Bassano Limited from the early 20th Century.

12 May 2023. Added the reference to Stonehenge from Henry of Huntingdon's Chronicle.

11 May 2023. Maud Cunnington's List Of The Long Barrows Of Wiltshire in the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine Volume 38 1913.