On this Day in History ... 02 April

02 Apr is in April.

1502 Death of Prince Arthur

1586 Exeter Black Assizes

1625 Useless Parliament

1656 Treaty of Brussels

On 02 Apr 1118 Baldwin I King Jerusalem (age 60) died. Baldwin II King Jerusalem (age 43) succeeded King Jerusalem.

On 02 Apr 1272 Richard of Cornwall 1st Earl Cornwall (age 63) died at Berkhamsted Castle [Map]. He was buried at Hailes Abbey [Map]. His son Edmund "Almain" 2nd Earl Cornwall (age 22) succeeded 2nd Earl Cornwall 4C 1225.

On 02 Apr 1284 Alfonso X King Castile X King Leon (age 62) died. His son Sancho IV King Castile IV King Leon (age 25) succeeded IV King Castile, IV King Leon. Maria Molina Queen Consort Castile Queen Consort Leon by marriage Queen Consort Castile, Queen Consort Leon.

On 02 Apr 1305 Joan Blois I Queen Navarre (age 32) died.

Before 02 Apr 1323 Philip de Kyme 1st Baron Kyme (age 81) died. His son William de Kyme 2nd Baron Kyme succeeded 2nd Baron Kyme.

On 02 Apr 1335 John Dampierre II Marquis Namur (age 24) died unmarried. His brother Guy Dampierre II Count Namur (age 23) succeeded II Count Namur.

On 02 Apr 1416 Ferdinand I King Aragon (age 35) died. His son Alfonso V King Aragon (age 20) succeeded V King Aragon.

Death of Prince Arthur

On 02 Apr 1502 Prince Arthur Tudor (age 15) died at Ludlow Castle [Map]. Earl Chester 7C 1489 extinct. The cause of death unknown other than being reported as "a malign vapour which proceeded from the air". Catherine of Aragon (age 16) had recovered.

PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Arthur_Tudor.jpg PAINTINGS/FLANDES/Catherine_Aragon.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Katherine_Aragon.jpg

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 02 Apr 1544. Munday the 2 of Aprill, 1554, the Parlement began at Westminster, which should haue bene kept at Oxforde, the Queens Majestie (age 28) ridinge in her Parlement robes from her pallace of Whitehall to St. Peters churche with all her Lordes spirituall and temporall in their robes, and there heard masse of the Holie Ghoete and a sermon. And that aftemoone the Common Howse did chuse Mr. Robert Brooke, esquier, and sergiant at lawe and Recorder of London, for their speaker in this Parlement.

PAINTINGS/MOR/Mary_I_of_England.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Mary1_Eworth_1556.jpg

Henry Machyn's Diary. 02 Apr 1554. The ij day of Aprell began the parlemente, and the Quen('s) (age 38) grace rod thedur in her robes, and bysshopes and lordes in parlement robes, and ther was a goody masse of the Holy-gost; and [so] to the parlement howsse.

1586 Exeter Black Assizes

In Mar 1586 a virulent outbreak of gaol fever occurred during the Assizes in Exeter, Devon [Map]. The cause according to modern medical opinion was typhus transmitted by the human body-louse. Among the dead victims were eight judges, eleven of the twelve jurors, several constables, and the surrounding population which was ravaged by the disease for several months.

Edward Flowerdew died of gaol fever.

On 28 Mar 1586 Thomas Carew of Haccombe (age 70) died of gaol fever.

On 31 Mar 1586 John Chichester died of gaol fever.

On 01 Apr 1586 Robert Carey (age 71) died of gaol fever.

On 02 Apr 1586 Arthur Bassett (age 45) died of gaol fever.

On 10 Apr 1586 Bernard Drake (age 58) died of gaol fever.

On 02 Apr 1623 George Keith 5th Earl Marischal (age 70) died. His son William Keith 6th Earl Marischal (age 38) succeeded 6th Earl Marischal.

Useless Parliament

On 02 Apr 1625 the first Parliament of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 24) known as the Useless Parliament sat.


