Biography of Odda of Deerhurst Earl of Wessex 993-1056

Around 993 Odda of Deerhurst Earl of Wessex was born.

Charter S998 King Edward to Ordgar. 1042. King Edward to Ordgar, his faithful minister; grant of a half hide (mansa) at Littleham, Devon. Latin with English bounds

Px In nomine domini nostri Iesu Christi. Omnis quidem susceptio et datio passionum terrarum melius litterarum exemplis confirmanda sit ne in posterum aliquis testamenti confirmationem ignorans presumptionis peccatum uel direptionis incaute crimen incurrat. Qua de re ego EADWARD (age 39) rex regali fretus dignitate aliquam terram cuidam fideli meo ministro uocitato nomine ORDGAR - unum dimidium mansam in loco ubi dictum est Littleham; cum sylua ad se pertinente in australi parte in hereditatem perennem impendere curaui. Sit uero predictum rus ab omni seculari grauedine expers. nisi expeditione pontis arcisue munitione. Quicumque hoc decretum minuere seu transmutare satagerit; noscat se reum esse in die iudicii coram Christo et sanctis eius. Terra autem ista his terminibus circumdatur. Ðis syndon þære healfan hide landgemæro æt Lytlanhamme. Ærest on Exanmuðan. þonne up on stryem. be norðan lydewicnæsse on þone norþran mere. up andlang riðan of þone æwylm. þanone east rihte to hafocys setle. þanone east rihte to þan hricgwege. andlang þæs hricgweges. on þa ealdan dic. east andlang þære dic of þære wega gelæto be norðan ðam fulan landa. þanon norð on þone grenan weg on auan ford. of þam fordan up andlang stryemes on þone sele. of þam sele norð on þone grenan weg to þam slæde. east up andlang þæs slædes to ðære plegin stowe. þonne to þan herpaðe. andlang þæs herpaðas to fugelis beorh dune. andlang þære dune to fuhgeles beorhge. fram þam beorhge suð to ellewurðie. þanon to þan broce. adun þonne andlang þæs broces eft ut on sæ: - Acta est autem hec prefata donatio anno ab incarnatione domini nostri Iesu Christi. millesimo. xl. ii. indictione. x.

Ego Eadweard rex Britannie totius Anglorum (age 39) monarchus hoc agie Crucis taumate roboraui.

Eadsige Dorobernensis ecclesie archiepiscopus eiusdem regis principatum et beniuolentiam sub sigillo Sancte Crucis conclusi.

Ego Ælfgyfu (age 57) regina humillima adiuui.

Ego Ælfwine episcopus assensum prebui.

Ego Byrhtwold episcopus dictando titulaui.

Ego Dudoc episcopus consolidaui.

Ego Lyfing episcopus dignum duxi.

Ego Godwine dux.

Ego Sigwerd dux.

Ego Leofric dux.

Ego Sigwerd abbas.

Ego Ælfwine abbas.

Ego Odda (age 49) minister.

Ego Ordgar minister.

Ego Ælfgar minister.

Ego Godwine minister.

Ego Æþelric minister.

Ego Toky minister.

Ego Toui minister.

Ego Dodda minister.

Ego Ælfwerd minister.

Ego Osmær minister.

In 1051 Odda of Deerhurst Earl of Wessex (age 58) was created Earl of Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall (more or less the counties that form Wessex) after Godwin Godwinson 1st Earl Kent and Wessex (age 50) had been exiled.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1052. In the same year advised the king and his council, that ships should be sent out to Sandwich, Kent [Map], and that Earl Ralph and Earl Odda (age 59) should be appointed headmen thereto. Then went Earl Godwin (age 51) out from Bruges [Map] with his ships to Ysendyck; and sailed forth one day before midsummer-eve, till he came to the Ness that is to the south of Romney. When it came to the knowledge of the earls out at Sandwich, Kent [Map], they went out after the other ships; and a land-force was also ordered out against the ships. Meanwhile Earl Godwin (age 51) had warning, and betook himself into Pevensey [Map]: and the weather was so boisterous, that the earls could not learn what had become of Earl Godwin. But Earl Godwin then went out again until he came back to Bruges [Map]; and the other ships returned back again to Sandwich, Kent [Map]. Then it was advised that the ships should go back again to London, and that other earls and other pilots should be appointed over them. But it was delayed so long that the marine army all deserted; and they all betook themselves home. When Earl Godwin (age 51) understood that, he drew up his sail and his ship: and they70 went west at once to the Isle of Wight [Map]; and landing there, they plundered so long that the people gave them as much as they required of them. Then proceeded they westward until they came to Portland, where they landed and did as much harm as they could possibly do.

John of Worcester. 16 Jun 1056. Earl Ethelwin (age 63), that is Odda, [Earl of Devon] a the friend of the churches, the solace of the poor, the protector of widows and orphans, the enemy of oppression, the shield of virginity, died at Deerhurst on the second of the calends of September [31st August], having been made a monk by Aldred, bishop of Worcester, before his death; but he lies in the abbey of Pershore [Map], where he was buried with great pomp. Æthelric, bishop of Durham, voluntarily resigned his see and retired to his monastery of Peterborough, where he had been brought up and made a monk; and there he lived twelve years, having been succeeded in his bishopric by his brother, Ægelwin, a monk of the same abbey.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1056. The same year died Cona the emperor; and Earl Odda (age 63), whose body lies at Pershore [Map], and who was admitted a monk before his end; which was on the second before the calends of September; a good man and virtuous and truly noble

On 31 Aug 1056 Odda of Deerhurst Earl of Wessex (age 63) died. He was buried at Pershore Abbey [Map].