Roman Road from Silchester to Bath

 Silchester, Hampshire Bath, Somerset Speen, Newbury Cunetio Roman Town Verlucio Roman Town Roman Road Crossing of the River Avon

Roman Road from Silchester to Bath is in Roman Roads.

Avebury by William Stukeley. Table IX. The Roman road leading from Bekampton to Hedington July 18. 1723.

Avebury by William Stukeley. Table X. Prospect of the Roman Road & Wansdike Just above Calston May 20. 1724. This demonstrates that Wansdike was made before the Roman Road.

Colt Hoare 1812. 1812. Plate X. represents the situation of the Temple at Abury, with its two extending avenues; Silbury hill [Map], the principal source of the river Kennet, the British track-way, groups of barrows, and the line of Roman road between Bath and Marlborough. This Plate may be considered as one of the most interesting views which our island can produce. It unites monuments of the earliest British and Roman antiquity, and will, I trust, convey a more correct and explicit idea of Abury and its environs, than any that has heretofore been given. The Plate No. VIII of Stukeley, is both confused and incorrect, because not drawn from actual survey.