On 02 Apr 1627 Thomas Coventry 2nd Baron Coventry (age 21) and Mary Craven (age 25) were married.

On 02 Apr 1630 Thomas Wotton 2nd Baron Wotton (age 43) died. Baron Wotton 1C 1603 extinct.

Treaty of Brussels

On 02 Apr 1656 the Treaty of Brussels agreeing mutual support between England (Royal) and Spain was signed by Henry Wilmot 1st Earl Rochester (age 43) and James Butler 1st Duke Ormonde (age 45) on behalf of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 25), and Alonso Cárdenas on behalf of Philip IV King Spain (age 50).

On 02 Apr 1657 Ferdinand King Bohemia III Holy Roman Emperor (age 48) died.

On 02 Apr 1668 Peter II King Portugal (age 18) and Marie Françoise Élisabeth of Savoy Queen Consort of Portugal (age 21) were married. She had, two years before, married his older brother Alfonso VI King Portugal (age 24) who he, Peter, had deposed; an example of Married to Two Siblings. He the son of John IV King Portugal and Luisa de Guzman Queen Consort Portugal.

Pepy's Diary. 02 Apr 1669. Up, and by water to White Hall, and there with the Office attended the Duke of York (age 35), and staid in White Hall till about noon, and so with W. Hewer (age 27) to the Cocke (age 52), and there he and I dined alone with great content, he reading to me, for my memory's sake, my late collections of the history of the Navy, that I might represent the same by and by to the Duke of York (age 35); and so, after dinner, he and I to White Hall, and there to the Duke of York's (age 35) lodgings, whither he, by and by, by his appointment come: and alone with him an hour in his closet, telling him mine and W. Coventry's (age 41) advice touching the present posture of the Navy, as the Duke of Buckingham (age 41) and the rest do now labour to make changes therein; and that it were best for him to suffer the King (age 38) to be satisfied with the bringing in of a man or two which they desire. I did also give the Duke of York (age 35) a short account of the history of the Navy, as to our Office, wherewith he was very well satisfied: but I do find that he is pretty stiff against their bringing in of men against his mind, as the Treasures were, and particularly against Child's' coming in, because he is a merchant. After much discourse with him, we parted; and [he to] the Council, while I staid waiting for his telling me when I should be ready to give him a written account of the administration of the Navy. This caused me to wait the whole afternoon, till night. In the mean time, stepping to the Duchess of York's (age 32) side to speak with Lady Peterborough (age 47); I did see the young Duchess (age 6)1, a little child in hanging sleeves; dance most finely, so as almost to ravish me, her ears were so good: taught by a Frenchman that did heretofore teach the King (age 38), and all the King's children, and the Queen-Mother (age 59) herself, who do still dance well.

Note 1. The Princess Mary (age 6), afterwards Queen of England.

On 02 Apr 1673 John Egerton 3rd Earl Bridgewater (age 26) and Jane Paulet Countess Bridgewater (age 17) were married at St Dionis Backchurch. She the daughter of Charles Paulet 1st Duke Bolton (age 43) and Mary Scrope 6th Marchioness Winchester. He the son of John Egerton 2nd Earl Bridgewater (age 49) and Elizabeth Cavendish Countess Bridgewater. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry VII of England and Ireland.


Evelyn's Diary. 12 Jan 1690. The Parliament was unexpectedly prorogued to 2d of April to the discontent and surprise of many members who, being exceedingly averse to the settling of anything, proceeding with animosities, multiplying exceptions against those whom they pronounced obnoxious, and producing as universal a discontent against King William (age 39) and themselves, as there was before against King James (age 56). The new King (age 39) resolved on an expedition into Ireland in person. About 150 of the members who were of the more royal party, meeting at a feast at the Apollo Tavern [Map] near St. Dunstan's [Map], sent some of their company to the King (age 39), to assure him of their service; he returned his thanks, advising them to repair to their several counties and preserve the peace during his absence, and assuring them that he would be steady to his resolution of defending the Laws and Religion established. The great Lord suspected to have counselled this prorogation, universally denied it. However, it was believed the chief adviser was the Marquis of Carmarthen (age 57), who now seemed to be most in favor.

On 02 Apr 1715 Thomas Nugent 1st Baron Nugent died.

PAINTINGS/JERVAS/Thomas_Pelham_Holles.png PAINTINGS/RICHARDSON/Henrietta_Godolphin.jpg PAINTINGS/RICHARDSON/Henrietta_Godolphin2.jpg

On 02 Apr 1731 William Dalrymple Crichton 5th Earl Dumfries 4th Earl of Stair (age 32) and Anne Gordon Countess Dumfries (age 22) were married. She by marriage Countess Dumfries. She the daughter of William Gordon 2nd Earl Aberdeen (age 52) and Mary Melville. He the son of Colonel William Dalrymple Earl Dumfries (age 57) and Penelope Crichton 4th Countess of Dumfries.

PAINTINGS/HUDSON/William_Dalrymple-Crichton _5th_Earl_Dumfries.png PAINTINGS/HUDSON/Anne_Countess_Dumfries.png

On 02 Apr 1733 Charles Stourton 15th Baron Stourton (age 31) and Catherine Walmesley Baroness Petre and Stourton were married.

On 02 Apr 1741 William Courtenay 7th Earl Devon (age 32) and Frances Finch Countess Devon were married. She by marriage Countess Devon. She the daughter of Heneage Finch 2nd Earl Aylesford (age 58) and Mary Fisher Countess Aylesford. He the son of William Courtenay 6th Earl Devon and Anne Bertie Countess Devon.


On 02 Apr 1799 Charles Yorke 4th Earl of Hardwicke was born to Admiral Joseph Sydney Yorke (age 30) and Elizabeth Weake Rattray at Sydney Lodge Hamble le Rice Eastleigh.

On 02 Apr 1804 Theophilus Henry Hastings 11th Earl Huntingdon (age 75) died. Hans Francis Hastings 12th Earl Huntingdon (age 24) de jure 12th Earl Huntingdon 7C 1529 although it wasn't until 1819 that after a long and complex investigation he was confirmed as the 12th Earl.

On 02 Apr 1827 William Holman-Hunt was born to William Hunt (age 27) and Sarah Hobman (age 29) at 41 Lifford Street or Love Lane [Map]. Originally William Hobman Hunt he changed his name when he discovered it had been erroneously entered at his baptism on 10 Apr 1827 at the St Giles without Cripplegate Church [Map].

William Hunt: In 1800 he was born. In 1856 William Hunt (age 56) died.

Sarah Hobman: In 1798 she was born to William Hobman of Rotherhithe. In 1884 Sarah Hobman (age 86) died.

After 02 Apr 1827. St Mary's Church, Buckden [Map]. Monument to John Green.

On 02 Apr 1830 Margaret Douglas-Maclean-Clephane Marchioness Northampton (age 38) died. Monument at Church of St Mary Magdalen, Castle Ashby [Map] sculpted by Pietro Tenerani (age 40) in 1836.

Margaret Douglas-Maclean-Clephane Marchioness Northampton: On 13 Dec 1791 she was born to Major-General William Douglas-Maclean-Clephane (age 32). On 24 Jul 1815 Spencer Compton 2nd Marquess Northampton (age 25) and Margaret Douglas-Maclean-Clephane Marchioness Northampton (age 23) were married. He the son of Charles Compton 1st Marquess Northampton (age 55). On 24 May 1828 Charles Compton 1st Marquess Northampton (age 68) died. His son Spencer Compton 2nd Marquess Northampton (age 38) succeeded 2nd Marquess Northampton 2C 1812, 10th Earl of Northampton 5C 1618, 2nd Earl Compton of Compton in Warwickshire, 2nd Baron Wilmington of Wilmington in Sussex. Margaret Douglas-Maclean-Clephane Marchioness Northampton (age 36) by marriage Marchioness Northampton.

02 Apr 1871. Census. 37 Fitzroy Square.

Ford Madox Brown (age 49). Head. 49.

Emma Matilda Hill (age 41). Wife. 36.

Emma Lucy Madox Brown (age 27). Daughter. 26.

Catherine Emily Brown (age 20). Daughter. 20.

Oliver Madox Brown (age 16). Son. 16.

Charloote Kirkby. Servant. 29.

Mary Ann Edwards. Servant. 19.

Oliver Madox Brown: In 1855 he was born to Ford Madox Brown (age 33) and Emma Matilda Hill (age 25). In 1874 Oliver Madox Brown (age 19) died.

On 02 Apr 1878 William Clements 3rd Earl Leitrim (age 71) was assassinated along with his clerk and driver, near Cratlagh Wood while on his way to Milford (a village he owned in its entirety) from his home, Manor Vaughan (usually known as Mulroy House), on Mulroy Bay. Michael Heraghty and brothers Thomas and Bernard McGranahan were arrested. The gun butt had been traced to Heraghty, and paper for the wadding used to load the rifle was traced to a school copybook owned by the McGranahans. The McGranahans were released from Lifford Jail due to a lack of evidence. Heraghty died in Lifford Jail of typhus... The assassins, Nial Shiels of Doughmore, an itinerant tailor, Michael Hergarty of Tullyconnell, and Michael McElwee of Ballyworiskey, were from the remote Fanad Peninsula.

On 02 Apr 1911. 1911 Census. 6 Ravenslea Road Wandsworth Common.

Ellis William Roberts (age 50). Portrait Painter.

Eliza Glover (age 44). Portrait Painter.

Robert Ellis Roberts (age 21). Student at Cambridge.

Millicent Elsie Roberts (age 11). School.

and two servants Lottie Hipkins and Edith Cox.

Eliza Glover: Around 1867 she was born to Joseph Glover at Longton, Staffordshire.

Robert Ellis Roberts: Around 1890 he was born to Ellis William Roberts (age 29) and Eliza Glover (age 23).

Millicent Elsie Roberts: Around 1900 she was born to Ellis William Roberts (age 39) and Eliza Glover (age 33).

Mary Alice Gascoyne-Cecil Duchess Devonshire: On 29 Jul 1895 she was born to James Gascoyne-Cecil 4th Marquess Salisbury (age 33) and Cicely Anne Gore Marchioness Salisbury (age 28). In 1917 Edward William Spencer Cavendish 10th Duke Devonshire (age 21) and Mary Alice Gascoyne-Cecil Duchess Devonshire (age 21) were married. She the daughter of James Gascoyne-Cecil 4th Marquess Salisbury (age 55) and Cicely Anne Gore Marchioness Salisbury (age 49). He the son of Victor Christian William Cavendish 9th Duke Devonshire (age 48) and Evelyn Emily Mary Petty-Fitzmaurice Duchess Devonshire (age 46).

Evelyn Emily Mary Petty-Fitzmaurice Duchess Devonshire: On 27 Aug 1870 she was born to Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice 5th Marquess Lansdowne (age 25). On 30 Jul 1892 Victor Christian William Cavendish 9th Duke Devonshire (age 24) and Evelyn Emily Mary Petty-Fitzmaurice Duchess Devonshire (age 21) were married. She by marriage Duchess Devonshire. She the daughter of Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice 5th Marquess Lansdowne (age 47).

On 02 Apr 1946 Spencer Compton 7th Marquess of Northampton was born to William Bingham Compton 6th Marquess Northampton (age 60) and Virginia Lucie Heaton Marchioness Northampton (age 27).


On 02 Apr 2006 John Brigg Charles Fountaine (age 83) died. He was buried in the Churchyard of the Church of St Mary Narford [Map].

John Brigg Charles Fountaine: On 15 Nov 1922 he was born to Vice Admiral Charles Andrew Fountaine (age 43) and Louisa Constance Catherine Maclean at Narford Hall. On 14 Sep 1997 Andrew Douglas Algernon Fountaine (age 78) died of cancer possibly at Swaffham Hospital otherwise at Narford Hall without issue. His brother John Brigg Charles Fountaine (age 74) inherited Narford Hall.